Sunday, May 29, 2011

The other woman!

Today we drove to LA to see my kids Grandmother, she is an hospital , a second broken hip! Sad but is a reality.She is the same age as my Mom , but the difference in minds are huge, remember my Mami rides a bike around her little town. My Mom is a happy person and that keeps her going!! My husband mom and I never got to be good friends. Long years of her! trying to show SHE was better them me, and I not in the mood to try to win someones heart. She is a different kind of woman then me, so we both are from tow different worlds and country's. I work all my life, she never did work on her life!.Today nothing matters any more, she is in a bed and still her same hard attitude to life. I told my kids " Listen you will never will see me that way!! I know witches herbs and I will take what I need and have a happy dream to another land" We all laugh about my joke. I have seeing these woman biting her own life to these point, she is down and still not a happy person.

Is a long , long story and kind of funny, I will make it short, so here it is, Ok we know that part of didn't like and that bla bla, for many years I will just "Deal" with her because she is my Honeys mother and we will get in so many fights because of her. Wish one you will like to hear!! Ok the last one ...
It was two years ago, I always carry things to do when we will go up there to visit her, I decided to take my portable sewing machine!! remember is a 3 hrs drive to LA in good traffic or a can be lots more, 4 or five!!! and kids screaming on the back sit . So I got there, she already has her broken first hip!! And was at her home with her leaving caretaker lady. We got there eat lunch , we order it in, kids ate , we clean up, and so I put my sewing machine on the table, not at the fancy table, the kitchen table, well she told me to take it of!! I was planning to make her some pajamas or comfy pull up pants, something easy for her, she said that day lots of things," My son makes lots of money so you don't have to sew' My table will be ruin from your sewing machine, and finally she said " I was a lousy person.I cry did cry !! she hurt me and yell at me in front of my kids!! I told her I was leaving and never coming back; she scream again some more threw a chair at us!! And my husband face was down, he try to talk to her and calm her down , but she was not good to hear a thing. So I left!! It has being two years , my husband said she was on meds!! Hell of evil meds I think, no she is a "B' person.
So I agree to go and see her because she keeps asking for me. And my man is sad to see all these mess of 20 years not getting better.
So I made her some pajamas and give it to her! She is old and and in a hospital bed, not looking good, but she will live for ever!!! I know,she is going for a looong ruuunnnn!! Not a pretty one! we plant what we want! Love, happiness, and a good life, money is not what can makes happy, or social status, all that goes down the toilet, there is no friends to see you at a hospital bed !! If we don't love others nobody will give us us first!!
I hate to fight with my honey is his mother , so just again" deal " with that. Nothing more to said.My own Mon always tells me to be patient, she know all these thing going for so long, the many tears, hurt words. But these is her fight with herself , not with me! The day is done, my good maybe will heal her! or not. I will see her again in a couple of month, just a talk about kids, a hugs , a smile and a good bye grandma! I'm home happy and ! And enjoying my day and my family!! Happy to be me! Blessed be.

Tuesday, May 24, 2011

Fabric spells !!

It is hard sometimes to stop and make changes! We are in a wheal go round! I know is so easy just to keep going and going. From time to time, I like to change my regular days. Change the street I drive, take another way to get home. Go to a new store, just to check things out. I like to call these my "DATE" I learn that many years ago with "Julia Cameron"
.A witch is an artist , born that way at heart and soul. So I like to take care of my Magical woman inside of me and take her places !! to enjoy little things. A fabric store is like candy for me.Eyes go crazy!! One day my Mom told me that if I sew for a year without any new fabric, maybe I will clean up my collection, maybe!!. I got fabrics for any occasion,but here is my point, you know I get lost talking talking! I like fabric spells, I use then , there are simple and great art form. I like to embroider on it,paint! you name it. But I like to make little bags of spells!!! First take yourself to the fabric store , talk with you spirit!Do your homework and connect with what kind of fabric you "Feel" is perfect for your spell.If is for healing, look for purples or lavender colors. Spiritual matter, blues shades are the kind. Yellow for troubles at home( Kids, teenagers),Red for passion, brown for an earthy wish like to buy a home! Green, of course is money, pink for blessings,

Let the fabric talk to you, and the touch is important. The texture has to be good for us, connection is part of the spell. I did one with Moons and stars , I was asking to reach high on a sell, I did it, and score good. So you see is about the message on the fabric, weeding plans ! there is lots of flowers in fabrics that can bring that touch, a birth day wish , get a one with cupcakes.

OK so after the fabric is home and have fun at our date!. Time to get our things together, look for things that represent your spell, a heart maybe, a star, a lucky charm, a crystal, a dollar coin, if is to heal our pet , I like to take a piece of their hair, I like hair, I guess I'm a the hairstylist at heart and witch, so I like to use animal fur. Maybe is that coyote sight on me. On my walks , I collect those supply's for later, bunny fur, left on a run!!, feathers , or tree bark,so any thing that your intuition will tell you need to put in there!!. You can make a little bag, a doll, or just a square of fabric and wrap it all in there! Let it cook(just sit), with the spell on hand writing in there,make a poem if you would like that.Place all your ingredients place it in your altar, burn a little sage to clean to intention. I have a spray bottle that I put some sage droops in there ! with water so is perfect to spray things ( when I don't want the element of fire)
Love fabrics that is for sure! There is endless things to do with it. Beats , crystal to sew on the outside,hung a key, a ribbon, any thing that make us to hold that dream. I also like" Milagros" our Spanish culture we use it a lot .

I make dolls with my spells, little wraps, and pillows( little ones) some I just keep in at my altars , others at my bed, under my pillow, and if is about my home I will place it at the entrance! Their is so much fun in sewing fabric!! Give it a try, bless the piece, and get your sewing kit out. Let me know what you are making !! Fabric blessings to all . Andrea.

Wednesday, May 18, 2011

A vistor today!

I'm a witchy woman every day !! some more than others. Today was high !! And sow as yesterday, blame it on the full moon, my garden , my altar, my PMS. is all part of the Goddess will. I love to take time for walks, meditation time, ritual time, is all about time!!I got so much time today , so I went to one of my favorite witches stores , is just a neighborhood book store! yes pagan! . I don't buy much for magic , my magic is all nature, grown in my garden ,or find it some where somehow . Magic is just nature , we can find it any where, if we just open our eyes.
Any way, I was looking for a gift for a friend. And you know we love to check out books, and books, well I think I'm book out, for now, And so I look for something to heal my friend spirit! something good and small, like a crystal, or a stone of some kind! I called my guardians!! to give me, what my friend needs. So here it was, the perfect little dish ,to burn resins !! Simple and a little form of cauldron! so he can always have a safe thing to burn things. So got these little dish with the cover and got Moons and stars on it, got the charcoal disc, and some resins.All I have to do is teach him how to use !!! Can wait to give it to him.
So I have to get something for me too, for being such a good little witch! Doing my homework and home spells just right. I sow a jar! Black dust in it,I ask what was in there, the new sales person said," Oh is a resin too". I didn't know for what , but I said I need that, funny thing! these resin name was " Black magic" Love that name, so mysterious! I got my bag paid and went to lunch , later when I got back to my car, it smells like sooooo good! It was my "black magic", these resin is just a mix of Frankincense, and some charcoal to make it black, don't know what company makes these, no name! even better .
So now I got these idea, I can just keep a bag of my magic in my car,it will smell so good any time! Witch's powers , just flowing in there. So got home open my little bag with the things and I said I'm going to burn my " black magic" , today is still raining, I hope it last!!So put my own things at my Altar , and try my new resin, I was tired and crampy from my PMS , so decide to take a little nap and let the magic flow in home. Mom and dogs went up stairs, just when I got in my bed , I hear the front door with a key. Ashley just told me that she went to the mall and will be home soon, so I though she was back, I hear the key and door open, dogs jump out and bark,I called " Ashley are you back, Ashleyyy", no answer ... I wait, dogs got back with me, just them I was out ! nobody was there, but the dogs where wagging their tales ! So I took a nap. Was a good nap, no more pains in my body, I feel so fresh and with a good healing Aura!!!I woke up after 30 minutes or so,I went down stairs , my home smells so sweet from these Resin!! good vibes!! I will call it!.
Ashley got back after two hours after all that, I think the ones at my door where it was just my spirits companions or the faeries the like to play on rainy days , taking care of me, so I can re-charge my energy! I m thankful of these little blessings that remind me! I'm a witch and our power is bigger that what we think!And we know how to take care of ourselves and others .

Blessings to all my little witches out there!!

Tuesday, May 17, 2011

Rainning man!! Aleluya !

Today is Raining!! is a lovely day! it reminds me of a day many, many moons ago.Back when my Man and I where dating. It was raining too, not to hard but just enough to get you wet and your hair all sticky on your face! .We went on a boat ride with my Dad, a perfect day for a witch, not sunny it all. Dad ask if we still want to go I said Yes!! is perfect. The wind, the rain, water element ! with a little bit of love can change so many things. We went with my Dad but then he went to his sport fishing and he was gone! So their I was with my future man, just a few weeks before our weeding. If someone will come that day and tell me ( Hey Andrea, these all your magic, you are a witch!) I would not believe it.
Here we are in our twenty year of marriage, he still likes me, don't know why?. He always makes fun of the witch and loves my gift of a healer. Well I use it a lot here at home with the kids and he gets sick really easy with stress, he said he hates my work ! sure and always said, can you make me a tea! or put something on my chest!, when one of the kids get sick he jokes and tells them, run run away! she will put sticky things on you. Funny but all of them love to be at the witch's care!! Even the dogs .
So I'm at the garden today feeling the rain at my face and ,don't know what, but I was brought to the day 20 years ago!! Sometimes just the smell of the rain and the water are just so powerful to bring something back, yes I feel 20 years younger, I'm 25 at the moment in my garden !! Dear Goddess ! Time is just time,no space in our space , not clock to said where we are, we think we are going forward. Yes but in a mans clock, not in the Universe . Who say to say if that is the right time. makes me feels like traveling time, one minute we are here, next we move, and we can move on any direction, forward or backwards . So there is my point,WE are the ones that can direct our time, our destiny! Our time in life.I always put my mantra on these" I m on the right place at the right time" These is my favorite mantra, keeps in me the safe moment.
Another of my daily mantras is " Do it like is easy" life got some hard times sometimes, but I said my mantra and that keeps me on a track for the day, doing it easy. It works, and you know all things are in our mind, all of them. So once i remember all those things , my magic my spells work so well.
Magic works because we put our intent in there, our energy opens the gates to make it happen!! The Goddess is on every gate ready to let us in, no matter what we might think, if is hard or easy , is up to us to open those rusty gates! and after that we will enter the Goddess sacred place and we stay there with her forever! at peace, safe, we can go and come whenever we want ! is our place, it can be forward on our future or get back to our past. If is beautiful, don't look back if is bad, just go to the sacred land of happiness, and see not much has change.
When we get the key to go in and out is so full in our lives to see it! we feel good we look good ! it feels right! that is my moment today it feels right! I m at the right place at the right time!!!
! Blessed be.

Friday, May 13, 2011

A wolf !!

I had a dream a few nights ago! it stays with me all day long, in my dream Abby my little white dog is being attack, by a Grey wolf!. I see these big wolf dragging Abby by her tail, and she is looking at me. I go and take Abby out of his mouth and them I get to hit the wolf with a rock, I hit the wolf on and on, until he was just plaster on the ground . As I hit the wolf I talked to Abby and I said" Abby you know is so hard to hit with a rock in a dream, these rock is so heavy".... Well i woke up and Miss Abby was just next to me ,looking at me. I said to her "do you remember the dream!!! And she wink at me !!I bet she new what I was talking about.

So I ask a few of my friends what they thing of these dream, one say( a Dr ) Andrea, these is just simple, you are fighting the wolfs, these means people ,around you. So I ask another one ( a Shaman) he said " It doesn't matter the dream! The important part is that YOU kill that wolf. You took care of you and Abby, and that is all that it is in these dream , you and Abby are you, one, and you took care of the wolf with your own hands!!!" ,now I do like that . Yes I like to take care of myself, spiritual talking! we have to be the ones!! The one that knows the protective circle, the secret that is given to us is to take care of the treasure!! Us the why , we are here? the whys in life always will be answer . Don't matter how long will take, it all will be resolve at the end.

A few years ago , we have a family vacation in Canada, we went from , Banffs to Lake Louise , them to Lake jasper. All the trip was so beautiful and enchanted, I did my homework so well, I did my ritual every where I could, took nice walks to talk to my friend "The Goddess" .
One day early morning at Lake Jasper I went for my walk, got some feathers,leaves, took some pictures, and admire all the beauty!! Breath taken!!. Then I see these " Coyote" and you know me, in my canyon we coyotes all over, so was not my first time with one of those in front of me. Well these guy was kind of talking to me> I spoke to the Goddess . Are you sending me a messenger I ask!. The fellow , keeps getting closer! So talk to him, I said : Hey you look good well feed, nice coat of hair!!In San Diego there hair is not so beautiful , I guess is lots of rabbits here and the tails so nice and full!.
So I try to get closer to him, to take more pictures, but so he talk back once again and run away. Oh that is sad ,my messenger left . So I get back to our Hotel tell all my kids about these magical thing, my husband not a magical man ! Said .."so tell me again the story?".So go and tell him all about it, and me talking to him and the coyote talking back , so he ask to see my camera! Well Honey he said that was a WOLF !!!! My hair went up! The was the last day I went by myself to a long woods walk!And.... These little witch not even has a red hood !

So I thing there is thing about those wolfs ! now he is back on my dreams, but I won the fight and got my little dog too!! So there your got it.... Please any ideas what is with the wolfs and me? Willing to hear your comments or do you ever have a wolf encounter?...

Sunday, May 8, 2011

My Mami!!

Is Mothers day !! Is the Goddess day! Every day it should be a day like these. Today we talk with the kids grandma,( mother of my man) she is getting old, two broken hips ,and she is still talking about" One day I will be better". It changes your day, you are healthy young, with still young kids that make paper flowers for us!! These is the day I want to stop the time.

That is so hard on anyone!! a Mom in a hospital! have a broken bone, sometimes when my honey is cranky I have to remember what he is going threw. And when he says to the kids " call your grandma!! And the kids don't know what to say . I tell them just talk to her and you will be fine. At that age you will not remember what you talk with someone , but they know that you called them and that is all they need.

I got my Mom far away , but she is healthy, getting her years gracefully , but in good shape! These her with me last Dec , when I visit her, she so cute in her little kitchen. All things at her home are little!!
I'm happy that she is so careful with herself , even sometimes she tells me she still rides her bike!!!! she is 75 years old,and really blind , dear Goddess I close my eyes to think about it. But she is happy, she got my dad, and 6 crazy dogs that keep her so busy all day long. Maybe that is the key in life, don't think about yourself too much, don't take yourself to serious, that is the thing with my Mami, she never thinks about her own.
My parents live out in the country side, they got land to plant some little things, they are organic,conserve energy, got a water well , so they don't use the city water. My husband say my dad is cheap, ok yes, but with a concern for his wallet and the planet.
They move to the country a few years ago, they got tired for the loud people big towns! so they went back where they meet , fifty some years ago! that sound so sweet, but is hard for then , take a city bus to go grocery shopping, a Dr appointment, they don't visit anyone, not even my brother! They are just getting old and cranky too.My brother visits them , my Mom said " oh he never comes here" or " they come in a bad time" Like if she got a full agenda. When my kids come to see me , and I will be a pretty old lady! Every day is a the perfect day, and will thank the Goddess that they come to see me! And just like my Mom I will have lots of dogs , a garden and plant lots of fruits and vegetables!
But I think the best Mom is Joe's Mom! his mom has a garden club!!( they don't talk about their garden) every week they get together and drink Margaritas and laugh and have a good time! Yeah!!! that i will do too!!
So in honor of all good Mom's today !! I burn candles, send healing love for those in hospitals !! And bless those good son's and daughter that take time to go and visit them, a hug a card a call!! give some to the Goddess of all the time!!! Our Mom !!! Happy Mothers day to all of us!!! Blessings to you too. Hugs Andrea.

Wednesday, May 4, 2011

The Ritual a poem!

I got inspire today and wrote a poem! just come out of my mind! feeling the Goddess words! I use to write poems for my kids when they where little, poems of my garden and today it got back on me... I guess is always there, just sleeping in... I hope you like my poem , please tell me what you think? Did these speaks to you in any form?Comments welcome...


The ritual is perform by ourselves,
they are part of us of the woman,
the spiritual form that reside in our body!
who is to tell what is wright or wrong.
The spirit leads the way and we just follow.
Is the secret call that comes to us in wispier at soft song by wind,
a faerie feather falling ,
a rose that falls right at midnight in front of you eyes! .
Rituals are our unspoken words,
we just move in silence ,
send our words to our Goddess !
she knows what we are saying,
she know our pains, she knows ours sadness ,
our happy moments,our inner light.
the way we walk is just our walk,
nobody is walking our world, who is to say what is wright or wrong!
The Ritual is me! I'm awake my eyes can see.

The Goddess have a path for all of us , when we choose her, we are holding her hand, like when we where little kids our Mom will tell us where we were going. Today we got our own path, the one we trace , the ritual we direct, the spirit is with us.

I bless the Goddess every day ! And every day I listen for some thing that she maybe telling me. Sometimes I don't like to hear it, but sometimes she is so right on my world. I like to keep my energy flowing and to be present at all times. I m leaving my dream, we all are. If we choose to. My rituals are part of me, of my practice , if we don't practice , we will never learn some more. There is so much to re- learn, things that I did knew , but I forget all about. But for me what is important is to stay connected to my spiritual path.Practice makes a master! Well I'm no master but I do my doing every day.The rituals in my life are so special!!! I hope you do your ritual daily too!!! Blessings ...Andrea.

Tuesday, May 3, 2011

Gazing my future!!!

Is the perfect day today to be out, enjoying the warm weather from our mother earth. Is has being so long , to be indoors , drinking hot tea ,or coffee, and now , it is hard to get back inside the house.

The spring is finally here! Little walks around tells me that even the birds are happy. I found feathers every wear, they are changing their coats too, my dogs need a haircut, my dear Goddess, is true, if we don't stop and smell the roses life will just go in a blink .

Creativity is in my head all day long, so many things I want to make , a new magic wand, new curtains for my bath room I love that room is big and has a big skylight on top ,so on full moons I can be inside and just absorb her energy. On these hot days I like to open all my windows and burn my incense and let the air clean up the room.So now I want the window open all the time so I can hear the outdoor fountain , and if I put a new curtain .So that is my job today . Curtains are being hung up , today!! Sewn by me and bless by my Goddess.

Beltane was just so perfect me and my Goddesses and Gods, we collect flowers from my garden roses of every color, sage and ferns . I did my honey and milk mix offering! And burn my candles of course! Blessings to the fertile earth!!

So much we get from her so beautiful gifts we get! food , rain , sun, flowers and on and on! I guess is my earth sign on my Taurus Moon ! That is why I love my outdoors, and when winter is here my spirit is low.And now I'm out and about! from tree trimming to weeds out! I got a new gazing ball at my garden , was a lovely gift from one of my favorites Goddess!! Is so cute, I put it by the Faeries, and it just glows all the time, Thank you Goddess Karen for these beautiful gift!

I never have one of these, so now i have to see where is the perfect place for my "witch ball" I have to out and play some more , i guess! Play, play with dirt!! until we meet again .....I'm in the garden , trying some new spells !!!

Sunday, May 1, 2011


Brida , Brida! Today I woke up thinking about one of my favorite "Witches book" by Pablo Coelho . I love that book, she is a new practitioner. Brida wants to learn the craft, and she ask around who can teach her the path. She doesn't know much about it, but she is on her way to find it, she is persistent and as we know , she gets to the person she needs to teach her!! She is following the path of the Moon, her teacher said he is from the sun.... ho I just can read that book any day any time.
Have you ever read a book that stays with you forever , the rituals , the pictures, the messages. Is a sweet story, we all like sweet story's. Today is Beltane, so I got these book on my mind, Paulo or Pablo as I call him! such amazing writer ,he has a blog too! lucky me now I can go and check on him anytime . I would like to post his blog , the things he wrote about the life of Brida . If you haven't read it yet. Please get it! A witch a Magus .... is magic on every page.. so here is waht he said on his blog:

: Brida

Choosing a path meant having to miss out on others. She had a whole life to live, and she was always thinking that, in the future, she might regret the choices she made now.
“I’m afraid of committing myself,” she thought to herself.
She wanted to follow all possible paths and so ended up following none. After her first romantic disappointment, she had never again given herself entirely. She feared pain, loss, and separation.
These things were inevitable on the path to love, and the only way of avoiding them was by deciding not to take that path at all.
In order not to suffer, you had to renounce love. It was like putting out your own eyes not to see the bad things in life.

Ever since time began, people have recognized their true Love by the light in their eyes.

“When you find your path, you must not be afraid. You need to have sufficient courage to make mistakes. Disappointment, defeat, and despair are the tools God uses to show us the way.”

“Don’t bother trying to explain your emotions. Live everything as intensely as you can and keep whatever you felt as a gift from God. The best way to destroy the bridge between the visible and invisible is by trying to explain your emotions.”

“But how will I know who my Soulmate is?” Brida felt that this was one of the most important questions she had ever asked in her life.
“By taking risks” she said to Brida. ‘ By risking failure, disappointment, disillusion, but never ceasing in your search for Love. As long as you keep looking, you will triumph in the end.”

Nothing is completely wrong. Even a broken watch is right twice a day.

BRIDA is the real story of a young girl learning to follow the Tradition of the Moon