Sunday, December 25, 2011

walking on the clouds

So after all the papers went to the recycle! Kids playing with their new games, I hit the road! I like to do my so call; Spiritual walks. Is in there that I see all the abundance in our world. The colors of nature, the air so clean so perfect day, warm and sunny!! a California day.
I put on my tennis shoes, and a t-shirt from Salem that say' " Got Magic" and a pentacle on it,got a few cute looks from other runners, some give me a thumbs up! So I guess Yes!!! Their was magic all over the canyon .
These is my favorite place to get away! to re-fresh my mind! And to feel the spirits around me. If I need an answer , an idea, or just a reflex ion moment! these is my temple! I know where I'm. the Goddess is here all around me.So take a walk with me, see her in every corner! These is Caron's creek!! I do lots of ritual here!! Please sit and relax! meditate at the water....

There is a Faerie forest as well... they are taking a noon nap right now... these is the gate to their kingdom...

I got to walk all the way on top of the big rock, their you can see every faerie land and Gnomes too...So I stay there to listen to the sound of nature!!!....

It was a beautiful walk, connected in a way with all things, thankful about every lesson learned these year, hard or soft, sweet or bitter. at the end is all for my own good to reach another goal! To get to the next level. Then I found a broken heart made of rocks, And I put the rocks to finish it... here it is.... my heart in peace ..Blessed be...

Wednesday, December 21, 2011

Cookies !

Days are short, times goes fast! I have to use my time when I get it!

My boys are growing up so fast,so I'm doing different things with them, cooking dinner together baking cookies for these days! We eat more then we give away! But is fun, they argue at the kitchen , just the way typical bros will do.
We had a fun time last night. For dinner we grill chicken, and Alex the oldest of my boys did the seasoning ! He is a natural chef. grilling is his thing! So now we are all into the grill every thing.

The cookies were a yummy treat !! Santa"s little elf's are the best!! The biggest cookies went to the altar ! to give thanks to our Goddess for all her blessings.
I know she loves those cookies too!! And wine!

Saturday, December 17, 2011

witches brew for Yule !!

An offering , a gift in a bottle!
After a warm bath!
To heal the sad!
To bring happiness and laugh!! May the Yule night be a happy and bright!!!

3 cups-apple cider

1cup-cranberry juice

1 stick cinnamon

1-tablespoon honey

11 tsp-whole cloves

Put all your ingredients in a Cauldron, heat well, cast the spell!!! but do not let it boil!!!!
Strain the brew !!!! And serve on Yule!!!! Blessings to all....

Sunday, December 11, 2011


Welcome welcome my new friends! So glad you are here! , have some tea with me! Another of you! a witch!I love it.
, Im so happy Miss Mina ! is doing these giveaway with me! Thanks Mina from Green Witch with Sprinkles!
Go visit her and visit me! Say good things about us!! And drink more tea with me! is cold outside so I" m in a hot tea and coffee days! My house is ready for our beautiful winter solstice. Now is just a few things to finish here and there! The rest is easy! I hope all of you are enjoying these days. Can wait to see who will be the lucky winner!!
Good luck to all!!! Blessings Andrea.

Tuesday, December 6, 2011

Yule Time !!

Before Beautiful Petunia!! I was doing my decorations! I make a wreath with Rosemary from garden Pine cones from my daily walks! Rosemary is the herb of "power" for woman . So I like to have it all around me, just in case one day Im in need of power.

I did work in my craft!! Making these wreath, I put more things in there as the day went on! And I found a bird house! Every body deserves to have a home of their own1! So I put it there too . I put it by the back window next to my altar.

I put my decorations by the stairs and hung more things!!!

Put my all my little Santa's out!!! I love Santa !! He is the man with all the gifts!!!!
And I did put my lights outside and a tree by the goddess at the front yard!!
Now I m not sure where to put my tree in the house!

Monday, December 5, 2011

Princess Petunia!!

We make plans and them !! All goes in another direction! That is my story. I have being busy, busy working every day! But I love trouble!!! Specially if is cute and barks!!! Meet my new little baby; Petunia !! She is a 7 weeks old Boston Terrier! I got it last Saturday at a dinner! She was the grand auction!!! And she come home with me, so is so cute. Husband and proud Daddy was just saying " are you sure you want another dog? he was out voted! I got my little princess and we left the party in no time, no coffee no dancing! My kids though I was just joking when I call and said " Im on my way with a new puppy.For real? they all said.Well Surprise!!!
And my nights are half sleep and half taking her out to pee!! Dear Dear that is crazy me !! And now 3 dogs running these house.