Thursday, May 17, 2012

Beltane Blessings

Beltane was here! and it was so Beautiful!! I re-connect with my group of Goddesses . We did all day a day of Beltane, labyrinth walks, rituals , spells, secret walks on a private path!! Spiral dancing !!! So much to tell, so much we all did enjoy!!
Those are the days of our " reclaiming our Goddess way". The path between our two worlds! By day we are the regular woman , taking care of a house the kids a job . But in a deeper world, we are walking between the worlds. The garden is not just a garden is a herbs sanctuary,our home is the temple! And we love by our lovely ones!! For all the magic we do in every possibly way !!!
Dear Goddess take me to Avalon and open the mist and lets us see what the world can"t see.
Open your curtain and let me in. Secrets doors are opening for us to walk .The air is crisp and full of nature noise.A walk between the realities !!
The Goddess is here waiting , she is calling us to just sit and listen, to sing with nature, the be just there present.
Dear Goddess thank you for showing us these world, where no harm can come, where no worlds need to be said that we ARE!! Just Be!!!