Friday, March 16, 2012

Witches Almanac

" Hear ye then how our fathers before us discover"d the witch:

Mark well their manner,for it is quiet and assume naught.It is in peaceful tones they speak,and oft seem abstracted. Seeming to prefer the company of Beasts ,they converse with them as equals.

They will dwell in lonely places,there better.To know the voices of the wind and hear the secrets of Nature . Possessing Wysdom of the fieldes and forrests ,they doe heale and arme with their harvests.

They concerne themselves not with idle fashion , nor doe worldly Goddes hold worth of them.
Be not so confused as to think that only Womankynde harbour the gift in this matter .Of Men there bee many that hold mickle power ".
Eduard Jonhson.

Tuesday, March 13, 2012

Embera tribe

I have being out of the country on some travel. The best way to see other traditions is to be part of them.I explore some amazing places. The world has so much to see , we will never end.
I will just talk about a Indigenous tribe , apart from all things that are normal to us. These tribe is surviving in natural way, every thing they eat is grown here, planting, hunting, cravings, is all back to the basics, the simple good old day.
Embera Tribe:
We arrive at 7:30 am to meet our tour guide, he said we have to drive for some couple of hours and then take a boat to the village!! I was so exited , to go and spend some time with then,for my surprise my husband sign up too, that is new .I always go by myself to these kind of things.But I was happy he was coming with me too.After the two hours driving in Panama city, in all there crazy traffic, we got to the river. Our guide told us that in these tribe they don"t wear regular clothes like us, he said Man use a little beaded skirt and for the woman one with a floral print.
So here we are in Gatun area, same river that provides the water for the canal, we got there early around 10 am ,couple of Indios were there waiting for us. In my tour group it was just three of us, my husband a friend and these little witch.
Our Indigenous or better "Indios" in Spanish, told us that something happens , and we will have to wait for a while ,things didn't sound good.

There was lots of talking and phone calls, they finally said that we will have to go further away up in the river since the first village was having a funeral. A little 9 years old boy die the day before, felt down from a tree and got kill.Sad day at the village. The funeral parade was something hard to believe , every one took their little canoes and did the procession with the canoe with the casket

I never seeing anything like that , beautiful union of their own pain, here in these country nobody has time for even the dead.And the Indians went from river bank to river bank getting all of their friends one by one.Boats went full and all of them left, to said their good byes to the little can see the box in these canoe, and the flowers.

We got our little dugout canoe, and trust me little narrow thing, Goddess knows who prays in there, water gets in all over and a little boy is in charge of taking the water out, a precious little boy name Oscar, I just fall in love with them.

Panama has a law , when the Indians are in town they most wear regular vestment ,I thing is crazy to tell them what to wear,"los indios" have being much before all of us, here on the planet.And is not a costume!!! is their way to live a simple dress.
So after while and my prayers answer we get to land, thanks goddess for land !! I was so ready my butt hurts so much from the hard sits in the boat!!

We got a welcome song by the "Elmandamas" and his little group!!

I have so many thing to share and don't want to just give washy washy talk so I will keep talking during these week about my trip.
So please come back soon, I got a whole ritual to bring up here! Merry meet and merry part...

Friday, March 2, 2012


I ask the Goddess these year for new things. She is working hard on that! I have being challenge in so many ways. I love those challenges , I do resit then when they come, but after a while I just just said "oh what the hell" . And it has being a very interesting year , and still is a kind of new.
I have being traveling and seeing lots of new things.The amazing places were she reside, and speaks to us. A calm place, a sunset, a meditation moment, a tarot reading, a word from someone ...
As the Goddess walk with me in a labyrinth of life , turns ,circles and circles things that re-appear in my life for no reason but I most keep walking . I love labyrinths , the other days I did see one in a private home! Man oh man I told my brother! I wish I could go and get a walk in there. If is not because I had my mother with me... and you know the rest, she will be looking at me like some kind of " is she crazy or what" , so I din"t ask the owner.
There is one here near by, in a Goddess Garden , private too but she is my friend so we all enjoy these meditations there.
And the journey is beautiful, challenging YES but with a good eye every thing is going to be all right!! Bob Marley told me so. In a happy Friday note may all my sisters have a beautiful magical day!! And don't worry about a thing...

Good things happen to all of us!!! Every day, they are there a finger away. Reach and touch it!! feel the magic , use it !!! Be bless by the huge power of the Goddess