Monday, August 29, 2011

Going to College

My little girl is out to college!!!Ashley my little Goddess on training weals is gone!. Saturday we drove to her school early morning. Check in was at 8:30 so we got up at 6am, I couldn't sleep that nite! So many emotions, worry, happy , sad, exited, more worries.
The day was fun and fast, put every thing out of the car to her dorm, her new roommate got more things then 10 girls together, we told her" looks like you are not going back home". They hung lights on their walls, move their beds, connecting computers at campus is a job, so they got "geeks" OH my , I wold love to have someone like that, you call downstairs for connectivity, he comes, clicks, click and done!!! I told him " i need a kid at my home like you for my blog". Smart!!
So the day and things got done a quick good bye and we drove home all by our self. Im happy for her, she is going for her ART. Ashley is an amazing artist, always since she was a little thing, she loves to paint, and writes poems, to decorated , so many things are in her, makes me so proud of my princess.I always make so many things for my kids, pillows , blankets,teach them to paint before they could walk, we all do art together,we cook together one day she is 4yrs the next she is say " bye mom!!!! sorry I m just sad and doing my best to keep myself going. She is only a couple of hour away , but still , I miss her vibrant personality and miss her cute" Hello Mami".
So today cleaning one of my altar I found these poem that she wrote for me at a mothers day, when she was 13 yrs old. i would love to share with all of you, and let's all send her a big, happy energy to Ashley at her first year away from home...So here is her poem.

A child's Blessing

My Mom is the Goddess of love
Fixes a wound with the touch of her finger
She's there for me when I'm down
And makes sure that I get better when sick

My Mom is an angel to make sure that I have a good life
she cheers me at soccer games
gives me healthy food,so
that I will do great at school
And get good grades to have a successful life

In every room, in every corner
Light radiates off her beauty
mom shines like a diamond against its black velvet stand
She 's the artist who colors my world
and helps find my way through life

You are my blessing.
Ashley Berg.

And so their her beautiful poem, I see her in every line that she talks, I see her , these is her beauty , passion for art, life, and to shine!!She is my blessing .

Thursday, August 25, 2011

Practical magic - Midnight Margaritas

And the season is approaching!! So I'm just thinking!!! What can be better then a Mid-night Margarita!! Is hot , is still summer!! So lady's ! Get some spells on our blenders!!!!

Monday, August 22, 2011

Damn you Mercury

Mercury retrograde ; is still going, is gone until Saturday 27. Man oh man is kicking my butt!! Is so hard not to feel those energy's. Sun Energy, mix with the powerful planet of Mercury! you shake it all up !! And you better have a Midnight Margarita , so we can deal with these better! The best mode to be in during a Mercury retrograde is one of "non-reaction"
Mercury comes and push us all out of our comfort zone! Needles and pins right in our sit!! And we hear those marching orders! Do what you need to do!!! So Yes !!! Im doing the doing and still felling it!! Please go away so I can just sit , and not feel the damn thing.And here is the thing , we have to do our list of things!! Or it just not go away " is like read, re-read re-view the situation"
Whatever we do, don’t let those mercurial nightmares scare us. They are not supposed to harm you, they are supposed to keep you us on our toes

So don't buy the cow! Don't milk the cow, heck ! stay way from the cow!!!
I notice that Geminis, and those lucky ones born on a retrograde don't get so affected like the rest of us, but the good part in all these is the an-finish business that we need to get done. Long time ago I start a quilt, the poor thing was in a container for years, until one of these Mercury days!! The quilt got done, I was at the time doing an art project class, so that was my homework!! Finish some an finish piece of art!! I even wrote at the back of my quilt!!" It was a hard mercury retrograde....
and the big quilt!! got finish!! I wonder what I will get finish these week?

Tuesday, August 16, 2011

Simple things

And Im back to the life of a mom of kids!! I have fun these last couple of days with my friend David. We laugh at all the things he was going threw, but here is the thing; if you want to be pretty ," their will be pain"!!!

I like to take things simple as they come, so with David we are the same, easy going!! as long is our way! Simple meals!! with desert! long walks just to talk and by night we will have our little beauty rituals!! We both do the same thing, Hair and face so we have always new things to tell each other!!Beauty secrets that we just hear at a health food store or by Mr Dr Oz!!!
We found a Bristol Market just a blog from our hotel, so we walk there and try all sort of wonderful things,and by that we did some walks around Beverly Hills and smoky LA . The planet is polluted and it s not looking good. So what is the point the close doors and run the air so we can clean all the bad air. That is LA full of traffic,and congested life.
Beautiful homes and no life outside , every body is so busy making more money that forget to enjoy the simple things that won't cost much! Friends and a cup of coffee a walk on the park! SO I always ask to my Goddess " Keep me true to myself" , when we no longer know who we are , is when we just lost our sense of integrity . I'm a dreamer just like my favorite singer "John Lennon" but I m not the only one...And by all that we have a wonderful time ! two old friends, just laying down and watching some TV and talking about the good old days when we use to work together and I was his boss.But just like any man we went to someone else , yes another woman , David went to work for her!! Our joke was that ; she has big boob's, big lips , and more money!!!
I did the driving back , helping him to get in and out of the car, and trying not to making laugh!( that was hard) his was very sore and hurts to move !! So here we are !! Ready to continue our daily things , I will stop and check on him these week....He will have his new pictures in about six months! I m sure that he will look just fantastic . And we will keep up with our coffees and simple talks !!!

Saturday, August 13, 2011

Is all about him!!!

As you all know I got two husbands!!! Numero uno is Andy father of the kids!. Numero dos is David. No kids with him! Thanks Goddess .

Today Husband # 2 call while I was working....." Hey I need you to drive me to LA for my Dr app, Remember" ( Really!!! ).My mind said....Yes I know,but I though your last Ex was your driver~~~~ Remember!!!!! So ....There!

I will call him later ..... Im busy with clients.... my #3 husband Joe said : " OMG you better call him or he will die.

Called David... "I said David>>>> ,I have a party until 5pm these Sunday.

David : Ok , We can have dinner then drive to La... I need to be in bed by 9 pm.... Do you understand... I need my rest....
I said..... Yes David I know.....
Get home .... Tell husband # 1 . I have to go to LA with David!!!
Andy.... Why?
Me... what is your problem?
Andy ..for what?
Me...Plastic surgery, for David!!
Andy .... WHAT!!!, how much is that?
Me.... Who cares!!
Andy...And , you will be gone for what....?
Me... A few days !!!
Andy.. How much is that?
Me... Who cares!
Andy...The kids are alone... for how long?
Me ... OMG Andy!!!! The kids are just fine!!!!
We don't have babies any more.!!

typical day for me!!!!
OK we got out for a dinnerAndy..... he tells my friends husband......"Oh Andrea will be gone next week.... Her Gay husband, needs her, to drive him from his Dr....From Beverly Hills to San Diego... Other guy said .... Oh that is OK !!!!
so here is my agenda for these weekend!!!

Husband #1 and kids!!!will eat take out!!!
husband #2 and all about him!!!! Priceless~~~~ Keep post!!! More to come!!!!Oh BTW!!! These Pic Is David !! #2 !!! Happily together for the last 15, or 19 years!!!

Thursday, August 11, 2011

Clouds in the sky

Is a cloudy day! Is dark and the sun probably wont shine today!! It sounds like FUN to me!!! Is a day closer to the fall. fall is closer to my dearest day of Halloween . The days will get colder , I like that, I like any season that it has magic in there!! Is time to celebrate.

Monday, August 8, 2011

Clay for beads .

Last night there were ,some spirits in my room ( happy spirits).
I went to a trade show yesterday . It was for the the artists of San Diego. The glass and beads made from home, all those artist under one roof. Most of the artist have being doing these for decades . I though "these will be me one day". We don't change who we are, we just embrace it and make our-self better with time and years. One of my friends give me a ticket, I like to go there every time they have one of those shows.
I walk one by one all the roads of charming art, some are some big glass paper weight.Some little things for earrings, some big things for a perpetual pain in the neck call "necklace " . It is fun to see what others see in a crystal, or clay.
I was hunting very unique things, nothing very common. I like different art . I meet an old artist that it was so hard to hear her talking, she was on her 90's and cute as any grandma should be full of her creations, from head to toe. Fun and laughs to talk to her. I love to talk to anyone, that is my thing.
Talking artist that talk to others "sell more the the ones that don't talk" . If they talk to me.. it is sold!!!! So I found these Mom and daughter selling African beads, beautiful hand made ,not one ever duplicate, made from women to women . Fair trade Kazuri…which means “small and beautiful” in swahili. , they are the main bread and butter from those woman in Kenya to help their kids to go to school.Kasuri beads are like a book talking to us telling us ;their energy is capture in every bead. I went to sleep with the beads on my hand. Feeling there energy . I sleep good, but I felt their presence , I dream of a town far away, happy faces come to me , happy songs were sing at my ears !!! It was a dream, but a connecting channel with these girls in another land! I love those story's .

The show was small it is always kind of small ,but it makes us a strong community , we help each other in a way or another, is a circle of energy! That magic that connect each of us , is like a pearl necklace, an individual pearl, but with lots of others friends next to us to makes us strong. Please go and check on line You may fall in love with them just like I did !!Blessings to Kenya woman !Now I have some jewelry to make, and they will be part of me , and I will be part of them.

Friday, August 5, 2011


Taking some! time off from my blog. I got a sinus infection , not good!!And taking my antibiotics. Will get back here soon.

Monday, August 1, 2011

Happy Lammas

The History of the Feast of Lughnasadh
First Harvest
Bringing in the cornLughnasadh is also called Lammas, meaning Loaf Mass. As you have learned from reading about the Pagan Sabbat of Lughnasadh, this is the time of the first harvest. Corn has ripened in the fields and is ready to be brought in.

In the modern calendar the feast of Lughnasadh falls on August 1st, but at one time would have fallen when the grain was read to be harvested, regardless of the calendar date.

Baking is part of these day! I do love to bake, problem is ... I will eat more bread than I should! I will make something for sure, and then add some some beer for my Altar!! At night I like to leave some food by my Goddess outside, something to share to visiting animals or spirits!!!
Hope all of you enjoy thse day just as much I will do!!Blessed be!