Sunday, October 30, 2011

Bugs in my kitchen

Every body is having a tea party!! well here we are having a B-day party!!! My Little one, born on the eve of the Allhallows eve! today he is 12 years old. Last night we did his little sleep over party! I bake and we have some unusual guest at the party.

Boys love weird little things! My kitchen is full of them too! I thing I have a pest infestation!!

I invited some of my friends to our little party! and they were here too!!!

We bake a cake for "Witches only"

Thursday, October 27, 2011


Frida kahlo is one of my inspirations ! as an artist as a woman in her spiritual world. She paint her ideas, her pain, her world . I never really study these so deep until a few years ago.
Frida"s life began as a young woman in a bad accident, she was most of the time in bed , so in there was her time to paint, to paint her pain. Later in her life she had a miscarriage and she did paint her unborn child.poor woman, every thing end in a bad thing.And she will make more art! Get stronger, painting another amazing piece that will have her story, telling us what she was feeling.

I have a little painting of her in my area of work at the salon, Frida gets candles candy and soon I will give her tequila!!! Frida Tequila !!!She is going to love it! So these year I will be dress like a Frida too, I got the paper flowers for my hair a dress and a cloth with flowers .I probably will drink some tequila as well!

Kahlo biggest pain in life : her accident as a teenager and her love for Diego Rivera. she was born to be a mind of her own,a revolution in all forms of her life, to change the world, to show that woman can be just like a man, do art work just like them.
I hope I can visit her place in Mexico one day . I will sit there and study her past! have drink with her. and see her painting too. Viva FRIDA!!!

Wednesday, October 26, 2011


Blogger has being so sloww today!! can't get any where !!! But finally the day is here !! and we got a winner!! Andrei and I did our random name in a can!!! fancy ha!!. And the winner !!! Drums please is Vivienne Moss From "Out of the Shadows".
Vivienne send me an email , with your address and little Teodora will be on her way to you!!! Enjoy her magic!!!!

Thursday, October 20, 2011

GIVE AWAY....almost here

The little Goddess Teodora is sleeping she is dreaming of her new home!! her new altar, new mama that will take care of her.

Im going to be out in a Vacation these week! Yeah!! I will be back on Wednesday!! just in time to announce the winner of Teodora!! She has lots of Magick in her!!! happy to help!! Hand sew with charms and more magick!!! There is still time to win!!! Please leave a comment !! and add your name as a follower if you are new!!! The more comments !! the more chances to win!! until we meet again!
here are some more cute signs from around my house, things that come from Salem !!

Monday, October 17, 2011

Pan's Labyrinth - Ofelia [HD]

We can created our own Magick! Find a new thing, discover a path , walk and see the Hidden magic , the secrets just given , only to you....

Thursday, October 13, 2011


The night hold all the secrets!!

that is why I m always up late at night, every one is in bed! The house is so still!

I open my mind and I see!!! I see the future!! My crystal ball is giving me all the answers!! And these is what is said!!! Get ready!!!

Goddessandmagick is going to give you a unique gift!!
Made by the witch herself!!!Me of course!!!

These little Goddess is ready to find her new home.... who is going to be ....

be my followers if you are not.Then....

!! tell me !! was your grandma a witch!or your great great Grandma!! like mine!!. post all your comments!! These little " Teodora " that is her name, but you can change it !! once she is with you!! has cute jewels with her, to adorn her goddess gift. She will be going to her new home on Wednesday October 26!!! . Tell all your friends!!!!

Monday, October 10, 2011


Is the October full moon tonight! the witches are dancing around the fire!
I have my flying ointment ready! I'm ready to go out there and sing to the moon with the night creatures! The owls, the wolfs, the cats, the snakes, coyotes and howl to our great Moon!

I celebrate these moon to walk in between the worlds! The gates are opening! The spirits of my ancestors are closer! visitor have being showing at late night in my home. Nothing out the normal in my home! As I cook some spoons are moving around by themselves, at night time the TV have being turn on!! Yes These last Wednesday night! happens 3 or four times! Sounds crazy but no. I Send my husband to turn it off ! I got up around 2;30 am to go to the bathroom! I hear voices downstairs! all at home are sleeping! So I call Andy and tell him" Honey go down stairs and torn off the TV" , poor man! so he just goes not thinking half awake and goes back to bed< a second pass it and I hear the TV is On again ! Downstairs ! Creepy No!! It feel peaceful the energy that night! So I told him again " Andy the TV is on" The said "WHAT!!! He went back and turn it off! He spoke to spirits down stairs he said and told them" I will turn it off again and the volume too" We went back to sleep ! I didn't hear any more.
Next day when he went down the TV was on ! My honey later ask me! What is going on? I told him is nothing !! visitor stop by! just a way to be notice. I bake and give them food at my altar, I told them to go and be at peace!! They are gone. My boys said maybe was grandpa , so make him his favorite coffee too.I think it was really their Grandpa ! We was a happy man and the energy has being happy and playful just like him!

So yes is October I get more magical on these month then ever! I got my altars glowing all over. I got a fall faerie , telling fortunes to all who enter my home! She is so cute!

The potions are ready, my little one is happy to help me to set-up one of the tables!Bottles with every crazy thing are in there . Some are made by Andrei, he just loves to be in the goop and water with coffee grinds and even some dog food goes in there! Is his potion lab!!

Monday, October 3, 2011

Time for the witch

I get busy these time of the year! I love to get out all my Halloween treasures!! .Last year I visit Salem Ma, that was my second time, I hope to go back again next year.California is a little far to just take the train to my all time favorite town!!. The Goddesses are getting ready for our big day, magic is a daily with me, but as a witch! These is my time! All my friends know that. I get cards, books, and every trinket that they find and give it to me, they always said" I got these for you, your holiday is almost here" so my collection is big. But my all time best things! are the ones from Salem. They got a spell in them. A magical feeling.I keep those around me all year round.
So and all these crazy time, I'm also looking for a new place for me!! I sold my business last year, I m still happy about that.But now is time to grow again!, so Im not writing much since Im out and about looking for a new home for my Goddesses . I have seeing lots of rentals, now here me out, Im going to open another "retail salon" so I like to call it the Goddess home, because is there where we are.
A year goes so fast! Last year I sold and now I m looking. My plan is different then what I have before. I love to do hair, and retail is my strong side too. I can"t do the internet thing, I like people to come to my place , to touch the things they are buying!
So If my blog gets slow!! Is a reason! I'm in witches broom busy all over my town! And my David gay_husband too, he right next to me!! He drives I call , we check things, so far nothing has the magic we are looking for! Is all good ! we got time.

So here are some of my things around the house!!! I got a little witch! I name her "Erika" is real witches name in my country!Erika is flying every night out!.

But here is one of lovely Goddess ! she is my back yard! she mark seasons, she is my girl! She is looking for me to find a new "salon" for her! She is getting all the fruits from my next door neighbor , all those good things she harvest and we enjoy them!