Friday, March 2, 2012


I ask the Goddess these year for new things. She is working hard on that! I have being challenge in so many ways. I love those challenges , I do resit then when they come, but after a while I just just said "oh what the hell" . And it has being a very interesting year , and still is a kind of new.
I have being traveling and seeing lots of new things.The amazing places were she reside, and speaks to us. A calm place, a sunset, a meditation moment, a tarot reading, a word from someone ...
As the Goddess walk with me in a labyrinth of life , turns ,circles and circles things that re-appear in my life for no reason but I most keep walking . I love labyrinths , the other days I did see one in a private home! Man oh man I told my brother! I wish I could go and get a walk in there. If is not because I had my mother with me... and you know the rest, she will be looking at me like some kind of " is she crazy or what" , so I din"t ask the owner.
There is one here near by, in a Goddess Garden , private too but she is my friend so we all enjoy these meditations there.
And the journey is beautiful, challenging YES but with a good eye every thing is going to be all right!! Bob Marley told me so. In a happy Friday note may all my sisters have a beautiful magical day!! And don't worry about a thing...

Good things happen to all of us!!! Every day, they are there a finger away. Reach and touch it!! feel the magic , use it !!! Be bless by the huge power of the Goddess

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