Sunday, December 11, 2011


Welcome welcome my new friends! So glad you are here! , have some tea with me! Another of you! a witch!I love it.
, Im so happy Miss Mina ! is doing these giveaway with me! Thanks Mina from Green Witch with Sprinkles!
Go visit her and visit me! Say good things about us!! And drink more tea with me! is cold outside so I" m in a hot tea and coffee days! My house is ready for our beautiful winter solstice. Now is just a few things to finish here and there! The rest is easy! I hope all of you are enjoying these days. Can wait to see who will be the lucky winner!!
Good luck to all!!! Blessings Andrea.


  1. Hello,
    I am visiting your blog via my good friend Mina at Green Witch with Sprinkles. I really like you decorations and what an adorable new addition to the family you have. I also like your Witchy Apron. Stop by my blog some time for a visit too.

    Have a lovely Christmas,

  2. "I love your witchy apron!" Especially the broom and stars embroidery =D

  3. "I love your witchy apron!" It's so fun!

  4. I love your witchy apron.

    It's beautiful, and so generous, thank you! :)

  5. "I love your witchy apron" ~ no seriously, I really do! That magical broom embroidery is just darling!

  6. loved your witchy apron yesterday. just stopped by again to visit! mina is a darling,isn't she!!

  7. I love your blog ;o) I just came from Mina's blog ;o) I am so happy both of you are doing this together, because now I have found you ;o) Please enter me into you amazing giveaway! Your apron is gorgeous! Blessing, Stacy ;o)

  8. I'm back ;o) I forgot to say, I love your witchy apron ;o)

  9. I'm a follwer of both blog ,and love them both,the drawing on my daughter birthday maybe with luck I win. Do love the apron your apron Thanks Debb,

  10. Hello there! I love your witchy apron and guess what I love your blog also. I've been looking for some new nice pagan blogs:) So magical... have a happy yule. Im going to our coven ritual in the weekend. Can't wait:) Blessings

  11. Hi Andrea,
    What an awesome giveaway!!! I came over from Mina's blog!!! That's where I found out about it~You are SO generous!!!