Tuesday, January 24, 2012

Candleligth yoga!

And after all things get quiet!! The storm is over, the sun is shinning !!! Yes! indeed , we had a huge rain storm yesterday today , is over wet and sunny is a new promising day, and my dogs are happy , no more rain!! . These Week I start a new practice at a totally new place(yoga). Some things I can"t leave without is these one, my perfect mind stretch yoga! It helps me to do so much better in my spirit , my body and mind.
I went by myself like I always do on any thing that I decide. Got my things ready and went out the door. I was welcome by the cutest faces in the world, nice young instructor.She reminds me of my long time friend Collen , she was my instructor for many year! And we become friends , she move to Colorado but we are still connected in our lives.
The new studio is 5star spa-like, sanctuary! Buddhas, candles, aromatherapy, big spacious room and clean , clean and with room for our spirit !!
I was putting my mat on the floor and I notice some familiar faces, yoga is a close circle! We know every body!
I had a fabulous practice!Beautiful energy! Our cute girl instructor told me " we were glowing with energy" .Hummmm I found my new place.She invited me to come back again next day, heat yoga and candlelight !!! so I said yes. Next evening I was at the studio and got to see another of my long time no see yoga friend! We practice together 3years ago, She was pregnant at the time, was so cute to see her belly moving sometimes in a pose. We re-connect last night , exchange phone #s so we can text to each other and meet again at the studio!
So imaging all that good news I found waiting for me. All these time, my other yogy-friends were there! I was never alone! I found again a new circle.
My old friends from the old studio keep visiting me for tea and a talk , we usually check on the phone . .
My spirituality in a place that I love ! Last night candles and energy , put my mind in the right place. These is the Goddess in every way...Doing savasana the final pose, that remind us to let go all ego, and to welcome a togetherness in the world!! Namaste!!!

Thursday, January 19, 2012

Spell for house cleansing

I got a cold last week, Thank Goddess is over. Dark and cold days I guess got me that way.
So after feeling better and saging my home so every last bit of the cold to get it out!, I magickly sweep my entire home, I did with my own grown herbs, every thing that grows here, went in there. Sometimes I even use dandelions , they are good for us in a salad so why not for all vitamins , and to empower our psychic ability and divination when used in a tea!!
All plants in my garden are " welcome" so my herbs sometimes get some visitors in there, so I tell them that they are volunteer for a garden spell.No way no one is going to just hung in there without giving something to the Goddess.
I cut roses yesterday too ! is like spring today, these weather is crazy , one day is dark and windy , the next the bees are out the sun is shining and all clouds are gone, hummm I just go with the flow .In sunny days I walk do sunny things outside, on cold days I stay in, burn candles drink hot tea, write journals, and work too.
So back on my spell of house cleansing! I finish the beautiful enchanted spell with a charge water with roses, and I add olive oil for my hard wood floors, they look great! The water was charge with every rose from garden, salt, wild sage pick from the day in my daily walk, magical words and the beautiful oil! My dogs got happy !! Roses are for happiness and sage to clear all things, Magic to put myself back!!! Life has these funny things , get us sick so we can slow down and re-think our life. And take care of us too.

I m getting ready for Beltane,reading about Brigit our Goddess , I got a charm of Bridget"s cross from a client, so now I have to see if I want to put on a bracelet or necklace, I do love all the legends that come from Ireland , they know about story's , and like they said to make new ones too.
The eternal circle , the wheal of the year, it keep us in touch with our practice , just like temperance , touch with our toes the water! and let then in all in a new year a new practice.

Merry meet ... did you sweep your house today?

Tuesday, January 10, 2012

Boxing day

Full moon !! was full of surprises !! Honey and I went to the city for a dinner party! Seeing good friends, laughing , hugs, it is all good!, I stay up as long as I could , 2am is plenty for me in my forty's. And these is a once a year thing, I need my rest.

Next day drove back home. It is so good to take naps, something I never do, but I thing we should make it a daily ritual.
That morning I was talking with a friend about workouts, we went last week to try a boxing class! We had fun, she sign up for more classes.I didn't, why? I told her, my hand was in so much pain in the class , that I was feeling so stupid. What if I will break a bone just to have fun! no thanks.

Well as I was saying that , my husband did broke his elbow !!! He is the basketball coach of one of our boys, he was playing too and he went down!!! owwwch yes big pain!! So full moon in a clinic is not fun and he was not having fun anymore .But we survive and learn something, we are not kids anymore, and we should think better before jumping like a 12 years old.
Poor honey he is in pain most nights, it will take time to heal.Time will heal any thing!! So there we all need just time, and every thing will be alright!

Thursday, January 5, 2012

Things happen for a reason

Is a new year a new promise that it will be better for all of us!! A promise I follow every year to myself,the end was hard! Lots of changes come last minute, so here is my story....
I practice yoga for the last 6 years at the same studio, is small place but full of my friends.Last year the studio was sold, I was happy of course for my friend who owned before, now she wants to go to nursing school and follow her next dream. She and I exchange magical energy in that place , we all did. When she sold it , was different, the new owner did n"t have"The gift" to take you and your mind and bring you to another place .
But I stay there with my friend and yoga companion Kate, we new things were going to change but never imaging that was going to be so in not a nice way.
The week before Christmas the new owner wrote me a letter, it was not a nice letter. It was mean , full of poison. I have a yoga line, all my friends buy it from me. On her letter she wants me out , not from the studio but out of doing business with my friends. Now here is my deal., My yoga products are not interfering with her studio, all she sell is water.
As I said is the venom in her letter that it make my choice easy!!I told her I was going somewhere else. I believe Yoga is a spiritual practice, And a thing like that will never fit in my spiritual practice.
How?I ask her , How can you said things like that? She hurt me and she hurt my friends!she put every word in capital letter it was a full page of her ownership !!!

My friends are in touch with me all the time, I m trying to be positive , and let all that go. I did go to another studio last week, some of my old friends are there.
I know I will do good yoga in the new place,I talk to my friend the old owner ! She was in shame of what these woman did.
Will Buddha do write a bitter letter to a friend?, and tell something like :IM BUDDHA OWNER OF THESE STUDIO, DO NOT COME HERE WITH YOUR NEW YOGA WEAR!!!!! funny I don't sell it there,but I deliver some on that day!
, I thing is the friendship that we have, all my friends there wear my line!!! bothers her a lot.
I own a business as well, I will never be rude by paper with a client. She never talk to me about any of these before .
So I went got my six month membership back in my credit card, she was there, scare to face me. I didn't try to tell her much , but just enough to get my point: You know Eva (i said) people is put in your universe , so you can learn something,don't shoot people , just because they have something different then what you got!And I left.
My friends will follow me to the new studio I know that, but I told them ' These is not your problem , so I took time alone for the last three weeks, no friends, they all call always checking on me . It makes me fell good.

So that is why I have being so quiet , just simmering all things and letting go things at the same time. I ask to you all my fellow witches, how can I be clean, not sending her any energy ? I don't want to get my flying monkey to her, so that is why I stay calm and away from my friends! All my friends went and told her something, I told them" I don't need to know every thing"keep me out of all that!!
Two days ago I went and try boxing with another friend!! We had fun but it is hard and crazy!! So not my thing. Next week Im staring at another studio, or who knows may my Goddess guide my feet to walk where is my next place!!! Namaste Witches!!