Sunday, September 25, 2011

This Kiss }}} Practical Magic

Sally has a spell in her own life, not knowing what the aunts what has done to her!!! She just goes to her love, runs for it!!! Dogs chasing her , who cares is just love.... and she is going to welcome it in her life!!!

The Spell of falling in love is stronger then what we can think!!

Monday, September 19, 2011

Art call

Im taking some time out!! Need to sleep more, rest , and take time to my art!!! So Im out of the blog for week!!! My art is selling a lot, so I need to be full in there!! Blessed be Andrea.

Thursday, September 15, 2011

Some Beautiful sweet challenge

I have being playing with paper today! I have these project to make a bag, for the Challenge from "Frosted Petunias" So I finish it in no time . once Im going is esay to keep going!! So here are some pictures from my beautiful paper bag : I name it "some beautiful sweet" that it happen just by magick, things found me and there was the name for my bag! it is so cute. Now i have a few spell books to make!!! Blessed be.

Wednesday, September 14, 2011

Book of Spells

Bliss Angels is having an amazing , fun projet!! Spell books! Oh that is like candy for me! So i get up and start cutting some papers, I m so ready!! is all part of getting ready for our lovely night of Hallowen!
Spells , putting magic on a book! Can"t wait to get more things to add to those pages.So if you have any spell fun ideas , please share it and lets get some "Conjuros" A dead man's toe, spider legs,and a cat's nail!! From the plant!!!


Monday, September 12, 2011

Power blackout

Last week Thursday! we have a night, of no electricity! Blackout! Talk about weird, the entire city of San Diego on black!!! traffic was crazy the street lights stop, no planes coming or going.

Stores closed right away their doors, restaurants,no credit card machines working anywhere!So they send every body home.
I come home and put my candles all over the house, was so nice to see the glow in every body's home, the spell of darkness came!! Was warm , a day before the full moon, it was special, my kids and husband , we all sit outside and talk, just like when I was a kid in our blackout nights. after every rains storm boooommmm, lights out!! Candles are up! Story time.!! Spooky story's of course!!!
Next day we got our power back, the town was happy!! The kids didn't have school , so they were in a party mood!!!
It was a fun day and night we all did things that don't do normally .Every one of my friends did some thing fun, cook with the stars, take a walk with a flashlight , sleep at their motor home,grill some fish or some meat! I burned my candles and open a bottle of wine and talk and talk for hour with my kids.
I wish these will be once a month thing . we could plan it, have more lights hanging out, invite friends, and sit under the stars!!! For some spells , some food or just sing like we used to do when we run out of talking!!!

Thursday, September 8, 2011

Black and orange

Drinking my coffee in a orange mug, yes all my favorite colors of the season are here, the planet puts it all out. Black and orange are here, I dress on black most of the time for work, doing hair in black is perfect. And witches love black as well, I do have a little black dog, and a white one, as a witch we all have our familiars. They love us follows us everywhere, at the end of my day, my little "Romeo" is right there with me my little black dog.
Black is the color of contemporary witches, black is always on the day of the dead.Orange is what the season puts on nature, so those two together gives us the perfect match of All Hallows Eve.
Marigold are in my country (Costa Rica) the flowers of the dead, we call it "Flor de muerto" the fragrance of these flowers so strong, when we were kids, my mom won"t let us even touch the plants, she said, they smell like dead.Today I love them in my garden , they make any little corner so pretty and so Hallo-winy!
.A few years ago I read these book, called " Arrancame la vida"
The story is about an impossible love, the movie is out if you would like to look for it,is a version with subtitles, amazing movie to stay home and watch!!!, bring tissues with you. So here is the best part, when I read the book, I fall in love when those two go to an old church and do a ritual, then they drive around the town and found a plantation of marigolds!!! Flowers for miles, the field looks yellow and gold, and the fragrance is all over the place!! They make love out there, so romantic!! So imaging the movie was out I can"t hardly wait to go and see it, a friend of mine got me the movie, so their I was was popcorn and pajamas, with my movie!! I was just so in love with the characters ,at the end I notice, the skip, the part of marigolds, No Sex on the flowers !!! What!!! They show it all over in town but not with the flowers!!!, so there I was sad . there is is a funeral too in the movie, and they fill the church with all the Marigolds in the world!!!I wont tell you more... You can have fun reading these book.And see what other cultures do with them!!!
"Pull the life out of me". (Arrancame la vida) it will be the name,and yes, marigolds will be the flowers

Orange and black, are the colors of legends , magic, and spells. I use orange candles for my spells on these season, or just to burn. It also welcome the spirits of the dead. Black candles are also a color of protection, wisdom of the Goddess. Orange candles are used to do our magic in strength and health,and to resolve legal problems. In the mean time I will be burning candles!! Just because they illuminate our world, and add essence to our home, and the smells of spices at home calm even my crazy dogs.

Thursday, September 1, 2011

A Witches Night

These is a poem for us!! Ready to fly! Bring your broom and sing with me.


The moon is telling me that Halloween is almost here.

The birds are singing the moon is red up here!!

The winds are coming stronger every night, the clouds are forming shapes, is Halloween!!

The air is thin , the face is warm the circle is cast, the witches are forming up.

The ancient one called the spirits, the maiden got the flowers, the circle is open...

Offering are burn and give, candles are sending spells on the air, is Halloween night!!!!

A question , a prayer, a spell they all are the same.

An answer is given, the winds are coming...

Calm in the forest...The Ancient one speaks;

Be free my dear, she said , fly tonight, use your power and hurt none! So be free and ask, She will give what you want!!!

The night is open , witches are gone! they flying , just having fun...

Circle will be open forever and will last a thousand years , perhaps!!

Gifts are open on these night, ask for yours and the Ancient one will come. Perhaps!!!

Blessed be . By Andrea Berg.