Thursday, October 20, 2011

GIVE AWAY....almost here

The little Goddess Teodora is sleeping she is dreaming of her new home!! her new altar, new mama that will take care of her.

Im going to be out in a Vacation these week! Yeah!! I will be back on Wednesday!! just in time to announce the winner of Teodora!! She has lots of Magick in her!!! happy to help!! Hand sew with charms and more magick!!! There is still time to win!!! Please leave a comment !! and add your name as a follower if you are new!!! The more comments !! the more chances to win!! until we meet again!
here are some more cute signs from around my house, things that come from Salem !!


  1. Have a fun and safe vacation.

    Blessings V.

  2. I love the broom parking sign! Can't wait to see who has one the beautiful Teodora! Enjoy your holiday x