Friday, April 29, 2011

Blessings !

I'm in chock , what is wrong with TV networks, they just start "Camelot" my favorite show, and the new show was an old one, come on. We need new material every week. My Merlin is so mysterious man , I can't wait every week for the show, and they are doing re-runs .
That is just me and my " witches" side effect , I need medieval' s shows so I can see, what is was in the old days!, The druids, their teaching, the craft , the magic... Oh dear Goddess ! We dream of a place where all man kind has a power for their highest good, where the magic is well use. Herbs grow in every garden. A witch has honor.Yes that is what went wrong in history , the respect. I'm reading one of my historical books , about Salem Ma. Woman where kill just because, man fear their power, what is wrong in that picture? a lot. I always tough that if I was a living on those days , they will never find me , because I will be gone before they come, well is not that easy when we got family, and that is why ! Most woman didn't run away! They took their fate and let every thing take their course, for their family.

So sad to read all those things that mark a part in history, not history it was Hysteria !! People goes crazy about any thing. Another book that I read " Green witch" a kids book by Alice Hoffman , one of my all times favorite writers ! . Green is such good girl and that pain she sees in all these manic " religious people" makes her to write and write on her body! well their goes some pain in form of a tattoo . Spells that is what some of us write in our book our body our heart inside or out. Spells of blessings to our family's, happy life, good health,gardening, cooking spells, bath spells. And at the end is all about Family! Yes that is the sad part , those woman where just simple mind woman, taking care of their kids home, farm ,animals, all those shores they could give to some one else. They where not high society , if you where high end chic, you wouldn't be consider a witch! According to my book" Devil in the shape of a woman" Only low class people where witches! How is that , well I got news for them, witches are in every group and at every social life's style thanks Goddess for that. So lets keep putting our spells out there , that never ever these event should ever happen. Protection spells are my kind of thing, I put them every where I can, on home , my kids , my parents, My man, myself!!Blessing for all my witches friends out there on these world, blessings !! . On my B-day a friend give me these blessing and today I m giving it to all of you.... "May all your spells come true"

Wednesday, April 27, 2011


Is has being busy busy, in my Goddess world, So sorry I m so bad to write my blog. But is just how it gets sometimes. During my b-day celebrations , please note that is has being many!!! So many wonderful friends and my family!! And still I got more of those these week. Mercury is gone and things are looking pretty good under the Taurus Sun. Sunny with no clouds, warm weather, warm friends hearts!! What else can we ask for.
David my lovely and best friend gay husband who I just love for his good heart, he cooked for me, he always does things like that! Thank Goddess for my gay husband! He always comes and rescue me. And we did have a nice dinner at his place, just like a perfect couple! I have being marry for 20 years these year to my Mr Big!!! I did called him that way of course back on the day of sex in the city!. Some of friends even did call him the same way. But I have being with my other husband David for 15 years, so happy he is in my life. Sometimes he forgets about me, rude that is so rude, but at the end he always comes back to me. Now my real man Andy, poor guy, he thinks we are just a bunch of loony's. He always tells people ;the story about when our little Ashley she was maybe 4or less, ask why I was going out with David, Andy did the good Daddy talk about why he was my very best friend! And why it was ok for me to be out with David !that was the first time she understood so many things !!! Ashley adores David, she knows who was her walking teacher on high heels !! He will said " Ashley walk these way, look at me Ashley. SO many funny things in our lives that it makes us the best!
David is witchy and fun , got the green man on his walls that is his Man!! Is just so perfect for his personality wild and fun.
May day is almost here and I'm still running around , trying to get my altar ready!. I put flowers today, spring flowers are the best! so many to choose from. I will enjoy the day by myself, these is my promise to myself. I need to get some time to myself and talk to my Goddess about all the blessings she has given to me. One year and so many changes! my head is still spinning from all those changes . But I m" doing the doing", just like Julia Cameron said. Just do your work and the Goddess will add her magic.And after so many years of people in and out of my life ! , my two man !!! are still with me, Thanks Goddess!! So until we meet again, Blessed be!

Wednesday, April 20, 2011

Mercury !! God of the Sun!

Goddess !! Is Mercury retrograde Again!!! I blame the weather! the clouds , the wind, my PMS, my kids my Man, and all that ! to find out the is our lovely planet at the highest pick!!! So I want to ask, did you feel things around you ? that where not normal? Crazy people acting crazier!!! Or was your energy down for the last two weeks?. One day at work I even feel like I ,could close my eyes and just fall asleep ! just like that!my client said she feel it too, so ask co workers, we all experience that definitely the energy was lowwww and slowww!!! the day was busy but we fell like the clocks where playing a trick on us, I got home the day and went to bed at 7pm , get up at 9pm , something I never do!.
So it has being crazy , indeed so I did a little be of re search !! Thanks to Google, now we know the : when and what ? and when is over is the best part! Now here is the Good part of the retrograde!! Yes their is a good side in all these! , Spring cleaning gets done better!! since we can care about much ! every thing gets thrown out the window!!! GOOOOODDD! things That we hold for so long, don't mean a thing any more! out of my house. And that is what Mercury does! Gives us the prickly feeling! so we can get out of our comfort zone and get things done. The house is clean ! No weeds around my house! Hell no corner wipe by hand! And still is time to do more even with out coffee ! Did I hear you sister ! Yes no dust under my toes .
So here are the days of his influential!!! God the Sun and his planet Mercury
2011 Mercury Retrograde Dates:

Mer R Mar 30 2011 12:48 24°Ar21' R
Mer D Apr 23 2011 02:05 12°Ar54' D

Mer R Aug 2 2011 19:51 01°Vi12' R
Mer D Aug 26 2011 14:04 18°Le42' D

Mer R Nov 23 2011 23:20 20°Sg06' R
Mer D Dec 13 2011 17:43 03°Sg52' D

So as you can see lucky me my B-day is on those days! So keep my self-steam and loving sun energy to myself ! I'm not working tomorrow! just in case Mercury is out of control!! And I m going to get a two hour massage at the competition place ! They don't know me there! And I don't want my co worker masseuse guy to see me naked !!! He may like that! yoga is good! but I need to get a deep tissue help sometimes!

In the time until Mercury gets out my way! I will just hanging loose ! And here is a note to the smart Witches , Goddesses, out there !! be careful just don't sign any papers , don't sell your house. And please , please!! Don't get marry on a retrograde , you probably won't even remember... what in the world!!!! Until we meet again!....

Saturday, April 16, 2011

Goddess of wine!

The sun is shinning, the birds are singing , my dogs are happy, I'm outside pulling weeds. There, we are me and my Andrei, playing the game " what the faeries are thinking?. We like to make stories as we go. And Romeo my little faerie four leg boy! is there too!! Sniff, sniff , I trim the Rosemary bush into a ball , looks like an Afro, I like that. Romeo got weeds all over him, and he just got a bath, funny dog! I min the mood for earth, space cleaning and cleansing! Play with crystals, play with dirt, plant something here ,something there. Get out some old plants that are not looking good. I don't use artificial products at my garden ,but it grows like crazy, I use my kitchen things, all greens go to the garden compost pile, coffee , eggs shells, veggies cuttings, lemon peels ,seeds of any thing. All grows with love. And love makes things just bloom!
Tomorrow I m going to up some mountains, an hour from here, we are going to the wine country! One of favorite things, besides, candles, chocolates, lotions and potions!! Is wine, so we are having these warm weekend! take it ! use it, before is gone!!!!! And May grey will come, I love the wine areas , they plant pretty gardens ! I'm a Taurus so there is my passion for pretty little flowers and gardens. Every year I go up there ! To cerebrate always something, Tomorrow is just for the week before my B-day!. So is always something good to celebrate .
I will have good food, walk to all those cute gift shops, and come back a little broke , but a little of wine makes all things right!
I hope these warm days will stay , is so good to just sit outside and enjoy the breeze and see the birds singing , life is good. So I will tell more about Tomorrow!!!!....until them... Andrea.Going back outside.

Sunday, April 10, 2011

A street fair

Sunday! I hear from a friend that it was a street fair in a town close by, so I told every one of my kids" Hey do want to go? Got some NA, but 3 yes so we went ! Beautiful day to be outdoors,I like any fair , just to see all the different artist!/ Every town got its own. These was by the water! suffers town,and everybody and their Mother brought their dog out!. I never take my crazy barkers out, no way Jose! they will run down the town. So It was me and my boys and Dad!. I kind of trick him!! Told him " go and see how they do their fair. My Man, has to do our street fair in our town(Volunteer president)And 50.000, people that lives ,just down the st from us, now you know why is California ,nobody knows their next door neighbor , so many people.
So we got there, we got a bag of kettle corn! sweet thing to much while we walk up and down! Crazy rides they have in their, crazy food that looks so good ! but it will kill your arteries later too.
The town got so many cute little boutiques , tiny shops, their was spiritual readings too!! And for free! I was thinking "that is lot of work1 readings after readings, I have done that at party ( I did the party), no thank you ,I don't do that many readings any more, Your head gets too busy, so many questions and so many answers too.So I also found a spiritual store! Yeah Mom is in heaven, so my family , stay out eating ice creams , so I can enjoy the store. Cute as all are, they have Goddesses, Buddhas ,worlds to live by, candles, incense and all those cute trinkets to hung on your wall!Very inspiring. Those stores are like a candy for me, I can be there all day, just looking at little things. I got one close by my work, I got on the habit to go there every week, Saturdays after I finish my clients,I will go there and see every thing! That is the store that sold my Altar cloths , so yes I like to be at these " Spiritual retreats stores" They calm any body's mind with their music, sounds and burning sages and candles! I ask for faeries, they didn't have any !!! What I said no faeries! These can be trouble for them ! Don't piss off the faeries! But it was fun to see every thing, so I said good bye .
I found a nice Lady selling her home made products! A witch incognito I think! So I got a nice spray , body spray. She got all my favorites herbs made into a lotion or potion! I said that is all made at her home, love to support those crafty artistic woman, in their own kitchen making soap , just like the Aunts in my favorite movie " Practical magic" So my I got my spray, I did put some at one of my Goddesses , She love's it.
We did walk the entire fair ! every inch that we could see , fun people with funny pets! Dogs where hot! But buckets of water are put in every corner here,just for the doggies! Oh Did I tell you ! their is lots of dog business these days, sunglasses, huts, doors, t-shits ! door mats about the dog! Is a Doggies world! And I love those four legs , little barkers too!!

So food was all over , yes !restaurants of any type for every appetite .My boys got the biggest chocolate chip cookies in the world, their goes their lunch too.It's good to be a kid!!.
I got so inspire from that fair! like I always do! back at my garden ,planting new herbs, tomatoes, and cleaning all those weeds! It is fun to go out and play.have you play today!I hope you do too!!! Blessings .Andrea.

Friday, April 8, 2011

weebly here I come!

These is from my other blog:
"Learning the how to play with my Weebly site, so many things to do. Downloads that I still lost in the connection, I will get there one day !! I just need to keep on these and the things will be done.The computer world never sleeps like us, is always there , the worst thing is ; they keep moving faster them ,what I can do. Kids get it at the moment there mind is so open , is a bum and done for them. I definitely will love to have a memory like that.
I woke up today late ! really really, my guess was my dogs put a spell on me!When I finally open my eyes, "Romeo and Abby "where at my bed totally out! Yeap these two put a sleeping spell on me, was hard to get up, I ask them , if they did something to me? ,Well they just look away ! Ahhaa. These week my kids are in spring break from school so they love to sleep and just hung with friends, lucky kids life is good.
.So today I did miss my yoga class, I would have to make it tonight after work.It suppose to be a storm coming tonight , looks clear right now , but who knows , the weather is tricky , last night we got a shower out of no where, I guess April showers!!! It was beautiful strong , loud on my roof . So I did house work with the beautiful rain, love that sound! I'm still working on my " spring yoga collection". It is looking good, fit for the goddess we all are !! colorful and fun.So I will work on my yoga wear today, and on the jewelry tonight! After the Yoga ! So much to do. Is all fun under the sun! Andrea from Weebly

Please go and click on my store and tell me how I'm doing ? Still is not 100 ready nut is going well!! I put a link" my store" check it out. Comments are so WELCOME!!!

These is my first blog from weebly I wrote today, is fun to have so many things to do. I was looking at different blogs one day and I found these web site!! Free of course at the beginning , so did make one page . mostly is about my art !! The art is what keeps telling me to get up and do what I need to do. I like to keep learning , and is so much to learn when we want to have a website, created by me, that is the best part . I like that !!! Is like I m going to school again. So Hung in there with me sisters of the craft. Thanks for reading my blogs!!

Wednesday, April 6, 2011


"Little Goddess on training wheals" is going to college!! . Yesterday we spend all day at her future campus! In Long Beach!! She will be going there these fall, so the plan was for us to check the housing. The proud Dad , Ashley and I , get up and took the two hours drive from home. IS not far , of course depending on traffic. We did a few tours at the girls dorms , we like the very first one we saw, it has a coffee shop in the main entrance ,a big living room for their social life!! Well these little one is so social that she meet another girl at the tour, by the end of the day when we where back at home, she told us that they will be roommates at college , and they talk about their all future plan on Facebook. She is so cute and social , Ohhhh!!, they grow so fast don't they.
I worry about one of our dogs "Abby" she and Ashley are always together !! We call them " little girls" both are little and they so attach to each other!! I told Abby her and I will cry together next year, and will take long walks to help our self's! Funny how kids and dogs just grow. Not puppies any more.

Today is "Midnight meatloaf" is made as we speak will be done by midnight got four pounds of ground meet!! add my secret spices, yeah right ! ketchup, barbecue sauce, mesquite, a bunch of cilantro to give that Latin kick!!! put it all in a crock pot and will cook in their own juice ,so tomorrow I can just play!
Ashley is gone to Disneyland with our next door friends , for a couple of days , another b-day party!! Our next door is turning 18! all of them will be 18!!! pretty soon. I never have one of those kind of two day b-day party in a Disney resort! lucky kids! Back at my country all it was a happy b-day song and a piece of cake and a " valla con Dios " good bye!! " God may be with you, and hit the road .

So Im home with the boys . We will go and get some fun out in down town! . These days are gray " May gray " is call here, even if is not may yet! not sunny , just misty, witchy! perfect for a day at home with a book and a candle spell.

I was waiting for weeks for these new TV show on Starz is call " Camelot" Oh my Goddess is so cute!And is finally h.ere I'm so far at the second show, so far they only have shown two. Is just like the book, the mist of Avalon, and the scenery will take you to Camelot!!! I'm getting my man hook on the show too. Just watch you will know why?. I told my friend Joe about it he said: I bet there is a witch in the show" Well !!! he know me too well for the last 15 years that we work together... if their is a witch I will be there. So go and find it is on " Demand". You will be just like , waiting for the next one!!!
Until we meet again.

Monday, April 4, 2011

Spring Chicken

Today is Monday, marvelous Monday! is my day off , but here at home is my big day on... cleaning and doing all the laundry for my family. finish reading my book" Pioneer woman" the book is so cute in so many levels reminds me of, in a new land no Mommy to help me, just me and my man, by our self's . The life of so many around the same story.
Is quite simple we think ,at the beginning of the journey ,but them we found out the sweet surprise in life " there is nothing easy" . Get up, get to do, cook, clean up, take care of the baby, cook again, cleanup ,never ending story I will call it.
but all take s care of itself , kids are doing just fine, no big head injury's even if we droop them a few times , or they keep hitting their head on every chair!!.
So today I m doing my favorite spells , cutting herbs from my garden and cooking them,today I got the kitchen full of cookware, and hand fulls of the herbs in my kitchen counter, thyme, rosemary, sage, cilantro, and mint, I'm making my "Spring chicken" I call it the way just for herbs I use, They are from my garden and is spring . I love to get busy at my kitchen the smell in my home, see my kids going crazy when all those meals are on the table.

Is good to be a kitchen witch , from time to time, spells are cooking at the moment .I always got something cooking any way, metaphor in life, spells cook slow at my altars, cooking at the sun, cooking them in my art, cooking then in myself. The much to do in my life it never ends . I m planning to sit and sew today, It doesn't look good it all, is Magnificent Monday and my kids are on there spring break, so not time to sit and sew. So I cook, I take care of their needs, they will only have a week off, we fight for the computer , even if we got like five around here, they all tent to like my old PC, these one that I use for my blog, and I love it , simple because I got all my pictures in it. Yes they all are home, these is the big year for all of us, Ashley will be in college on the fall, leaving her home sweet home, Alex will go to high school, and my baby, my little one, Mama's boy will be going to middle school, Oh boy I'm not ready for my kids to grow up that fast.

Life it goes fast, someone should told me that, well I think my Mom did. But I don't listen when I was young and one of those " I know it all" . but not today , these years I talk less and listen more to my Mom and older friends . I'm still learning, every day is always something new !
The "Spring chicken" is almost ready, got black beans cooking too, rice, of course , no Latina chic, can leave without rice and achiote!!! And my kids favorite, lemonade , fresh lemonade to sip and these hot beautiful days. Today I will dry some of my herbs , the sage is in full bloom, so is the lavender, I love those purple flowers at my kitchen and at my Altars !!! They bring a happy note of " spring is here" That means more spring cleaning to do. The sunny afternoons is what I like to wait for! and sit and forget about what it needs to be done, I need to make so many things at my sewing machine, I like to make pillows cases and put my kids name on then, or the dogs names. Altar cloth with my Goddesses on them, I have big blanket from sister That I need to fix for her! I got a big Honey do for myself .In the time today is so far going well, I still have things to do at my garden, I guess it will be done , tomorrow.

Saturday, April 2, 2011

Goddess and Magick: Pionner woman

Goddess and Magick: Pionner woman

Pionner woman

I'm so crazy in love with my newest book .I m reading " Pioneer woman" From black heels to tractor weals !!!. Is just cute, romantic, sweet! All day at work I m thinking ," can't wait to finish my day to get in Pajamas a read all night long. The adventure is about these chic she is so chic ! that is taking by the hands of love, to become a wife at a ranch!. I just fall in love with her story . I hope you" ll read these book. A friend of mine ( again remember my book publisher chic_) she give it to me long long time ago, I said I will read it one day! I start to read it last week, in between clients , I Will go and read a few pages!and laugh and go and tell some one at home too about these cute couple in the book .She has a blog of course,that is how she start all these going adventure, her blog is so way ahead , like right now her married life. Her book is 15 years ago back when she is dating " Marlboro man". Oh she is so darling !! I have being telling all my clients " Oh my gosh , these book is so cute, you have to read it" . My clients are my beat friends as well , some have being reading my blog and we talk all the time about the " why" I blog .And I will tell them " I blog just because I like to talk all the time, I never stop. Don't you know by now" . Yes life is beautiful and all of us see it so different.
Today , just to mention one case, I had a new client , refer by a friend. Well these lady is telling me how much she loves to make money and work all day until she crash's every day ! , bla bla bla. Them she ask me " what about you ? I said " I just love my life and my family. I want to get up and be happy, work, is a fun thing for me, a creative part in my life ,not a money machine and I like my evenings with family and dinners and candles and books.And TV with my man. WEELLLLL that will stop any conversation with a workaholic !!! So here I said to her" is some wine and chill girl!!! .
Is just me , I love to do my work but I do love my free time, Amen to that !!! I lost a good friend of mine five years ago, she was my mentor in my craft ! She did so much for me, she did so much for every body, before she went to her journey in to her next life.She give me a new assignment, she did , to keep the Goddess alive. I learn a lot from my friend , one thing for sure is " make time for friends" She always make time for all her friends , dinners, lunches , time to talk, time to just sit and do a ritual , cards . She told me " never get so busy in your own head head". I see it ! I see people saying that they are so Busy !! and why ? I ask them why do you think? you are so busy , again , yes is all in our mind. Bad bad ! just think " I have time" I do make time for little things in life. fun things . Any way , back to my first thing on my blog " The pioneer woman and there is where I make time time to read and talk about fun things , these is what she said on her blog .......'I'm the wife of a rugged cowboy. I'm the mother of four spirited children. I have horse poop on my porch. I'm Ree Drummond, also known as The Pioneer Woman. You can read more about my adventures, my cooking, and my photography on my crazy website,
So what these book has to do with magick, absolutely nothing !!!But is just funny and cute, and will take you to the ranch, I'm on my way to my bedroom to check out her hansom " Marlboro man" > Good nite <