Monday, February 28, 2011

Witches Oils !

I have being practicing the craft for a quite a while. Here in town we know most each other! we go to rituals , groups, Sabbaths,readings. I like to know my pagan friends!! We take care of each other, we send energy to heal one another! I like to know that no matter what we are not alone!I have being a shape shifter myself in so many ways!! Wiccans are shapeshifters , we all adjust our self to handle things! We are pro active . The other day talking with friends I ask them what they do when they need help! some one say she goes to the bar!! The other said she stay lock at home!. Well in my case I call the Goddesses around me! I reach for others! And i feel those energy's taking me to a safe place! Shifting my way of thinking! We are doing a book circle now !. is a circle , the books goes around and around! witches books of course!

Reading keeps as clear thinking and keep me always trying for a new recipe or a new oil! there is so much to explore under the Goddess Sun!

One of my favorite things is to give ! When my friends give me help in any matter I will take care of them in any thing they may need! or I will give them some of my personal "witch oil" I make usually at lot, so the way it will last me a list a year.

I make it of course under the full moon! At my garden I get ; suplys and all the things I need a few days before, clean your bottle and herbs ready.

I have these big crystal bottle that is antique and it is where my oil will stay under the moon , after is ready I will pour it into small bottles as gifts and are little helpers for my friends spells! So here are some of my ideas that you can use ;

Witches oil are powerful ,use in small amounts , I have a sensitive nose so I don't use nothing with strong smells like essential oils(from store), the oil base I use is Grape seed oil! is great for our skin and is antioxidant so I will prevent wrinkles too! The is always a good thing so we don't look like an old witch.

Fresh herbs from my garden are the only thing I use , a mix of different sage's and a mix of lavenders, rosemary , lemon balm, mint, and roses too, Ginger is really good to use. I place a crystal inside the bottle , a charge crystal! with the intention of our anointing oil. Is always good to recite a poem for the Goddess , to invoke her ( Choose your Goddess ) I put all my ingredients in there as I sing to her! Them I will place it at my altar for a couple of days, charging and shaking these special bottle.

Give these oils to friends with a candle so they can use it on their spell work. Is always good to tell them to anoint these candle as well with the " Witch oil" . These are perfect presents for , Sabbaths , Birthdays , or any emergency call we may get from a friend.

If you are not allergic to essential oils you can add some drops to help the mind and to make it a little pleasant you can add frankincense ! the smell is great plus is a protective resins. Barks ,ashes, a piece of fabric! things with a meaning to us will make these oil even more powerful . Have fun! Let me know if you have another recipe I will love to try it! Bless those oils and send them to your friends !

And on you know what is that different between a Real witch and a New age , Witches make every potion them self !!! Or a list most of the time! Blessings my friends Andrea.

Wednesday, February 23, 2011

shape-shifter !

Inspiration!!! The Magical word I love!! , I love to be in love!! and that is about any thing in my life!. Love to do!!! And when I'm not not in there ,I look for it! I like to be inspire. Need to be inspire. Is on my blood! Comes from the Goddess line in my family!. When we are creating something is when we are the most ! in a happy space, body, mind ,spirit! Triple Goddess right in there. I search in so many ways my inspiration. I have today a beautiful day full of happy doing! Creating so many good things! My Garden is almost there, the Goddess Garden is where all begin.I still have to continue in there , by day I'm one by night I m some thing else! My art changes it shift to be totally different!
I like to think of I'm a vampire at night! I m a night person, owl , so we are call! And yes my owls are still so busy up there .By day I paint do my work at work, do home work bla bla bla. By night I do Goddess spells, read tarot cards, enchanted the moon, send blessings to my family! read all my favorite witches books and blogs! I always feel it! The night is coming I'm shape shifting .In all that is where my passion kicks and I become what I do best!! Witches work!!! Do I love that !!

Shape shifters are in so many legends !! back when i was a little thing!! I'm still the size ! but any way, our town got haunted by a shape shifter!!! I was no more then 8 or 9 years old!The women who was the shape shifter ! well was never found. But every night I remember to hear my Dad he wold not sleep well for all the noise out there. Do I ever tell you my childhood? I guess not. Well is a long long story!! I grew up in a little town in the middle of no where ! Plain and simple people, nobody was more or less , we all got our food at the table by the same company.Moms will stay home take care of kids, Dad will work at the company. So here is little Andrea, always trying to get in someone's bed , my sister, my brother ,my parents, the dog. Well no wonder, these town was fool of witches!! Yes and Yes!!. I was born there! So many things happen only at night time. So today I always feel it coming , energy's from ancient times , telling us other woman story's. My Mom a good Catholic lady , burned so many candles at night . Holy Jesus, holy Mary , you mention it she got it! The shape-shifter was call "La Mona" for a monkey female name! My dad said you can hear her at night screaming loud! My sister said she hear her crying on our mango tree ! To tell you my truth I never hear her!i was so full of pillows on my head! praying ,Please Please god don;t let me see her!! I was so right there on the window, and you know what was right in front of my window? The cemetery!!!Poor me , scare the hell from my crazy family, Mom praying , Dad keeping a open eye at nights! What a crazy little town.
I found those things crazy!And you probably think , she is just making her story ! no way . La mona , she is the soul of woman, desperate house wife! spirits that hunt those little places .Never I will ever disrespect her spirit , she is a crying woman, and up to today the story still goes around. .

Monday, February 21, 2011

Goddess garden!

Im here waiting for some summer to come! well spring will be first and the Easter bunny! So still I got some time to get ready for warm days. Yesterday I tough I was getting sick, every body is coughing out there! Thank Goddess It was not my case, so happy to be feeling good and artistic! I decide to go out my back yard! and play! I have being at these home for almost 9 yrs! Times go fast when we are having fun! My kids are growing so fast I can't believe it!. Thanks to dogs they always stay the same. My back yard is little, but is perfect! I got an out door Altar! That I use quite at lot!. Smocking things ! is so much easy to just spell work out side and I like to think the energy just goes higher on space and Universe.At nights the are warm and with a full moon I love to stare the night and stars out there! Is quiet and nice to change from the indoors.
So I have to work on my back yard before any ritual and that is the big part with me! I go ALL that way to make things even bigger! Blame my artist inside, so I start yesterday with an idea of finishing some flowers around there, well I got intro painting for the Goddess and I move her these way that way, paint her wall ! did more flowers I even did a portrait of my dog " Romeo" out there, Im not even finish I never finish. I don't like to think something is finish I can always add something more. So I'm going back today to keep painting,I still have another dogie to paint , Miss Abby!! She is ready to look all preaty on the Goddess wall. So her are some pictures , I have to take some more today.
It was a fun day, the bees where out there singing to me and the Goddess! At the end of the day The Goddess got lipstick! She ask for it!, I apologize for never add any color to her, so she got pink lips now! She likes them! I think she is smiling more .
The day is bright and a little cold but art is calling me and so my Goddess!!! Until we meet again!

Wednesday, February 16, 2011

Garden of witches!

I'm my Goddess research and to be an active artist I try to channel my creativity in so many forms. The days that are sunny are my easy way to the Goddess garden! on rainy days like today ! is sometimes a little be hard! All day I try to get there even for a second! Well in good intentions I went to get "new Pruning shears" for my plants ! I tough that will be nice for them. A soft cut and a prayer will make all things grow even better! So I got two new and sharp shears! ready to clip, clip!

Time plays games in my universe! The doing and doing of every day can take ALL day! The rainy days remind me of my childhood! I do love these days ! I know how much will make my garden grow and now all my rose are prune and ready to start fresh again!rain what a beautiful thing , blessings from our Goddess so above so below! water is up and down!
I have my big container out there ready to collect some water spell!water that I will use to clean my Crystals , Goddesses and any special tool that I used! Most be clean up to put away.

I took some time yesterday to check for Garden things! cute and maybe faeries or Gnomes for my son. Nothing!! it is almost spring and they don't have that much selection! Oh well them get candles! never enough things to burn. I got some 'fake spring flowers " so I can wrap around one of my Goddess outside! . Well that was a good idea , but I need more wisterias!! A trip to Michael s can be so much fun when we have an idea! or even if I don't ! the place get me inspire! So now have to get more Wisteria, that is another good reason to go back , and get more things!

Being playful is the only thing that can keep my spirit alive ! detailing my life in the " witchy way", The Faerie way!, The artist way!! And my way or no way!! I like that , so to keep moving and chanting my goddess song's I must created!! If I'm creating I'm in touch with my source , my soul , my spirit.That is my way to communicate with my inner witch!To pray out there to talk ! to Ask and to listen with my mind! And not even listen what my mind said! too. I always feel at " holy place" at my garden , reconnect me to good memories! To Great books that I read! :"Garden spells" ,Secret life of bees" , planting prayers under a rock ! Oh I love that book!I need to find another good just like those! Or Anne Rice with her garden in new Orleans ! Those greens and mysterious trees ! They can make you feel "Lasher" is there! Watching you! waiting to talk to me!.

The Communion in a sacred space is always energy! Here in San Diego we got these amazing place call " Meditation garden" is so beautiful . Is up on a hill the over see the ocean! the view is the most incredible thing! people comes from all over the world and retreat in there to heal their body and soul! The coy fish are so big! the river that runs threw it is so calming! You can find offerings all over the place, is a good refreshing garden! So many prayer are done in there ! that is why all flowers grow so powerful ! to remind us to keep up with our Goddess prayers ! To burn another candle! to just keep blessing all things around us!

So here are some of my pictures from the garden !Will hope you like them! I'm planning to go out there at night and take some more! So maybe we can see things flying around! . Tomorrow we will have some rain! is all good for me , the planet needs it and so do I . And those weeds that I pull all the time will grow overnight too! Blessed be!

Monday, February 14, 2011

Witch Garden!

Is a witch garden sometimes !! or a fairies garden's too, or gnomes 1 they are across from the faeries! That is my garden , little and simple. Today I clean up all the weeds the grew with the rain! Cut the roses down! Clean up every bush or dry plant that didn't look good !
My Son Andrei loves gnomes and I love that fairies so we got the both there! I do all the fun things , today I call every Fairy to come and make a nest at my garden !! I imaging they are now getting ready for spring! blooming all those plants ! faeries work very hard , I have seeing them ! at nights I can sit out there and see so many little tiny things flying around the roses !! I see plants moving, owls singing ! my garden is more alive at night, then during the day! I guess is those little creatures don't like to be seeing by any other then me.

Today my job was to clean up an area so the gnomes can put more bird houses! they are having a party tonight those guys out there! I hope they don't cross to faerie land and mess up the girls flowers!! . I put water fountains again! when is cold and rainy is hard to keep with then so just unplug all my things and let every thing just go to sleep! My home lizard is out from his hibernating! he is out and enjoy the window sun! his name is ET , that it was his name at the store so keep it just because fits him so well ! he is from out of space! so nature is out and I'm out there too.Andrei and his friends are out there too putting more castles for the guys at the garden! they come to check how I'm doing in there!There is a Lego building there too! and fake gold coins!!

The air is warm bees are every where at my blooming flowers! Today i was thinking all about the good things in life , love is on the air, kids are outside playing !UPS trucks where at my neighborhood all day delivering flowers and candy's ! , I always get flowers from my honey !! my husband ! I also got a special package's from Anna from her anniversary give away that I won remember!! I got it today! so I got double presents! Thanks to blogs we can find people just like us any where in these world ! Thanks Anna! The painting is at my sewing area so cute! she will remind me of " I hope you dance" and I will , always dance !! now she will keep an eye on my sewing !!

Was a fabulous day I made valentines pancakes for the boys !! Red coloring and choc chip! and other with blueberries yummm!!!, my friend Jesse came these afternoon, to give me some chocolates flowers that she made !! And i feed her some love pancakes! She said is always food at my house ! I love to feed all my visitors! and even if we are skinny we like to eat!!The day was just so beautiful !! Blessed by our Goddess and Faeries and gnomes!

Sunday, February 13, 2011

Red is for love!

Valentines is almost here! Some year I go crazy to make it so much fun for my kids!! I think is mostly the young and little ones who love these day! My kids do boxes at school and decorated fancy so they can put their candy in there, my Daughter now in high school , said they don't make little boxes at her school !! and that makes her sad! . Poor girl!! Making yummy things is so much fun and is a way to honor our little persona in us.

Ritual of bathing our self in red roses! roses that where giving by our Honey! that is all fun , petals, food , water, candles, and candy, be a kid for day and make something meaningful for our love !!So that is why we are what we are! all women are witches!! We all are and I want to share the fancy spell for Valentines day !


1 tablespoon of fresh rosemary flowers

5 tablespoons fresh red roses

1 good bottle good quality red wine,

Poor wine in a glass bowl, stir it and visualize your love and passion and good intentions !!!place it on a window where the sun can warm it and brew it!! strain the potion .You can place back on the bottle or in another fancy bottle. Before pouring warm the goblets by filling them with hot water,you can use you Goddess Vessel and be a little dramatic! have fun creating these witches brew! and never under estimate your powers!Blessed be!

Saturday, February 12, 2011

Kindred Spirits!!!

When I need help I call friends! Last week I got so a wear feeling that it was just eating me up. I call one of most dearest friends so he can just listen to me. I try not to complain as we have being told but it was time to vent!We meet for a nice lunch , and talk and talk for a good time, to find out why I was so " Angry" I have being not just angry but boiling water! . I don't like that feeling it all, and wear things have being around me! , those things !!! My spirits are giving hints hints!!! Being a witch I have energy's that if I get mad something is going to happen! And it does ,I got home the other day so mad about something else in my studio that I just went to clean the house to burn up the feeling!!! I think my spirits said" Wake up girllllll" A Big BIG candle felt down and hit me HARD on my head! I was blank for a few seconds .Didn't know what has just hit me! My formal dinning room is my temple, looks like it and works like my temple! One of the pillar had a huge candle and hit me so hard that thing bounce of the floor them hit some glass beads flower bowl, the noise that blind hit, i just cry ! it was hard enough to, bring me down !!!

But the thing did it I woke up ! I was up and again feeling much better !! sounds crazy but it did a good thing!!! I have being some one else for a while at work not show to the new owner my Witch side! And I have so feeling flat ! not fun not being me!!!

So I'm back . The thing start a few days ago when they set up an altar for a spirit!! They didn't like these spirit!! so they where going to calm him out and tell him to go away!!

That is one of friends I told them ,His name is Angelo and he is a good Angel good spirit !!! And he is one of my helpers ! So here is that thing that is not a Spirit is my assistant!!! So that is the message !! He is that one yearling at me!!!

I sold a Business that was all !! I didn't sell my helpers !! And now they are not welcome there!! HELL no!! I talk to my husband and told him all about Angelo's spirit! He say I don't know much but you do what you always do!!! So I'm going to call his spirit !! And them take him to my home!!! Some one told me that spirits like nice plants and they go and make a place for them in their !! so I'm planning to take a plant for him and chant him to come and stay with me forever!! . I always will take care of him!!! I will them take that plant home and welcome him !!! So all my dear friends out there !Need help !! If you know of any other spell work or ritual please let me know !And so now I'm just mad at myself for I was thinking that these girl was going to like my Spirits!!! I guess some spirits are just for us , our guardians!! I will kick ass on these !! I know , I'm a witch and I got Angelo with me!!I will kick my hells twice and do what I need to do!!!

Wednesday, February 9, 2011

La isla !

I was 6 years old when my Dad bought a part of land in an Island!. Every weekend we went there. Life was hard for my parents so they got the Island to feed their kids, so that it is the beginning of many years of hard work. Every thing we eat come from our little farm, plantains , yucca, lemon,green beans, eggplants, and of course our daily rice was from there! I witness the things that take to make something grow. My brother was the oldest and the only man , then me and my sister , we where the grew of my Dad's farm and my loving Mom. I was the baby! so and kind of wimpy, and that keep me of the field! the rice plantation was the worst! if you walk by the grass ,it can cut your skin pretty good! So no thanks. But not every thing was work ,of course we play and learn lots of things , their was no electricity and no TV so will spend time outside, watching the night and talking about all kinds of things! And scary things too, and imaging that ! I learn so much about witches! no wonder I m here as one!. My Grandma come over one weekend with us to the Island and told us so many story's about her childhood, those where even harder years for sure. The weekend she came , all the kids me and cousins galore! got so freak out,she talk all about hunting women that could shape shift and follow their man wherever they go. I swear that night we all can hear those things out there in the night. Rumbling sounds, dry leafs , lizard's running, owls calling out!! My Dad always said to listen to nature!! hell that is how we all got in so much trouble and we couldn't sleep for days!! for listening to all those screaming things out there!!
The Island got her energy , peaceful, quiet, listening what you say, the place got eyes and ears!! Magical, so magical, i got still so much memory's about , I can write books about all those days and nights!! The peolpe from there where just the most simple people,they didn't have much and they didn't care if they didn't . These where kind of native peolpe, they smoke and plant their own tobacco make their own Moon shine!! ,my Dad told us that these people was the laziest ever on the planet! We didn't care of any of that , my sister and I learn so much with those kids around,we hunt for any thing that was edible, from sea from land, learn to eat out there from every plants! even one day they where making soap!!These family where the keepers of my dads land!! So we will stay all weekend and they will share their life's with us! that was so much fun, I new all my Dad and Mom life's but these ones where new and different then us, they believe on the little people!!! They just didn't just believe they respect them !!!, they got scars done by those little people" Duendes" is that Spanish name !! pitufos or smurfs, gnomes, all those were in the same family.The Mom of those kids in our Island didn't have feet . Why? the little people was trying to take her away! , Carmen was her name! Miss Carmela, we used to call her ,nice lady , totally native Indian, chorotega tribe! . With her braids done every morning and drinking coffe and smoking like a chimmey!! that is waht I remenber of her!!
Carmen's legs got burned when she was just a baby, like most native Indian they use to put a fire on the center of their ranch!! she said the little people took baby's away from their parents .Creepy!!! So when she was abut two weeks old ! her parents found her burning her little tiny feet on their fire! no one ever new how? just new born could roll or move several feet away to get intro the fire! The Indians believe the her guardians came and liberate her from them, so she was safe . Carmen was really sick, they call witch doctors to help her , a few from other towns came too, nobody could help her ,they all try their herbs and medicines !Little baby Carmela was going to die! so they call all their tribe , and they got the funeral ready to go that night!the Tribe , the healers all of them pray for her soul that night all night they pray and drink! , she didn't die the night or the next one or the next one! She survive and her burn scares got heal! all done by her healers or witch doctor!! Carmen got to be an old lady!! And a grand ma too, she told us how to respect the earth to bless it every day !! She will cook in her wood fire just like her people did, even if she didn't have to ,she did!! It was her respect, her roots, the spirits the took care of her !!Carmen was so good telling us about her life and describing those days. she told us the little people have their feet opposite of us, she said she still see things on her dreams!We have it going front, theirs is kind of back ! The Island got so many secrets, some I never forget , some still are secrets there! I haven't being there for a few years now maybe some 20 years , is all jungle up with mangrove ! I will talk some more of her magic another night! Blessed be my little Island Call" Isla Damas" To me my Avalon! !

Here some adds from Wikipedia so you can see !!!
;Isla Damas, or Damas Island, is a small (6 km²) island in Costa Rica in the vicinity of Quepos. It is particularly noted for its estuaries lined with mangroves. Fauna on the island include white-faced monkeys, sloths, green iguanas, crocodiles, spectacled caimans, boas, crab-eating raccoons and silky anteaters, as well as crabs and numerous bird species. Boat and kayak tours through the island's estuaries are popular excursions with tourists staying in the Quepos and Manuel Antonio and occsionally Jaco areas.

Tuesday, February 8, 2011


Today I'm in a mood of changes!! so if you see my blog going crazy!! Don't you worry is not your eyes ! is me doing " Practical Magic" Blessed be!! Magic wand is working!!

Monday, February 7, 2011

Witch Garden!

So is summer yet? I hope so!! today here in San Diego feels like if Sunny summer is here! And I like that ! it feels like is a faerie day! Do they have a special day? The poor things , they need their holiday too. I would like that if i was one of them. And I'm here looking these warm day we are having , it hit the 90's man !! the is a treat, don't worry it won't last , it will be back to be cold 50's again. And today I can feel s all those buzzing sounds at my garden!!, I read the book call' the probably future"by Alice Hoffman a while ago, and it just so peaceful to have a garden, and the best ones are those witches garden's! . She said in her book so many cute things about garden's. she said that we most have red geraniums for protection! and lost of bees buzzing around, here today their is a party going on at mine!!Buzz buzz I bet miss Alice has the most beautiful garden, and witchy too!! My is really witchy !! so witchy that my next door neighbor, built a few years ago a TALL wall between us!! Haha funny I didn't mind it all, she didn't ask to go half and half with money, like some neighbor's do, and the best part is my garden looks even better with that wall!!."The Goddess garden" is also a faerie garden , my son is in charge of Faeries and gnomes! that is so cute, of course I have to clean those weeds , but look how beautiful my front garden grows !!!! The Goddess in welcoming and guarding us all at the same time!

In these beautiful day all I can think is ; Gardening, faeries,more decor in my garden and more herbs . More magic ,more herbs to cut under the full moon,and the sage the is growing so tall will be ready to bloom in a few weeks too.I like to burn sage like a good little witch but I use in my insomnia mix , these is my own version , so if doesn't work for you , blame your own witch powers!


Get the cutest bottle ever for these!! or an vintage one , it will work best!!

Under the Full moon, midnight!! that is my perfect time too.

Cut your following herbs, with a clean cut and give thanks to the spirit of the plant for giving leafs to you!! SAGE, ROSEMARY, RUE, LAVENDER, MINT,a GERANIUM leaf,( red) ,ROSE PETALS!!
Once you cut all you herbs in a cute little witches basket!!! Wearing black!!

take them and place inside the Vintage bottle, cover the herbs with, Alcohol, or if you want to get fancy get some " Grey Goose', Just remember the is for external use only!!!
My bottle even got a skull print on the outside! just in case some one decide to try it!
Place all your ingredients!! bless your bottle! Keep it on your altar for seven nights and seven days, shake it every night.the longer you leave it there the better it gets , a month will be perfect!! from one full moon to the next!! Voila !!! Bum!!! your potion is ready, I use on my kids growing pains ,works like a charm!! I use it on my sore body after my crazy yoga, and the best remedy for insomnia!! put it on your neck, feels cold and good and it wont stain your bed or pajamas.You will sleep like in a spell!!! Any questions??? OK just go and get your witches supply's and the best of all is the fun ritual when we are out there in the middle of the night, and your neighbor is watching from behind the curtain!! I like to sing to the Goddess as I walk around !! Recipe from... The witch Garden!!! Blessed be!! Have a great spell day!!

Sunday, February 6, 2011


Ok today is just not an ordinary Sunday > It is a an amusing Sunday!! Yes those little Muses out there are so busy with their art and having fun!! frosted Petunias Miss AnnaBella. Has these month her give away art, it is call " I hope your dance" . Is a girl holding a balloon on a windy day!! And just I love windy days!!! , they are my favorites . So Today after I got home from Hot yoga class , I went to read my favorite blogs , And I read that today is the DAY!!! so I went to see who was the lucky winner, and guess what? It is ME !!! So happy Sunday, I hope we all dance today I know I will!!! Thanks Anna, your blog is so cute!! Always fun to check others, so please my friends go and visit Anna at Frosted Petunias. Blessed be !

Friday, February 4, 2011

Watching the Wheels with Lyrics and Pictures

Talking today with a good friend , and noticing our lives!! how much we change ! Change is daily whether we like it or not ,here it comes!.can't not be stop or tell the time! come back later! so many things have being writing about " time" . It never stops ! keeps coming and coming , even if we are running late. So my friend was singing a song about that! So I m today looking for it of course in youtuve!! Thank Goddess we got so much help on line these days! just tough it will be perfect! When people ask me what is new with me and I said " nothing" !! They look at me like if I'm from out space. The true part is I was always in some kind of drama alllll the time. And I got tired of all that, so the is when I went " SOLO' no more witches meetings , no more coven, it was interesting at the time, but it was lots of others energy's too. And it got to the point the I need to take a decision and I did. The Goddess give me her help and I jump! so when they ask me about them ; I tell " I don't know where they are". Sure is quiet around here! some days I miss them , some days not . My life is calm because I choose that! So right now I'm on a mental vacation! taking my time to see where is important to put my energy.So here is the song that spoke to me , so perfect for where I m, today...John Lennon and his song; Watching the wheels... going around. Maybe one day I will figure out every thing , but by them I will be what 80. So I got plenty of time to just be a solo practitioner!! But I'm not the solo any more, I found my new witches here in all your guys blogs!! Bless you all for your ideas and good writings !!

Wednesday, February 2, 2011


Happy Imbolc my dear friends! today is our Goddess Brigid's day! . Today is a beautiful day, cold for us is 50sih , sunny and lovely for a walk, so me and my two assistants" Romeo and Abby" went for a walk. On our way we cross with so many little caterpillars, they where so busy , busy, going somewhere in a rush all of them ! their little feet were so fast going ,going.We are so bless to have our canyon here. So we did a different routine these day in honor of Imbolc! We start at another end, so kind of backwards but moving forward! Is just a way to not get in the same circle of doing the same thing all the time. In our canyon there different energy's, some are just spirits, ancestors who are keeping an eye on the Forrest, they say the Forrest got eyes, well here they got forms too, body's ,hands and bushy hair too, some trees even seam to have legs.Some others parts in the park have energy of the Goddess around the water, and there is Faerie energy as well , and today we went to fairy land !! .The dogs get so excited sniffing all around, smells like rabbits and squirrels they said !! Sniff sniff some more. The wind today is different is coming from all four corners! So we went to the water, to say hello to the Faeries that have a house their!!. So we say " Hello" the wind blows!, " hi faeries" more wind!!, Romeos ears are up!! he gets a little scare! poor little boy , I told him don't be afraid of the fairies, they are our helpers!! The water is still running good from all the rain we have these last month. Their is lots of trees at the canyon , one of those in particular is leaning to the water! looks like some one has being on the tree for a while, just resting there, listening to who may come! I get chills, is really a spot that got energy! I bless the earth ! I call the faeries to bless us today on Imbolc! There is someone walking on the leafs , you can hear it ! but no one is there, " Blessing to the Earth, the Goddess has given these land so we can take care of her and she will take care of us!! More wind!! Doggies are listening, Abby wants to get closer to the water! I know she is not happy with the wind! My hair is all over my face ,is hard to see! More leafs moving! no one is there! just my dogs and I, and all these sacred ground, an touch , just nature grows and take care of itself! The Goddess makes every thing grow in the there. The trails are still clean , even if winter is still here, some times the weeds close every thing. I'm ready to get back, so we say " Thanks " to the trees ,thanks to the water, the faeries! the wind! , is peaceful now , no more noises, I say good bye to the tree that is looking at me, is the forest! , so me and my little companions said " Goddess we will meet you at home" .So we are back and will do more rituals at home , i will add more food at my altar, burn some candles and put some crystals around. Is good to be witch and to noticed every thing ,our practice is as daily ,like the air we take, as the food we eat!Is our seasons reconnecting us with our goddess , is our body receiving her blessings opening to give and receive her on these day of hers!So, let us honor the Great Mother, the Queen of Heaven. May we be open to her many gifts of inspiration in this season of renewal. ! Have a beautiful Brigid's day" .