Tuesday, November 23, 2010

Free ornaments!!!

These year maybe is me or is the entire world But is Christmas here or what!!? Maybe is the comforting and happy energy that these season brings to the entire world.Maybe is the thing that makes people forget the unhappy economy? Maybe ,maybe, I have quick trip to visit my family in Costa Rica,Is a short trip ,but is good enough for me,so I'm getting things ready for them and going from store to store.Parking lots are full, stores are pack,I don't remember seeing these madness so early in the season. And of course the music ! they are playing all those Christmas carols that makes us thing," Did I miss the Thanksgiving" . They are jumping from one day to another holiday. So I think by the time the real day is here we will be so tire of all the music and peolpe around pushing carts and waiting to check out.
I start my decorating yesterday, and happy to feel the cold weather ,so Make soup ,and got some items out of the box. Yes it feels like Christmas ,I love these days ,dark and all I want to do is stay home drink tea and coffee have cookies and sit at my sewing machine . That is my favorite music when I at home. The constant tac tac ,send' s me back when was my mom at her sewing table and me under the pedal.
I'm making lots of things these days,the regular thing my friends buy from me ( fashion wear) Designs by " Goddess Andrea" and there I come to explore more just for the state of mind to keep my kids warm. So yesterday was "pajama day" ,I made PJ's for all my kids .My kids love homemade things just like me. When you grow in a home with a sewing machine is really a blessing all the things that come from there. Bless my Mama from being my teacher in the aspect . She is a great seamstress and now almost haft blind ,but still is her only happy moment to sit there and sew a little bag or any little thing for the grand kids.
Im still planing to make some ornaments for my tree. I got some that I have made over the year's and them we don't like them any more,but I still keep them. So I got so much done and happy with my self to see my little ones not so little any more ,wearing their Mama creation.
It was a very productive day, and it feels good when we fix what we need in our souls too.
stitches fix our soul too that is how I see it. These week I will put my old fake tree and will take a week to get it the way I like it. But is a start ,and will enjoy all my journey's on these Holidays!!!
And I will love to give back to all of you too some little gift .I got 10 home made ornaments !!! Yes 10 so hurry up. Give my your name and I will be happy to send them your way before our Yule holiday!!!!( one per person)Blessed be " home made best made" .Andrea


  1. Oh, I would love a free ornament!!! Send me an email and I'll send you my address!

  2. oops, I got so excited about the ornaments, I didn't really comment - I love your enthusiasm for the season, and yes, it is a blessing to have a sewing machine. I used to make clothes and costumes and curtains, etc., when my kids were little. I dont' have a machine now, but I'm thinking of getting one.

  3. I love Costa Rica, so gorgeous, one of the best "green" vacay places ever!! I would love a free ornament also. i'm waiting til after thanksgiving just barely to put up my tree, and decorate, i have all the stuff out waiting. now i'm going to write up my cards. If you would like one, send me your addie in the email and I will send it out!!

  4. Aine I knew you will be here ,Thank you for checking my blog,these was a test and I decide not to tell my friends from face-book!thank you I will email you.

    Aisha Im glad you love it too,and yes I will love a card, is so nice to find new friends on our blogs.I will send emails today.Blessings .

  5. Congratulations!! You are the new "Witch of the Week!" Visit my blog and take a look!

  6. Oh, I'm so glad I found your blog from "Aine" over at the Deepest Well! I would love one of your ornaments, please if you still have any left. Thank you for your generosity :)

  7. Thanks Girls!!! Wendy ,send me your address on a email. I'm so glad you can get your ornament.