Tuesday, April 17, 2012

We are off to see Wizard

I have being busy busy, no time to blog , or tell things, so things better keep inside, some better let them out!!
Like flying monkey!!! And we tell them " Run bitch run" . I love my flying monkeys I have about a dozen, they do the job pretty good, efficient and all clean and neat, Do you have your flying monkeys with you? If not , girl!!! Get them out, training them well may take some time, but is worth it.
Sorry my lovely's I have being, so out of these blog. Well the thing is work is going and magick keeps me busy, is all good . I enjoy my work and as a full time witch work never sleeps. Im studying a lot , using my work to grow and to help others. Mercury is done his work , thanks goddess is over. There is no place like home after the crazy storm !!! So Blessings to all of you, get your MONKEYS well train girl, is like money in the bank!!!

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