Monday, November 29, 2010

Fly me to the moon!!

Lets fly away ,lets fly ,lets fly!! Frank Sinatra songs,they are so inspiring for any woman in love or a Witch! ,So listening to him ,I can do so much, Today has being such busy busy day, yoga, art, call people, get back to my tree, oh! go to the post office; mail things:) ,busy but productive. I m working on so many things right now.Those little things that make our life so beautiful. My very old Christmas tree is up and glowing, the things I remember putting the lights up there, friends from the past that are gone in another place , new friends. My kids one year got the flu so bad the nothing will make them smile,not even the presents that where waiting under these tree, I was these year thinking to get a new fancy one since I said I was tired to hang lights around .And get one with the lights already in there and all the blink blink ready, like opening an umbrella Voila there is the tree!! .Went to so many stores to see the display of different trees, I din;t like any.So I m here with my good and faithful Christmas tree.Did all the lights and sing some songs ,kids helping !! These is my tree !! how can I ever get rid of these "Beautiful tree", Lights are glowing blink blink,not ready completely ,so far it has one ornament,Uno nada mas, so far .But is the most important one, is the one to open these season. Years ago at one of my art classes that I sign up for, my art instructor give me these ornament. He being a wizard ,loves witches of course!!. Yes the same ornament from the picture, Imaging that I was the only wish at our entire class. Facts are facts I m always the only witch wherever I go ,except at our witches meetings of course. Where are those little witches !! Hanging on a Christmas tree!! Merry winter days my friends !! Let the Goddess of the snow bring some to you!! These is just the beginning of our 'Yule" and winter days. I will be sewing, painting,dancing doing yoga and rituals too!! and challenging my to make these month the best to finish these year.Blessed be !!Andrea.

Saturday, November 27, 2010

Spell me !!Please ...

The day are getting so short now,is 5;30 and is already night here in California.I'm so cold but I ma enjoying the weather!! The holiday will be here so soon. I have being busy in so many levels, My practice of magick is daily,my work to pay my bills( Doing Hair) . And doing my art of course (finishing the ornaments).
All is at same time is one thing ,yes is all part of me in my world, my vision and my reality.
Aine on her Blog talk about spell work.We can go for days and talk about these special subject. Being a "Practical witch" we need to practice these ,is part of who we are is the" Witch way".

Witch way!! ,yes !,is our way or no way right that is how I use to thing at the beginning of my journey,until years of hitting the same rock on the same toe ,and all the pain I got for not paying attention! .Fanny how hard we have to get to ourselves, sometimes to really get it
But is part of all the unfolding proses.
Spells ,Some people always ask me ,: if somebody do some thing to you, how do you react?,do you put a spell on them ? or a curse. Them I have to tell them about the " Do not harm none" .And them some will say " Oh if I will be a witch man!! they will get it" . I like to teach people spells of love. They work so good for any body and that will keep them so busy enjoying the good things and no time to do harm to any one.
I got a story: A few years ago I have a great friend at work, we have kids the same age did the same things together, until one day she marry a guy from a Online site that she meet , and she was crazy about him, so fast the I could believe it. Well we didn't get alone anymore, I didn't like her new Man and the things around her life where just not good. Well we finish our friendship in not a good way.(She did) , So OK the terrible part was the "Harm" she wants to create for me. So I Send her so much love and happiness from her husband, I send her lots of success ,that way she will forget about me and stop giving me troubles and get busy in her own life . So it did the spell work ,she was gone ,out of my life and happy. From time to time I will get some news from her from a common friend and will tell me how well she was doing. I was happy for her and for me.
Now after so many years I just hear she is back single and was asking " how I was doing" to a friend, she send me her love. That is the best spell I have done !.Blessed them and let them go.

So I keep practicing my craft ,like a good witch,some times I don't need to do any spell ,so I call my friends and check on them,their is always some one in need of o good "witch".
So I would love to hear from your spell works. How you did ,did you have fun and most important, did make someone happy? Blessed be my friends!. And If you( you know who) forget to send me you address your ornament is ready!

Wednesday, November 24, 2010

Being a witch!

Thanks Aine for my new" witch of the week" .I will be asking all my new friends for your ornaments. Just become a "follower" so I can have your name and blog connected to my ,them send me a email at There will be in my contacts and send your address ( secret) .I still got a few left, tell a friend to tell a friend,grab your broom and lets move some magic. I m planning to keep doing something fun again in the next months .
Is always nice to have little sisters visiting and please park your broom under that tree!! keep the pointy shoes on, we will have some hot cider and some goodies!!.

The weather is perfect to do a spell!! Cold cloudy ,love it .I probably will sew some more ,you can not believe how cute the ornaments are looking. I have to hurry up and send them these week.Blessed be .

Tuesday, November 23, 2010

Free ornaments!!!

These year maybe is me or is the entire world But is Christmas here or what!!? Maybe is the comforting and happy energy that these season brings to the entire world.Maybe is the thing that makes people forget the unhappy economy? Maybe ,maybe, I have quick trip to visit my family in Costa Rica,Is a short trip ,but is good enough for me,so I'm getting things ready for them and going from store to store.Parking lots are full, stores are pack,I don't remember seeing these madness so early in the season. And of course the music ! they are playing all those Christmas carols that makes us thing," Did I miss the Thanksgiving" . They are jumping from one day to another holiday. So I think by the time the real day is here we will be so tire of all the music and peolpe around pushing carts and waiting to check out.
I start my decorating yesterday, and happy to feel the cold weather ,so Make soup ,and got some items out of the box. Yes it feels like Christmas ,I love these days ,dark and all I want to do is stay home drink tea and coffee have cookies and sit at my sewing machine . That is my favorite music when I at home. The constant tac tac ,send' s me back when was my mom at her sewing table and me under the pedal.
I'm making lots of things these days,the regular thing my friends buy from me ( fashion wear) Designs by " Goddess Andrea" and there I come to explore more just for the state of mind to keep my kids warm. So yesterday was "pajama day" ,I made PJ's for all my kids .My kids love homemade things just like me. When you grow in a home with a sewing machine is really a blessing all the things that come from there. Bless my Mama from being my teacher in the aspect . She is a great seamstress and now almost haft blind ,but still is her only happy moment to sit there and sew a little bag or any little thing for the grand kids.
Im still planing to make some ornaments for my tree. I got some that I have made over the year's and them we don't like them any more,but I still keep them. So I got so much done and happy with my self to see my little ones not so little any more ,wearing their Mama creation.
It was a very productive day, and it feels good when we fix what we need in our souls too.
stitches fix our soul too that is how I see it. These week I will put my old fake tree and will take a week to get it the way I like it. But is a start ,and will enjoy all my journey's on these Holidays!!!
And I will love to give back to all of you too some little gift .I got 10 home made ornaments !!! Yes 10 so hurry up. Give my your name and I will be happy to send them your way before our Yule holiday!!!!( one per person)Blessed be " home made best made" .Andrea

Friday, November 19, 2010

Yule abundance spell's

I got a book last year ,not a good one, but it Tell's me about what moon sign we are. So today we are with a Taurus moon. That is good for me being a Taurus .But also is good for all of us it bring grounding!! and good roots,like a good Taurus you most always communicate with our mother Gaea. All the nurturing she does for all of us ,rain, food that grows in our land or gardens,flowers ,rivers, so much we will never end! Yule time is coming before we know is on top of us .Honor mother Gaia ,feel her breeze, hug a tree ,and lets take a walk on a cold day. I can' wait to decorate my house and my Tree!!. I love Faeries ( ???) like crazy! so last year my house on yule was all about them on the tree ,stairs, garden!! So I went these week to find more Faeries ornaments!!! I found some more,I was o happy that I can't wait for not even the next month,so I already put them out on my chandelier .They are so happy up there.I told my son"Andrei" Honey look they are flying ,he say " NOTTT" . Kids ! They forget Mom is still a kid.
So at the book I got the wonderful spell for Yule. Get some Holly leafs, one for each member of the family ,and a gold pen, write each person's name on the leaf with the golden pen .Thread a needle with a red string. Thread one by one of the leafs with the red string. When all the leafs are in the red thread.Say" May we be bound with love and good wishes,and prosper in the new year!! so blessed be! hang it on a tree in or out.Those blessings are the knot in every home.Now I got projects to make for these holidays, more to make. I want; home made ornaments, fill with love and passion for my life, my kids home ,and my friends! Peace and love is already the new season!!! Blessed be my friends. Hang your faeries and prayers on your tree!!

Wednesday, November 17, 2010


Altars !!That is my favorite thing!! I feel like a dog! a walk in the park my favorite thing, back rub! my favorite thing, Altar cloth my favorite thing . Well Altars have so much from us in there ,is like our home made soup.We blend all those magical ingredients and no matter what it comes out, is what we need. I start back with embroidery over 10 year ago creating and reclaiming my creativity and spirituality.The best form for me is the fabrics!! Being an Embroidery artist that was so perfect for me. Fabric is such spiritual form,the collecting them, creating and transforming a piece of cloth in to a" holy altar cloth" . So before I new I got some clients where asking me for them ,to see it touch them,them Christmas came , and all of them want one, and that was my first sale!!! I sold spiritual cloths . Some of my clients ask for Goddesses like mine, some will say do you have Buddha, so I make some with Buddha, some Egyptians or Asian , Some got different symbols,pagans ,Jews, or even Christians. Others for different petition, marriage blessings, divorces, health, business abundance!!! I made it all. So I want to share some with all of you. I still make them ,any size any form any prayer. What ever we need I can transform it with fabric ,stitches and prayers!! .
But here is a story for you about my art: We got a " witches store" here in town , took me like a year to get a meeting with their owner (not a pagan) funny haha, so he order some, I was so happy to finally be in my favorite witches store!! " Lady of the lake" . So after the purchase was done I stop to see my art hanging or maybe on a altar!! No they where not any where ;SO ask the employee" what is going on ? He said the owner didn't want to put them as "Altar cloth" ?? OK not my business but, yes is my magic in there,and being at show. So finally they sold them all ,with my signature and all that blink blink!!. I don't sell him any more my art ,If he don't understand how spiritual these is for us he can keep going with made in china prints on fabric. So here is one for you my friends , These Buddha is now in some one!! special home receiving candles ,incense and blessing their home every day.Ask me if you would like one too for yule or any other pagan celebration!! Blessed be. Andrea.

Thursday, November 11, 2010

Witches Garden!

I read in a book some thing like you know you are a witch when..." A different rose " grow in your garden and you didn't plant it or if red geraniums grow wild... Well I can name a lot of things that grow out in my garden and I didn't plant it!!So let start these new thing "What is you and your garden growing" .
Yesterday I was waiting for a friend of mine, outside at my little front garden, and the first thing I notice was a lot of mint!! ,Mint is growing every where. Last year my sister gave a plant of mint so " I know" I put it in a container because, the plant is a runner .She runs every where. But No!!( Mint) she decided to explode seeds!!All over, and send them to my garden, so , Last year I took the plant out ,all of them and dry it in little bunches to make tea and facials and bath staff, so guess what>> she is back and is telling " Mama I'm growing here and I m not going away" . So any one needs some mint!! Let me know! Then was the Thyme ! My oh my ,she is persistent little plant. Taste really good on beans and meats .Any one needs some thyme? Let me know. So the wild roses came one day, I know !! they have deep roots and are hard to pull so I call my Honey and ask for help. "what plant he ask? The Rose; I said . " why " he ask, I told him that" she was an invited guest ". Husband said " them let her grow,she likes it here" . So she is still here and is extending her roots. Remember in Practical Magic those roses that just grow overnight ,we got them too.And no I didn't kill anybody ,no that I know.
So have you ever walk in your garden and see a plant that you didn't plant?. I always blame the Owls or other birds! they eat they poop !! I get it!!
My Garden is little but is full of live! A lizard lives there and the other day she change her outfit to a new size!! I guess she is getting bigger,needs bigger skin!So she left me the old skin right in between my roses, nice ,so I hang her skin out in front of the house and I called it a " Protection charm".
So what is in your garden?
And the princess at the flower patch! is Abby !! Little and cute. My Dogs love mom's garden too. Blessings from my garden to yours!!Let it grow.

Wednesday, November 10, 2010

Goddess and Magick: The Gypsys are in town!!

Goddess and Magick: The Gypsys are in town!!: "Yesterday I took my son Andrei and his friend to a Renaissance fair. We always want to go, but we miss it always because is around Hallowe..."

Monday, November 8, 2010

The Gypsys are in town!!

Yesterday I took my son Andrei and his friend to a Renaissance fair. We always want to go, but we miss it always because is around Halloween. So these year we plan it and go!! The last day was Sunday!!So we got ready!! Dress-up yuhuuuu!!! here we go again " another" Halloween day" with costumes and a bag of cash ready to buy something we didn't need. So we park under those ancient trees full of moss ,the air was sweet and fresh from those rains before. Just when we got out the car we see all these people with clothes back from my great great gram ma day's . Andrei didn't put his costume at home ,he was waiting to see if I was the only crazy lady dress-up! Wrong !! Faeries, friars, wizards, Ice queen's ,peasants, pirates,and who knows what they are where there! .Of course he put on his costume right away!! . Pay to get in ,you can hear music all aver the camp! yes that is was the right word " camp" They got hundreds of tents with things to buy, old world shirts ,skirts, booby push-ups.Never sow so many women with there breast out! You know they sell all those corsets!! and every girl with big chest got one! Scary!I told the kids just don't look, they didn't care ,the where in a hunt for pirates toys and daggers and things the hurt! .So we first stop to see a Theater and be part of the good all day telling story's. That was fun,the jester man and his jester dog run the show as easy can be,I guess he has done show for a list haft of his life.Kids are part of the show ,parents help and cheer the play, that was really good experience for my little ones the learn how was in all those years watch and listen sitting on a stack of hay.
After the show it was time to shop ,kids favorite part ,went to every tent, touch every poppet and toy, dog's costumes, flags around,little girls with magic wands! We walk every corner of the fair, them we found the Gypsy site! with sign about 'Beware of the gypsy ,kids welcome' They have palm readers ,cards readers, gypsy wagon's .I think I even see Anna(Frosted Petunias) in there!! I wold love to have a gypsy cart for my house in Halloween. Of course the kids want to go every where .But I told them no we don't need readings " Mom can do it"" So keep walking ,got to see so many camps out the! The Irish , Vikings, Queen Elisabeth was there with her king. I ask was going there, all these tents and people sleeping in there, and believe me they are really leaving AP to the 1500's no showers, the park has restrooms thank Goddess! So I hear they are there for a week twice a year all of them come and park there staff and the fair is on!! .I have to first get pictures out of my phone to put them here! ,we got a picture of the kids and Merlin ,we visit his Grotto!! Cute and enchanting of course that was our favorite one!! Member's only!! Hey A little wizard and witch !! we can get in any where! .Man out there still are doing sword fighting and old games with stones to trow around! My Kids have a magickal day full of imagination and toy to get!. Definitely it was our first one ! and we will go again Next year ,When the gypsy's are in town!!

Saturday, November 6, 2010


Today we are having some Magickal whether, It was sunny in the morning feeling good then about 1pm some dark clouds just show up and stay there all day!. I love clouds and mystical rains.And you know, people in California with one day of rain , mist or clouds they all freak out and call it a bad day! But I just think is the perfect time for spell's ,and blessings. To connect with my beautiful Goddess and burn some nice candles and incense !. Well today it didn't rain but the energy was so perfect, cools off people and calm those crazy ones out there! I have a big window at work and I can see the effect the whether creates on people, sometimes too hot makes them cranky ,too cold they get scare like a trap mouse .And if it is just right ,they get out there cages and smile and talk to strangers!! Get a pedicure or just a walk out in the park! It is a Bliss!! and I love to see the wind-Magick! Just like Mary Poppins ,she came on a windy day because wind it is the source for " things are going to change".So today I decide is time to get warm!no just with a sweater, but internal with good toughs! warmly feelings for all my friends and family,my sister have being sick for the last couple days and kind of tired from not getting the house that she was trying to buy. So I told her That I will give her Ganesha !!,because she is that one that remove obstacles .And she did so much for me. So I give her my perpetual faithful Ganesha, she did at lot of obstacle removing for me in the past and even today. I learn to get out of my own way!!Big lesson for me. So back to the good thinking! And kind of funny how just like that! I got some instant good karma ,someone at work give a shoulder massage and pour some aromatherapy oil on me, HUM-MM !!! That was good ,them I went out for coffee since it was so cold and need some yummy warm drink.After I order the coffee ,The Barista ,ask me " Would you like some free drinks? I say Yes of course !! and got 4 FREE lattes! from the coffeehouse, So I ask 'Why" And said they where trying out a new coffee ,wow!! I took all those free coffees Give more tip for the guys !! and brought it to my friends at work, and all of us got warm and happy!!!. It is funny how our own Magick works so fast!!! So I do hope My Ganesha helps my sister too ! So Blessings , Candles ,Goddesses ,Gods and Good toughs!! brings more for all of us!! Blessed be my friends, I'm sending you my warmly feelings to you too. Andrea

Thursday, November 4, 2010

Car Blessings!

I m today just sad , just because I think too much. These is my daughters last year in high school ,she is a senior .Sad to think how I can manege to not have my little girl around me! I even cry just to think about was in not here yet!, Yea sounds silly but as a Mom they are always our baby's. I m shaking my magic wand for some advise" tell me ,tell me" will I be Ok ,I know she will be fine. I sage her car the other night ,something I do from time to time,Ask the Goddess to protect her all the time and Yes!! The Goddess have being our savior . Last month Ashley was volunteering for some Homeless church. She was there every evening feeding people,that was require as a college application.The idea of her driving so far was scary for me ,but she is really self secure ,smart little girl ,so just like that she was going, I burn candles asking for protection every night when she was out. One evening she call me ,I new right away something was not rigth, she got in a an accident on the freeway, crash her car on the wall couple of times her air bag went out and she was fine,scare but fine, she call the police first; them me; I have to ground my little girl and tell her "honey just breath just breath you are ok ,thank Goddess you are OK ". Her car was a total lost damage ,but she was fine who care's about car's .That night after her Dad got her from the hospital ,regular check-up they say,Then we both cry for what she experience, the images in her mind was so vivid that keep her up all night and I was there for her. So that is my worry when she will be gone ,will she be ok , can I just go there when she needs me. I can go all day with my crying thing. So I just keep saying thank you thank you!! Ashley has Great!!Karma she walk away in a accident thanks to Divine helpers! Call them angels, faeries, companions, grandpa , and all those spiritual beings that are always there when we need them the most ,So Today and every day I m thankful .
I will keep sagging her car and my car and my husband's car is a good ritual to do every full moon! And keep and incense stick in your car with all these heat will the aroma stay there and be a reminder of the blessings we get every day! And recognized it! . When was the last time we even though about that.Girl!!! Shake your magick wand and touch your car and bless it,that is the best Car insurance on the planet!!! Blessed Be ,Andrea.

Tuesday, November 2, 2010

All my Halloween decor is back in boxes. Sad to say the next thing is the Christmas season, Is too soon for that so I won't even think about it.In the mean time lets talk about good and fan things! Well today my friends and I, did a fundraiser for a orphanage in Tijuana. We make 100 little kids blankets !! it was fan and is good to catch up with my long not seeing friends.We even have a baby there , and what a precious baby, they are so cute ! until they learn to talk and tell about all the things Mom did or didn't do hm, No wonder that famous line" I will get you my little pretty " was invented !So we all finish those cute blankets and eat our lunch and those will be a nice gift for Christmas for all those little ones!.
My Altar is ready for a new theme, fairies, gnomes,wizards,witches,gardens, feathers, I think I have done every thing so I just keep simple (for Today) Candles crystals and cards . Did my favorite tarot set" Enchanted Tarot" I pull the five pentacles , say i will get some money! Hope nobody die! I will fell really bad .And since i sold my business and got the money last month ,I don't think is about that. In the mean time I will just work as much I want to play with my kids and cook some magick,and we will see what else the Goddess will bring . And for my new friends let me tell you I just sold my Hair Salon of 16 years.I m so happy not to run up and down being the boss, now I just take care of my clients ,at the same salon,just not being the owner,Amen sisters!!that is what I call "practical magick" Being practical!.And Let me tell you , is the best thing in life, live ,love, laugh!! I m so thankful the Goddess bless me and my family in every way! I m today sending blessing to all of you burning Sweet grass my favorite for after the holidays !and for a new and clean path . Every day is new day! Blessed be ...Andrea.

The Life of the Witch

Monday, November 1, 2010

Dia de los muertos!

Yes we still got one more day to celebrate, In Costa Rica we don't Halloween we have dia de los muertos .My mom use to sell Coronas para los muertos. She was so talented and the entire little town,they all make sure to order the flowers from her with plenty of time .She was book! and my part was any paper the hit the floor was my, so I was under the table cutting paper crepe and doing little flowers for my dead pets.My sister and I got our pet cemetery. And we keep it cute and with flowers all year round.We move to another house so all our pets stay there, of course,how sad but we build a new one after the rabbit die, and them a cat ,another kitty ! so before we new: here is another pet cemetery!I always tell my kids the things i did as a kid ,but it was in another land far far away with plenty of land for kids and pets to play.We did celebete dia de los muertos and I always hid under the covers. My mom use to tell us; the dead will come as a light on the night and the just creepy me out . For one thing the people cemetery was just behind our house,and it was a port for souls to come and go.I survive my own child hood by a miracle ! Those days is was funeral almost every day and me and my sister never miss one . We even cut flowers for the newly dead ,no didn't new them ,but we knew "told by my mom" the new dead people will love to have flowers around.
So I don't have pet cemetery at home, the city won't be happy with me .And all my pets have being big dogs ,so just can't do the same,but I keep their ashes and lit a candle for them ,and give them some food and maybe a dog treat.
I got only an Owl bear in my back yard ,he was one of the magickal ones!! He got kill one night ,never knew how or who did such terrible thing , he was found by some neighbors who believe every owl in the planet it belongs to me,so they call me to pick him up.That was the saddest thing ! So took him and give him my love and tears! and did a beautiful funeral ritual with one of my friends. we send him blessings and told to keep an eye on the rest of the pack!. He is still there with a stone and date ! It will be 2 years next month ! So I m still here building on my own little pet cemetery's for real.Blessings to all our dead pets and I hope nobody will ever shoot one of my owls! Lovingly peace to them,Andrea.