Monday, November 28, 2011

Rice and cinnnamon for abundance

The Season of lights is here!! I love these time of the year! People put their home with decorations! The gifts, the food! Yes so much food! The warm fire place. I got so busy these weekend hanging lights outside my house! These is my first year with no Ashley , she is a college girl, good for her. We use to put the lights together and the tree .But is all good I got a new helper! My honey got all ready and we did it in no time!

Is hot in San Diego , during the day, is almost like a summer in winter!I was so tired after we finish the lights that I have to take a nap.The doggies were tired too.
I put a tree by my front Goddess! She looks so cute all illuminated , so proud of her! And all her blink blink. Every year I like to put ornaments around her! After all WE the Pagans are the ones in our yule celebration !!

My street is getting full of lights! These is the famous thing in our st ! The lights! Long cords from one house to another!I have to take pictures, sorry , sorry , Im having issues with computers, YES !! My kid broke my laptop ! He said "no I didn't" well I said Yes!!! He is always with computer, well not anymore! Is gone, I have to fix it or get a new one.
So I will keep in my good old fashion one, with wires and all.

And !! Is time to do spells!!! Is cinnamon time! I love the smell of cinnamon , I keep it in my altar for prosperity!! I make tea for my clients! To clear their congested mind! And to let go of things, I sip it before I go to bed! It is just a simple tree, but it does heal our body and mind! A cup of hot cinnamon tea , or in my coffee it just makes my day or night a lot better!!

I wish I could plant a tree here, but it wont grow, in Costa Rica these spices are grown in big farms!! They will sell you even the leaves.Fresh, hand cut!!

One of my favorite things to put cinnamon leaves is "Arroz con leche" Or "rice pudding, so easy to make , and to eat warm! O my goddess , is the best !! put cinnamon on top! And done... your friends would love you for ever! No I don't a recipe, I just put a cup of rice to boil in milk for about an hour, add "Cinnamon" nutmeg , and I use condense milk ,a spoon of butter. And never ever stop moving the rice! or it will stick and burn at the bottom. So keep an eye on your spells and never unattended your cooking eye!! Rice represent as well abundance ! So cooking those two together is the perfect spell for financial !!!

Wednesday, November 23, 2011

thanks to all

Thank you all for being my followers!!!! happy thanks given!! Im so thankful I got my little princess home from college!!!
I'm thankful I have boys still little and at home!!
I'm thankful I have a my husband of 20 years!!
I'm thankful I have a new hair Salon!!!
I'm thankful I practice yoga every day!!!! For the last 5 and a half!!! My ass looks great!!!
I'm thankful my Dad and Mom are doing great!!!
My friends are coming home for thanksgiving!!!
Blessed be all !!!!

Sunday, November 20, 2011

friends day !!

Today is a cold day! Dark and misty!! All my kids are with friends!! Just me and my Man and the dogs! A friend invited me to go to her town and visit her!! Ok we make plan's. My dear friend Catz lives far far way from me!!! Is up the mountain ,and down the hill , and follow the rodeo sign! Yes is about 45mnts to get there! I got my scarf and away I go.
Oh I forget!! She want's me take her old sewing machine, and by old I mean: OLD friken old! It was probably her Grandmas sewing machine! So I get there , she show me her antique and ask me if I can use to sew? Well It works Im sure but I wont use it! I said! These things are just for display! You put then in your living , and that is it!! So I got another "collectible sewing machine", I got by now 10 !!! I will be and old lady one day with sewing machines for a museum!!!

So That was the trip to the other side of the mountain , and now play time... Catz lives in the country side! Horses, dirt roads, and up and down lots of land! . We went to see cute stores , one has a faerie garden! and water runs all down the magical path!! the went to a soap store! we both got out immediately! our nose got all staff and allergy's crazy! I love soaps and candles! but the scent there was too much!

It was so cold! Stores with Christmas things all over, OH my the holidays are here!!I'm not ready!!! I need to start soon, sewing , gluing, baking, all those thing that ,make a holiday home made! Thanksgiving is here! that part is easy! is all about cooking and the sitting and talking! The rest is the crazy time! the time I love , the warm days at home!! I'm happy at my new business!! Every thing new is always good! So I'm so thankful!! So now I just have to work a little more then before! But is all good!! The Goddess of creativity! Is with me! I have lots of new things to make! New spells to try! New lotions and potions!!

And after a long cold day! My best friend gave me a spice pumpkin cake!! So I'm home all warm comfy and sipping coffee and enjoying my cake too!!! Blessing!!

Thursday, November 17, 2011

Thankful for our happy place !!

The day of 11-11-11 was a day according to what some people said a triple portal . I have lots of things going on the day, I didn't do any re-search. But I know one thing , it was a day to unfold so many things in these planet,

I got to see some things going on the right direction.
when we were kids my Dad put all of us on his boat, and some times the water was too shallow so he will have push the boat! The filling of being move from a bank of sand and being push to water, was a release form, and we all kids will CLAP! YAEEE!!; and my dad the hero will take us to swim and him will go fishing!!!
So I got the feeling all day on 11-11 was a moving day !! in a spiritual form! I cant explain those little moments! Voices the I could hear! some thing come fast! Answers!! Changing every thing! On these universe!
On days that I have lots of things going on , I like to take so time in my backyard and ask for Goddess help! I'm a Taurus so I like to touch the earth on my rituals,burn some sage or incense , depends on what it is, I sit I talk with my goddesses and ask for :blessings, peace, and what ever issue I have on my mind! .
And sometimes is just a thankful moment, to sit there and say thank you!! Being thankful most be a daily practice! From being thankful we can be in a happy place, the waves in our brain! Send happy signals that once we start our day saying "thank you" will make it a better one!!
Unfolding is a proses, it comes a lots of tiny changes, with a lot of prayers and a box of tissues for all the tears that goes in there!! But once the veil is remove, the Goddess show the way! The answer to our prayer, the rents get paid, the college gets paid, the sick gets better, our heart gets happy notes!! Is like getting out of the place that was holding us there, the sand holding our boat , and thank goddess my dad so strong is doing so good.!!! He is making another boat as we speak !! One for me brother! He said it may be his last, but I don't think so! Making boats is his art!! So he will always find his water to float again! I'm So happy !so thankful, for him , and all my other mundane things going on! The art of saying thanks is a beautiful art! And thanks to all of you out there for keep reading my post!! Blessings and thanks to you!

Sunday, November 13, 2011


So many things are changing around me! Well lets start with my Dad; he is doing good, he is at home, and so far he is in his little workshop! just playing with motors! He is happy! Im so happy to know that he is in a good mood and very possibility about all these thing. Thank you for your nice words ! healing words are the best thing, for one sick and for his family. Thank you in a big way.

Next , was my best friend David"s b-day party !! Big 50, for him is a big deal!! Lots of Botox and filler"s !! He was all bruise-up from that! so he was wearing foundation to cover it up. He is funny , love him with all my heart! . He got Sooo drunk, was not even funny, when no one else was. Poor thing got a big headache next day! So all went just fine!

Them is the thing about me and my work!1 Bla bla bla!! So if Im un-happy !!! Change it and stop complaining !!! So a friend of a friend!! call me and ask me to come and work with him! at his new hair salon!!! All in these week bum bum bum! it hit me so fast! His new Hair studio is "just what I was going to open" if I would find the location!! I will call these " mind like", inception!, coincidence!, or synchronicity!!! Or the Goddess helping me to find my new home! Yes I'm scare . When we go on a new Journey is always scary ! We get so use to what we know and tend to stay in that!
I like energy, grow and be better every day!! The Goddess has being with me all these time of silent meditation prayers!!! the important thing is I"m out of bad energy! I m now in power of me!! I got my other boyfriend Joe with me!! My Other other gay boyfriend!! it will be a lot of new things coming these weeks, I will be strong , happy to welcome every one!!! And feel the blessings of Morrigan . my warrior Goddess. telling me you are stranger then you think !!! So I keep climbing these crystal mountain!! As Miss Julia Cameron would said!!! And here we are. stronger every day, making my best!

Tuesday, November 8, 2011

Friends forever

Is a full moon tonight! Is a cold night, clear and perfect to see it. I m just siting quiet for a while!! That is what myself is doing!. Some times is a lot of things going on, and others is not! I have a lot going on my mind! Worry's are in my head, my Dad is going for a cancer surgery these week. He is in good spirits.Mom is worry too, I know he will be fine, he is like a cat!! land on his four legs. Them is on going thing at work, more things to my head!!! The muse in my head are telling me to just let it go. So I do my yoga, walks, ritual, and listen... Just to listen the sound of nothing is good for me right now!!
I have a few friends, maybe a lot. I like to keep my friends forever. I have my gay-boyfriend, gay-husband, and of course my real hubby !! father of my kids!! The other day some one could n"t understand ;Why I do care about them(talking about my boyfriend and other husband ) We are big friends, for so many years!! And I do love them, they care for me too. Why people can"t just get it!! These week, David is turning the big 50!! He is having a party!! Cant wait to tell him" Happy B-day Bitch" . We will have a blast!!! We always do.
So is having friends a problem to others that don"t have a any? For real, if we are happy!! why they got to said things Like" you are weird" and my answer is " So" I hear that before.
So I will have real friends forever!! Funny thing , my real friends don"t use facebook, ha .We just called on the phone, do the real thing of talking, getting together , having lunch , dinners or just coffee. I know then more them anyone in their family. And same the other way!! They love to send me text"s about "the witch" . Goddess bless them all. And yes I will collect more friends in these journey call life!!! That what "Witches Do Best"!!! Blessing to all my blogger friends.

Tuesday, November 1, 2011

After All Hallows eve

We did it again! we did our round in town collecting candy"s . Tradition here is I will go with the kids , husband stays home!! watch football and gives candy!! And I have to make the front of the house creepy for the neighborhood too! So it was a busy day!

So have to take a nap after putting black things hanging from the walls!! And here in San Diego it is hot!! We are in the 90"s so me and my little doggies catch a nap! To be ready for our trick or treat!!!

Then we get ready! Kids call friends, i go with my friend (little witch up the hill) and away we go!!Found some crazy people just like us out there too!! Dress up in some dead things!!!

Frida came to visit!!

Happy Halloweeeeeeen!!!!