Monday, January 31, 2011

Buddha and Pagans!!

I got a Goddess from Thailand, I got it one day with my sister! She wants me to go to a Buddhist store near her house ,so we did. The owner of the store and his wife manage and were there at the time, my sister got some things for her home, and I was just talking to the owners about things at the store. The lady offer me a Thai reading , so I say Yes! of course, it was a nice simple reading ,she ask me; my day of birth, and from that ,she new it all!! OK I always know that I will get good readings, is always who will interpreted the out coming. So at the end she said you need a Thai Goddess!!!!, OK lady you are good!! Now Im buying a Goddess the she said I need and will be great for my business. So Goddess and I went to work,I never found out her name ,only the way to take care of her.
!My husband said ' can you get any crazier than these! , you bought a Goddess and now You Have to take care of her" , whatever! My Goddess I told him . So for many year! she was right there with me at work, she is cute, one hand she hold the future money to come and with her other hand she calls the costumers to get in my salon. So perfumes where given to her , necklaces to wear,flowers around, incense burning! the works! she got . And I like that ritual things, get in at work , bless my space, bless the day and any thing I could think of , any problem she was to listen, and she is good ,she just sits there and listen to my head going crazy about nothing important it all. That is how it is running a business, crazy about nothing . Thing were not so much fun for me at the time, I was so busy with my own Art and taking care of myself as a Goddess, so I need to sell my store . Friends at work always use to make fun of me about the " witch thing" they will said , well put a spell and do it! Oh boy if I did !!, and did any thing I could find in a book or any other source! Prayer, blessings, rituals,waters to wash!!!.Is good to have friends crazy like me ! we use some ritual that most be done at midnight,the fun the we have doing all these was good. Well the thing is, !! the Goddess and she will decide to who and when or what. Got a few people around trying to buy, but nothing will really make the sell happen. So I will just keep going, working and doing. Oh one day a friend told me that her hair stylist just sold her place and was needing another place to work, so I told her send her my way. We meet and she work with me for a while. She is from Vietnam and she ask me are Buddhist? all my decor was pagan but yes I got a few Buddhas in there so , I said kind that!( she didn't need to know about me ) , I know enough about Buddha, she told me that she was Buddhist, Great is all good!!.She like my candles and incense, so I always told her that my salon was for sale , she will say: I just got out of mine , no thanks" , Lucky her!!

Well I travel sometimes with my husband for his work and when I was gone, I will tell them, please Burn it!!! So i can get the money and run, that was the joke all the time. It didn't got burn, I was the one getting burn all the time.So we went to New York last summer, I told her it is all your when I m gone!! ,I think she love that , when I got back she said, she made good money and the she was ready to buy!! And it was sold!!! OK that is the way we did it, but it was the Goddess who really did it.
I took all my things out; Goddesses and every thing out, the salon was sold and I was still going to work there but , just paying for my booth . She the new owner did all new things!! She did good , I did good, happy ending..... stay ,stay with me I know is a lonnnng story !!

These is the happy ending and is not about me or her! is about these Goddess! I took my home and give her a new space at my home, and them a new Goddess came at work, Guess who? The new owner had the SAME GODDESS!! OMG< couldn't believe it!! , The Goddess spirit rules!! She rocks, now it is fun for me to see, the is not much difference on being a pagan then being a Buddhist, incense is burning every morning! smells just like home! and the best part and Imbolc is almost in the Chinese new year so they are doing a big blessing to the business !!we all are going to ask the Goddess and Buddha for their blessings in to the new year!! So after all we all come from the Goddess!! Just like our song said!!
Now I hear the new owner always talking to the Goddess!!! Hummmm, I wonder if she is asking for help!!!and that is how is going here!! Blessed be , Let the Goddess take care of us.

Sunday, January 30, 2011

The Muse is talking!

Years ago I use to have a big picture at my leaving room of a " muse" she was a reminder to me to do my art. The picture was at work first and them I took it with me at home.Their she was always looking at me as soon I get down the stairs . The plan was every time I will see her, she will remind me of my art! having kids, a home, a job, and all those things the needs time, their was no time for me to do my art. So I start with a class here and there, a day here and there , taking time for my art was the hardest thing I ever did on those days, the guilt to spend an afternoon with my art and putting my husband to take care of the little ones!so I can just sit and paint or sew. That was all I need , one evening once a week. The person who tough me, that I need time for soul and my muse was.... Julia Cameron. I read all her books and there it was ."If I take care of me and my muse"." I will be a better person for my kids". And that's how one day, the muse was change by a Goddess after a few years . I called that evolve of my soul. The Goddess came and she and my muse are now best friends.the guilt's went away !!!, the projects grew more and more, my sewing got better my painting got better~! My little ones paint with me at all the times! The Mama was happy the kids grew happier the man is happy !! Sounds funny but is real. The happier we are the better we are those around us.Today I spend as much time with my art as I can.The kids are artist too, of course. One is looking for a college with an art department! The other one (14) kick me out of the garage so he can do his wood work! And so is the youngest with his cartoons drawings at my kitchen. So is crazy in artist house. Now we all need our space to create. I move up and down, I got sewing machines at all my rooms. One downstairs and two upstairs! Just in case I get kick out of any room for making too much noise.
So back to my story with the book. Miss Julia Cameron was a great pusher for me. Push me back in not forgetting what I am. I'm a artist!!I'm a Goddess ,I'm a Mom !! and that is the most important thing! I call Ashley my oldest(almost 18) and "only" girl". " Little Goddess on training wheals" she likes that and always makes her laugh !.
The doing and doing is what makes an artist! The ritual and ritual is what make the connection with our Goddess!! I like to say is like frequent flier! The more you do it the better miles you get! and better sit at the plane. Every thing is so connected in our universe. The spiritual link is the more we take care of the art in these case our spirituality the better we feel.Julia said in one of her books " When we move toward our own creativity , we move toward our creator( Goddess )..When we seek to become more spiritual , we find ourselves becoming more creative. Our creativity and our spirituality are so closely interconnected they are in effect one and the same thing". I like sometimes to re read her books just parts and bits of it around! . The other day I went to Michael's , artist store , just to get a few things for my jewelry art! And I found a book so cute so well done( forgot the name)but its art was just looking like if it was me who did it, same stone on those bracelets and necklaces. I was just thinking, man it looks like if she was in my house coping my art my jewelry.... well !! I look for who is these artist, there she was ,at the last page of the book , saying how she always like Julia's Cameron books and her idea of pushing the artist . OK I was just dead ,right there. So I know that is all energy , we all connected in some higher space and we created, we are the weavers of our dream, our art. Do you ever have something like that? , a mirror on your face?, some one , just like you in another place ?, in another state ? the Goddess is every where in her energy. I'm sorry I didn't get the name of the artist book , maybe tomorrow I will get it. So in the mean time I will keep re reading Julia's book these time I m reading " finding water" Just in honor of our coming ritual "Imbolc day" . And I even thinking to do her 13 weeks again of art again!! Blessings to all of you.

Tuesday, January 25, 2011

Brighid our Goddess!

I will love to go to Ireland and travel all those places that hold the Goddess energy. I know I will go there one day, just matter of time. So here I'm inspire by my Beloved Brighid Celtic Gooddess. Amazing woman that is represented in many forms , well she is represented like a triple Goddess. She is the mother the Maiden and then the Crone, just like any of us, I like that . The more I read about her the more I re_ like her!! making a new word!!!I enjoy to learn about all those things history some times hide or maybe was the church, hiding all that about her , and not just her, they will obscure any Goddess or God for the matter. So the church decide to take things on their hand and make her a catholic little girl!! Imaging that. If you can't win join them, they said. So they did wash away all her "paganism" and bum there she is !! The Holy girl is a virgin!! Any way , just me and sense of humor, Brighid has places in Ireland that we can go and trace her! Holy wells , stones, her famous cross , I definitely will make one today. The cross is so simple and it represents the circle of our like , is like a wind mill farm flowing soft but very powerful force , (again the wind)so her cross is flowing , making us to go to our next place in life. accepting the changes in our body, yes one day we get those body changes not so much fun. Goddess Brighid is also an artist , a healer, a companion in our journey. In the movie " mist of Avalon" my favorite all the time, they do a beautiful Imbolc celebration , using the honey and milk as a gift for her!! So these are the Ritual a Witch do, we embrace her and walk with her, she take care of us, she listen and gives us back energy to continue in our call.
Her Altar most be a place to bring all the things she grows for us these time of the year and those to be thankful for.Use your inspiration in all the creative altar , she will bless our creativity and grant all of us with more creativity!!! Use candles, a bowl of water to charge her energy,bees, bee-hives, flowers, and give her a bowl of milk with some honey!!!.Ask for her assistance in any area you may need it!.She is here... she always have being here with all of us even when we forget about her.Her fire her fertility lives in our body , sometimes dormant just like these winter days , but we know all will change at the right time.
Blessed be.

Monday, January 24, 2011

Witches holidays!!

WE witches love our Holidays , most important is to celebrate them. We know that the more we are connected with our Goddess and the Sabbath , the more closeness will be achieve in our spiritual form!! Yes " More witchy powers" we will have. I will call it more "intuitive" that is not giving to every body only when we look for it is given! So Imbolc is just around the corner . These is our Sabbath to say good bye to winter and to welcome our sunny warm weather!!a little bit but still is nice to know the Our Goddess Brighid will warm our planet! Celtic Goddess of fire and fertility , welcome Brighid! . I can't complain about our warm day here , today is about 80 so far sunny , bright and just feels good, but in other parts are full with snow and cold days. Warm blessings to them. So our Imbolc is just around the corner we can go on and on about how to celebrate these day. I like flowers is a day to put flowers in our altars and candles! Goddess of fire , she ,Brighid loves her fire! I got a special banner that of course I made and is just for her! I got different Goddess that I love and she is one of those.Her Red hair! To know that she is awaken the earth!melting the snow ,clearing the days ,making them longer! she is just what we all need on these cold days.And a cup of tea with honey for her at the altar, ok make one for yourself too. So the altar most be just beautiful with wild flowers that she is making them grow just for that day! She is coming !I always like to use my imagination and see her all pretty in a green Celtic dress, with flowers on her hair.So she will stop by my house to bring her new fire and new bright light!. I like to clear every corner in my house! Dust it, and leave my home felling good . And the ritual will have a better place at not just my altar but all around me .And then we will have our cake and eat too! She loves her offerings of course! And is again time bake just for her!! So my Imbolc days are almost here so much to do for witch! Getting my altar all new , digging for my tools of divination! I will tell you some more tomorrow! Until then , Get up and clean up the mess Girl!! The Goddess is coming!!

Sunday, January 23, 2011

Windy day!!

Today we are so bless to have a nice windy day, like Winnie the Pooh will say it is a " windsday". The adventures of Winnie the Pooh and " Blustery day" are part of our family, these is one of my kids favorites movies!! So today as I get up to open the door for my dogs to go out and see the wind blowing crazy!! and the first thing on my mind is " blustery day" how nice is to have then.
Part of our elements is the Wind , it comes on our Ritual when we call for him!!!Couple Years ago my friends and I Celebrate the Sabbath Ostara up on the woods , it was a calm day, warm and pleasing , nice to be with mind like woman and the best Magical ones. So we have a meditation walk before the circle Them we start invoking the elements on the right order... it was the time to call the wind!!!Well.. it did show up!! came so strong ,the minute we Call upon the wind! and our hands up!!! welcoming these day and event!it was the most magical thing we ever saw. There was a lake near by, and when the wind blow, a bunch of ducks get up flying and singing their quack ,quack,quack!! we all stop them, to see these beautiful birds flying on top of us, we all laugh , the moment was so present so perfect, we all said that the ducks were waiting for the witches to come ,and to call the wind so they could fly !! .
The circle of a witch is a power moment, sacred , no time exist in there, and at the same ,all stop, slows down!! The magic, the circle is open!! Eyes and spirit are open to receive the energy, to welcome our Gods or Goddess! To start our ritual to do what for so many years has being done ,the spiritual form to connect to a higher self!!.So today the windy morning got my mind going and all different rituals up in my head!! Did my morning yoga ,and witness the parking lot being sweep by sage brush and eucalyptus leafs . the Goddess was so present. I do my rituals any time any were in my mind , my time in a moment in a haft of a second , just a gratitude moment ,to tell the wind Thanks for being here with me!! Thanks for reassure!! Today is a Magical day, And so it is!! have Magical Blustery day!! silly old bear!!

Monday, January 17, 2011


There is so much in nature!! that is we take it for granted, the perfect ingredients for a perfect soup is all given by our Mother Earth!! The most amazing thing for me is " Honey" the sweet thing not man made that taste it like heaven!!! Golden color , rich, smooth, and so necessary when we are fighting a cold, a cough , a stomach cramp. And the thing is how " Aphrodisiac" she is. Besides there is no expiration date on our fabulous Honey!.Honey.
I even love to call everybody: Honey. I try the sugar thing but is not the same, sugarcoat it, no is not me.
If we read ancient books she (Honey) has being there for ever as well, bath with honey and Cleopatra .
A few years ago we went to Boston , a friend got to their famous market and bough some " lavender honey" it was sweet scent of lavender, the color has hints of purple, and light , so I ask, how they make Lavender honey? my friend said the bee's are keep Only ,in a lavender field, and that is the only honey they collect. Oh my!!! I though , poor little bees are confine to one flower , as we know the beauty of honey is all the collectivity of flowers in there, produce by a little thing called the Bee!! And lets not even talk about their queen!!!. We wont go there today. So my friends I found a recipe for our " home made" lavender honey: here it is I found it in one of my spell books of course, what else will I read if is not about magic , spells, and witches.
Judika Illes one of my favorites authors. Her book of spells!!

Aphrodisiac Lavender Honey

1- Warm one cup of honey (bain_marie)

2-Add one -quarter cup of fresh lavender blossoms.

3- When honey begins to bubble,take it out.

4-cool the honey!! Honey.

5- Use it!!! Honey!!!

Yes use it on your toast !! yummy is so good . Try it , invite some one for tea , put some on their tea, see how that goes!! You can bake with it, nice on biscuits, just in about any surface will go just fine.Even as a skin butter !! put some as a facial your skin will glow after that.
My husbands is sick all the times ( that what he said),yes he coughs and coughs, and I will ignore him , until he will said " Hon!! Can you please make me some tea!!
And the cough will be gone just like that , I think he just likes either the cough or the honey in his tea, so far every cup of my magical tea is well taken !!!
Honey!!! Go and make yourself some nice cup of tea, maybe is time to read the blossoms of lavender !!! Enjoy it.

Tuesday, January 11, 2011

something new!!

The year is here and I'm just finally sitting to write. It can get crazy on those holidays .I like to stay home most of the time and enjoy a warm cup of tea. The moments of solitude are so delicious, I enjoy them as much like my tea. Working with people is fun but require lots of energy too, then I come home and recharge my spirit and my body. Is a new year and so many of us do the traditional same thing, getting up, and do the some thing on and on , no changes. But at the same time we ask our Goddess to bring something new,so why not do something different in the morning , just for a little change...

The tradition of Wicca is we start a new year any day, when we found our call for these tradition ,it doesn't matter what day it was , we start from that day , it is our new year , and the tradition will tell us that is a year and a day from the initiation day . I got many years now, they go so fast, I'm happy to be a witch out of the closet. The place is too full with pagans hiding from their family or friends. These new year the energy is about healing!! The planet is healing his wounds, sending rain to clean the air and moist the earth!! . I did a magical walk on new years day with my son Andrei, the air is crisp ,clear, the canyon is such beautiful as ever on winter days . Is fun to walk and see the traces of rain ,rabbits running around , animal prints on the mud. That is all we should do at our planet leave an imprint of us, leave an imprint to others about our energy. A slow walk can open our eyes to something new. I love feathers for their energy source. So I get lots of them on my walks, sometimes the sky just send them to me in front of my eyes, one day i didn't found any on my walk, but as I got home a bird flu by and lost some chuck of his and I almost got on my head those feathers , funny how our Goddess work!! .
Owls feathers bring clarity ,wisdom, and most important an ken eye, so are eagles, hard to find around here but in Canada they are so lucky to have so many flying up there. So when I travel I collect my feathers too. Now every thing holds energy for a while from the source and them is gone, specially with birds ,they fly fly away and move to something new. So is OK for us to move on , the magic of our work travel in so many dimensions and is constantly changing.

The universe change every day!! so we can try something new for these year. My new working element is the water(rain) for now!!. I m an earth element sign person so I tend to stay with that for long time , in my garden , and cooking concoctions about any thing on earth!! So with all these rain we got here in California and believe me , we don't get it the much, so I got a water collector!!! while supply last. My ritual tools are cleanse on these charge water ! and incense is burning around my water to bring the fire element in there as well . Flow dding candles are so nice to have and place on a bucket of water. I got a friend of my who sometimes called me and say ; " Can you please burn your candles for me", and I just love to be outside and sending energy to him or any other of my friends .
With my intentions of love any thing is possible!!!
Practice is all we got in our ritual work , we practice and practice until we got our ritual well establish. New year is a new day any day. So today I may start a new tradition to my practice, candles are burning, and the energy of the Goddess is always here ready to Re-created some art with me!!! have a beautiful day Goddess out there , bring some new magick to you today, Blessed be Andrea.