Saturday, October 30, 2010


The EVE is Here!! The so much wait for day is just a few hours away,Im so happy you came to my house is nice in here! Put your broom right there yes" Broom parking" I got the sign in Salem . I will tell my sisters in Salem have fun and tonight and tomorrow too! My friend Laurie is so busy these time of year ,just like any little witch!.Calling spirits , setting altars, attending party's around the country ,and broom flight's .
.The Goddess bless me in so many levels ,and one of those blessing is my baby ,today he is 11 years old. He was born the night before Halloween ,and that is part of the magic in my house .We celebrate all month of October his Birth day and All hallows eves too. The practical magic the we created together is amazing. We is my little wizard, who loves the holiday as much like I do,and loves and is proud that his Mom is Witch!
The house will be haunted tomorrow( always is) but he will be in charge of hiding and spooking other little ones! and giving candy's that is the best part!But tonight he is with his friends and Mom's at a witch party! calling my ancestors and giving them tea! you're welcome!. And thanks for being part of my yearly tea party! Andrea's Essex Party will continue until tomorrow past midnight.So leave your offering food for you ancestors outside or at your altar, bring a nice candle and tell them how much you care for them.They can come to your response and drink the tea,maybe they will answer a prayer!. Just walk outside breath the fresh air of the night and listen to what they have to me close your eyes vision your Great ma, or a friend, feel the air the cold breeze and enjoy your moment with them...

Wednesday, October 27, 2010

Goddess and Magick: OWLS IN MY HOUSE

Goddess and Magick: OWLS IN MY HOUSE: "For some people owls are just a pest, for me Im just like Harry Potter, they are my messengers, always up at night keeping an eye open whil..."


For some people owls are just a pest, for me Im just like Harry Potter, they are my messengers, always up at night keeping an eye open while I m sleeping! My House is the freak house at my neighborhood , I remember one night I got home to find at lot of neighbors sitting on my front sidewalk looking at " My owls".My smart kids where saying: Mom we should sell lemonade and make some money from them" fanny kids ha ! So back to the night .That is a regular night for me ,my public viewers sitting there amaze at the screech of the owls! Big deal I though I hear that every night.But one of the spectators came to me and ask: 'Why is only at your house that theses owls hang about? that is interesting,well I said I like them and they like me, I said , So she said I can like them too and they will come to my house? well.. is more like an energy field I told her ,I created these circle of energy and they follow me.She never look at me after that day. I wonder why?
In the mean time many years that I live here many little owls are born at my roof, we listen to them ,we keep on the stage of how old the owls are and, how long they will stay with mom and Pa .My family is the Owl Pro know it all,some others are trying to bring them around to get read of mice, I don't have any mice it all ,they don't like artificial grass,oh but my Owls love my family and my kids the talk to me and scream at me some times about why with the fake grass and so. they can bitch too. Tonight they are right on top of my computer room, I always told my kids the owls dance the cha- cha ,so the kids will said sometimes ' Mom they are dancing the cha-cha again.Some nights they just crazy and flip those wings and screech and fuss ,that means is dinner time and they got something. One day a neighbor came to my house and told my husband that "our owls ate her cat" how and wow !!? I said , I don't know but I guess my owls are so strong to take a cat away ,I don't think so.But when the little ones are in training is fun to watch and that is what makes people to come and stair at my house (Sally Owens house ) so the try to fly but is really low, and keep an eye up, you may end up with a rat at your head. We have to clean up for them , mouse beetles haft way eating ,not nice!!. But they are so magical the are part of my energy and scream at me even when I can't see then. They are call the silent fly t , you only see them but can't hear their wings ,just like a Halloween night in a movie that is my house any night of the year!. Please come and sit with me and have some Midnight margaritas ,they will sing for as , and fly around . Tonight they where so cute I went out and Mom and Papa where right on top of my roof and with those big eyes looking down at me,so I say " hi mama ,hi papa" they did their magical swim up in the air together and the both screech " Happy Halloween!! Love my magical house! And still some people don't believe on witches, you can always know.Just ask her about her owls!!

Tuesday, October 26, 2010


They are here!! today early morning while I was asleep still,I could hear my husband calling one of the kids from top of the stairs ! "Andrei, Andrei" Man he was loud! I though he forget that he had and early computer class.But is was Tuesday not Wednesday 's.So I was awake now, and not that ready to start the day, it all.So I ask him" why are you calling him so early? He answer :"The TV is on downstairs,he probably left it on all night", I said ;" no he didn't ,I went to the kitchen at the witching hour for some warm milk and check on things and every thing was off" ,"them I don't know" . Of course I know" we got visitors!!!! I have being waiting, and you know my food around the altar and outside the house to keep welcoming all my ancestors!!
But last night was different, I could hear the wind blowing, so check for windows open, nothing .I could swear i hear someone washing there hands upstairs.So went to check if some one was up.Never mind I tough is my imagination and all my Halloween spirit going on.So I went to bed! I took me long to fall asleep ,it just to much going on.So today I got my answer! Remember my pumpkin pie!! well it was Grandpa's favorite! And how I could forgot all about it and not left him a piece at the altar, how rude of me. It was him, I was at my yoga class today and could smell him around, his smile around his energy still around us, I bet he even went to school to see the kids!. He was the best Grandpa in the world!. He is happy now I gave him his pie.Enjoy it Grandpa!But please don't mess up with the TV . Make my husband crazy! Poor honey he said " I thing we have little people TV" That is good for him! Blessed be all around me!!!Andrea.

Monday, October 25, 2010

Rain rain !!

I love these weather, is raining and cozy at home, the perfect day for a big pot of soup! Yum. My garden is so happy with all these water pouring down from heavens.Do to be a Good witch, I most tent my garden! and bless my herbs then cut some to put in my soup.Is so much to do these days ,but it is the best time to do those things,pumpkin pie,warm witches soups,bread for the dead,house decor!1 and grave yards to dig!.These is when I enjoy even more to read "The mist of Avalon" and be my self the Lady of the lake!! Her knowledge and the use of it is inspiring.Love the part on the movie when she cuts the mist and there,there is Avalon!Waiting for the Goddess and High priestess. the magic of the island,was never taken for granted .And so even on any day I transfer myself there,at the Magical Island.The place where every force evolve from the Divine! Yeah that is my Samhain in every way, every day. We can all go and be in Avalon serving our Goddess,chanting her songs and planting with our hands our magic garden. My creations are always stronger when I put Avalon here with me.I m enjoying my soup and saying thank you Goddess for the art of cooking and make my big cauldron bubble and bubble. And so that is done like magic, now is time for the Pumpkin pie.But I will look for an ancient recipe, that maybe makes the dead rise... and have tea with me and talk about the good all times.Wish the Spirits sit long enough so i can fell them talking to me.And tell a story or two ...Grandma is that you... I knew you will be here these week, have a sit ,we have so much to talk...

Saturday, October 23, 2010

Full moon!!

Harvest Moon,The moon before the dark,hunter's moon,those are the names of these magical full moon today!! Tonight we will see her shining and smiling ,showing her grand splendor ! Oh how magnificent she is. And the secrets the she keeps. Tonight is the Halloween moon! Yes , one more week of celebration, I start my holiday in the entire month of October , the air is fresh and crisp! and there is lots of things to get done. Lots of spells to write, lots of friends readings to do, but most important ,to reconnect with the ones already transform in spiritual beings.One of my spiritual mentors pass a few years ago,I miss her a lot, the good ones dye young .True, and sad! So I always reconnect with her and know how happy she is at her new place her new spiritual life.They get a new call a new journey ,and we should accept it,may not an easy thing but is the reality of life.
But enough of sad things ,so every time a crow comes to sing his song around it may be a message from our friend, I get them all the time.So I keep offering to them food and wine,fruits and tea!!! So put a cup of tea for any of your love ones ,if is a cat put some warm milk outside tonight, some one will drink it! trust me. And if is dog put some treats too!! I got some of my pets pictures at my altar,so cute to see them in our happy days. I will be flying my broom tonight to visit a few friends tonight, look up at the full moon and who knows you may see me or one of my sistas flying in front of the moon! There is ball for our family and friends tonight ,would you like to join me? See you there...Andrea.

Tuesday, October 19, 2010

witch bottles!

Is a witch day with all these beautiful rain!! Blessings to our Earth and air! Cleaning our environment ,is a cleansing rain.Don't we wash our cloth and make it fresh just as our house. Mother Earth Gaia know more them us; So there she is cleaning and washing the bad vibes! just in time for our favorite day!Samhain! Is the only night the we witches can fly.And of course only members of THE Black Hat Society. thank Goddess! I just renew my membership! Not easy to get.Select members only!!
So in order to get my rituals for my Samhain I make Witches bottles today:0 Im trying to catch a frog with these rain> So my bottles are something special ,my youngest kids is such a wizard ! he make the best bloodiest things ever,we fill our Altar #13(,we got a few around the house). we got a stack on mugwort, dead man toes,Valerian root,and my favorite Devils shoe strings!! Just to keep enemys far( they know better) So after we got our bottles well label and next to my voodoo dolls ,we ask the Goddess of rain to bless us .After that we bake cookies for the dead and live friends too! I just love these whether. Why so many people think these is a bad whether,well they got it all wrong. Hot whether and sunny is not so good for " Faeries,witches, werewolf's, vampires, and humans !! Yeap humans : Dry out the skin , make you older ,tired ,skin cancer HELL is all bad news ,so let's get it clear , Please pray for rain!! And keep our planet a little be Greener! for once.And enjoy it ! these won't last. Ok my friends ! I got more spells to prepare before midnight ,there is a nasty spirit around that Im going to get!!!!

Sunday, October 17, 2010

Midnigth Margaritas

Dear witchy friends here is the best Spell ever : And yes!! you most do it at midnight !! Why? Giiirls is when everyone in the house is asleep!! And nobody can use your computer too ,Aha. So is my all time favorite movie .Remember aunte Jet and aunte Frances got the right spell for these nite. So please follow the recipe and said the Magic words!!And yes I drink it befor I go out trick or treating!! Just so the Spirits are in a good mood!!ANd here to my aunt's...
Aunte Jet; Fillet of fenny, snake in the Cauldron, boil and bake.
Aunte Frances: Eye of newt and toe of frog wool of bat and tongue of dog!
Aunte Jet; Adder's fork and blind worm's sting.
Aunte Frances ; Barbados lime is just the thing.
Aunte Jet; Cragged salt like a sailor's stubble.
Enjoy it my little pretty's and may the Goddess of tequila do the next Spell for you.
Thanks for reading my witchy blog. Blessed be!!Andrea.

Saturday, October 16, 2010

Getting there!!

Halloween should be a all year round holiday!!. I need more days to play with my broom. I went to Salem ,two weeks ago( yeah I will post my pictures too) and I got these cute cute sign " Broom Parking" and it has the witches shoes hanging on the side.So I got my specials broom's next to it.I use my broom's all the time,sometimes emergency flits come up!! you never know!Lots of meetings with my sistas of magic! Today I decide to start my flight with my Hair. So is Orange and Black of course! what else but those 2 colors on this month.My Altar is flickering lights of the spirits that are passing by. Yeah but I got my Guardian spirits that only let the nice ones in!! Full moon is next week, so is easy to see the shadows of them at nite! LAst nite they woke me up around Midnght ,so ask " what ,what? Im sleeping!! So I listen, came downstairs and found the worry thing about my Guardian,I left a candle burning and forgot all about that !! So I put it out and say;thank you, thank you!!
We all need our good spirits to be there in every moment,I call them constantly and is not a Halloween thing is a " Witch thing" .May you call you own spirits tonight to bring calm and peace and protection to you and all in your home .

Thursday, October 14, 2010

Witchy Art

Today I m in the mood for some paint. So I start to collect all my paint brushes and art supply to find out, how Rude our kids can be; yes they use every thing but they wont clean it up. All my good brushes are hard and full of old paint. Would that stop me from my art ,no way ,no how, I clean them up and start my new project. I m on the process of a nice art piece.thank Goddess we got art media .I m pasting ,printing ,painting ,all in my canvas!! and enjoying these windy day. All Hallows eve is not here yet ,but I m planning a lot of good things . My friends on my blog are inspiring me about my all time favorite movie" Practical Magic" A good thing to practice is to be practical. Took me 40 years to get there and I m loving it!! . I practice my art my " Craft" my spells and snap ; that is what Mary Poppins said; snap and the magic is there. So I m in the practical magic space . Yes it will be a Party!!! And of course will be on Magick!! What else is on life ,if We don't ad the finishing touches to our world... So here is from me to you !! GEt busyyyy and do your art ,color your life and enjoy it too!! Have a happy nite you all ... until tomorrow.

Wednesday, October 13, 2010

Feeling the Halloween times coming!! the mist at night are here ,the air is cold! And thing go pump at night.The spirits are here to visit us.The love ones come back just to said "HI' for one night .
I welcome my love ones from many past times and my beloved dogs " Shadow and Ally" my faithful partners ,share walks and belly rubs ! ! aah I miss them all the time!
my all hallows eve altar is ready today for them, I welcome them and honor our path! My kids honor their Grandpa! who we still miss so much after all these years! So there is our only day when the doors are open for them to come " Halloween".
During these weeks I give offerings of food and water! wine and bread to carry their souls ! Spirits don't need food just like any God or Goddess ,but is our way to show our love to them,and they receive it with open arms. Is the time to say " I hope we will see you again ,when we will cross the gate! But just in case let us stay here for a little longer! And after that ,Blessed Be!!