Thursday, June 30, 2011


Busy, busy day! that was not my plan ,but is all good. Today that plan was tell my kids they were in "House arrest" just so we all can help with the chores! Well the morning was gone so fast, sleepy heads on summer days! These teenagers love to sleep, and when I told them about the plan... All I heard was lots mumble,mmmhhhh,,whyyyy? Why because I said so!!!!.So just like in snap , Mary Poppins said, the things get done. Abby and Romeo got their bath, and brush, the wood from outside got a coat of paint!! That is so cool!! And last my biggest thing for myself, The Garden! still I have so much work to do, but is so much fun!! Today is hot and beautiful !!

The Goddesses are so happy they got new dirt around them, went to the garden store and got some new plants and baskets .Got a flat of ground cover ,Little flowers , so pretty in pink. These is my first summer with no worry's of my business. Is all so good. I can relax and just work easy.

One of my Goddess planters have a cool look, some of my sweet potatoes plants are growing, I though it was a weed, so I pull it and found the little potato hanging there!! It makes me think of Harry Potter when they are re-potting the mandrake !Yes I will love to be able to plant all those amassing earth gifts, devils shoe strings, belladonna, mandrake and every little herb that has powers.
Mandrake I only know it in the dry way, the only way I can get it, don't know if really grow around here, it will be so beautiful and exciting to see the shape of these plant.In Pan's Labyrinth they use for Ofelia's Mom so she can Keep the baby !!

Did you ever seeing a real Mandrake plant, do you know if she grow in California, if you had growing one before, please tell me about it, it most be most fascinating plant in a witches garden!!
And those story's about the poor dog that people will put him to pull the plant! The old days !! afraid of even pull a plant for their magical forces!!Interesting , So I m going to Google some resources about where is grown , mostly, I think is China , just because all things are from there this days.
I can only imaging the old days the Doctors cooking the plant so he can give it to his patients, or the crazy woman will give it to her lover! to make him crazy too!!

Botanical Name: Mandragora officianarum (Solanaceae)

Synonyms: Mandragora, Satan's Apple, love apple, Circe's plant, Dudaim, Ladykins, Mannikin, Racoon, Berry, Bryony roots

Tuesday, June 28, 2011

witches Market

Yesterday I post something I found about Peruvian witches. that interesting thing is the comments around the world. Some people told the company"Uncommon treads" , that they will not receive their news letter any more and did"Unsubscribe". Still up to these days is people out there seeing "witches as a bad thing" . When life is in a tread , then those same people come to look for witches to heal them. I have seeing it!! . They will call names to our witches in my town. But if they were dying , those same will know at their door in the middle of the night so no one could see them.

Witches , as we are, love the art of healing! The is one of my favorite subjects. I like to read about natural healing and what is good for what. I grew up with two healers. My dad and my Mom !! We all know about plants and nature. I practice my healing all the time, all my kids know about my recipes, some not so taste ! But at the end is all good and they just get better. My husband , I think , married me for that. He gets sick really easy and wont go to Dr it all.He gets sick any time his stress kicks in. He know s about all my medicines , still when he lying down and coughing like hell!!and with eyes close he will ask " And what is that?" . I always tell him the same thing " one of my witches brew" . So call it faith or the power of believing in something, it works. for years the doctors in little villages were woman, not a man job, we!! .

The herbs that we treasure and love are those in our kitchen!! I found a new one recipe for those persistent colds with mucus and bad cough "Kale " just as simple these plant is , I found is so perfect to clean up all the junk from the chest!! So yesterday! I went to the market got some kale and cook it lightly for my husband! Well his bad cough was gone. I made enough for a couple of days . he is such good patient, he will try any thing I get to discover.

So the witches kitchen is so important , I spend so much time in there , just as my sewing room. Spells must be created with love, and asking to others about it, learning every day some more . I love to travel and go to search herbs, teas , lotions made of only natural ingredients. And yes I would love to go and meet one of those little witches in Peru.That thing is they not always speck a common language , I found that myself on a few of my trips. Dialects that we don"t have a clue! So much for my espanol !!
All that is the thing , some people just don"t understand the meaning of a witch. They fear and think something evil ,is because they never meet one before. Well we got news for them, one day they will meet one and "Fall in love with us".

We heal all those in need ! I have two nieces , we talk sometimes on the phone and they tell me: we know when you are doing your work, we all fee it at home" . I send my love to them to heal any thing that they may be having. So whether we are close or not , our energy travels , just like if we are there. I call that Traveling on my broom... Until we meet again. Go to the market .... witches market whenever you can.

Sunday, June 26, 2011


Getting back home, is so nice too. i was planing to write at in my cruise. The minutes are a little high up in the sea$$$$, so no writing, until today!! Home sweet home !!! And now is time to catch up with my other friends blogs. I hope they didn't have a big party with out me. I will think some tonight and write something good, so far I'm just in a laundry mood. No fun but it needs to be done. until we meet tomorrow.

Saturday, June 18, 2011


My family (kids and Mr Big) and I are going on a cruise to Mexico. Manana!! is the Day. For my kids, it is their first time on a trip to Mexico (besides Tijuana). We will have fun! A couple of years ago, I went there with Mr Big, just the two of us, he works, I explore the country. That plan is my always the perfect plan. I walk the town, and talk to the people, do my things and of course I always do my "Witches things".

I like to just ask the Goddess to guide me when I go somewhere. It's fun for me, I like surprises and don't expect to get much. But at the end of my tour, it's a big thing. The last time i went to Puerto Vallarta was two years ago. Most of my friends have been there and love it, so I knew that I was going to enjoy my trip. My man was at a conference, so I got days to just check this town. I went up in the Rainforest one day and did a Tequila tour! Hahha, yes I learn a lot, who makes the crazy drink, why we drink it??? I'm still not quite sure. Let's said that DON JULIO and I don't get to be good friends.
Another day the town was having a "Healing" festival. It was at the front of their Church, perfect!!! Now as Spanish girl! Let me tell you. The Spanish Catholics put their Churches on the places where the pagans will have their rituals or their own churches . Every town has a church in front of the "Plaza" . Pagan Saints were substitute by the Cristian Saints. Mayas , Bruncas , Huetares , in Costa Rica we have the Mix of all those Indigenous. Sacrifices and sacred places are now build in some Cathedral Church. It's good to research all the history and find out where our people did their celebrations.

Some history said will live in a CHOZA as we call it,palapas, homes made of hay, and grass or any big tree that can be use, they will plant their land,bananas, papayas, corn, It is still the same up to these days. Everybody in all those countries: Mexico, Guatemala, Honduras, Belize, all of them plant their own food. My parents have a big and beautiful garden where Avocados are in a big time right now. That is what my Mama told me these week. Lucky Mama.

And so the church (even if is a catholic thing) we know that what is deep under the roots of our land ,is more. It's our history!
Well and for some reason , spiritual place or energy place, next time you go to Hispanic or Latin country, notice the "Plaza" is always fill with people, just hanging there, talking , meeting others, is a perfect place to find anyone. Those were the market place back then. I can't imaging what was sold in there. Breaks my heart to think, slaves , kids and their Mothers , chickens, food, and home made things. Now remember not all was so good with the Mayas and Bruncas or others, their will of being a strong people will put others down. But enough of that.
So I went to the Plaza in Puerto vallarta , my man though I m going Crazier then ever. I went from booth to booth to talk to all the healers, and all of then talk some kind dialect , some are perfect on espanol !! Good for me. Talk to an old man with a hat full of chicken feathers, not goooooddddd, no espanol he said, but he can heal and take demons out!!! No thanks , No gracias y adios I said. I found a couple of cute crazy maniacs , burning peoples cloths and screaming something I don't remember,. And finally I got to a booth of husband and wife, I told my husband " This is it" My Mr. Big said" See you later, this is crazy and too hot to just stay here. Good bye" Ok so i went and got my "Big time " ritual.... She got some Chicken feathers stick , or broomstick , for what I think, she dances around I was on a bed on the floor, quite comfy, she walk all over me, she is telling me" all my body issues " Senora she said" we are better than the Chiropractic DR . I believe that, any person who has been on a Chiropractor table know that . She walks and tap the floor, she walks on me !! crack crack my ribs , legs , lower back, about half of hour of dancing on me , she said ok you are good know... Next is the Man ,. He wrap a big towel around me and pulls me up and down... up and down, dear Goddess I'm so glad my husband is gone and out of here , he will die if he sees these.
Them=n is the final cleanse he said. agua que limpia el alma senora !!! OK I said clean me up!!! He uses sage to spray my body, mix with Alcohol! and he hits my back up and down. According to them , my body is perfect!! And im heal and good and new.... I walk to my hotel and found my man and friend drinking " JULIO" !!!!!

i will be visiting Puerto vallarta on my cruise!! It will be fun to go and walk by the plaza, and tell my kids " remember my story about the lady and the chicken feathers" .... See you all in Mexico!!!

Wednesday, June 15, 2011

Summer days.

Days of beauty!!! I love the summer!! I love Winter , spring,I love then all, each season , has it own beauty. I m in the mood for beautiful gardens!! Yesterday I have to drive my son to his friend house. I know where it is, is next to the pretty garden I told him.Here in our lovely suburbia, all gardens are the same! Except, if you are a God/Goddess follower. The pretty garden that I always notice , has Goddesses around, just like mine!.One day I wish I have the guts to ring her door bell and ask her!! Can you give me a garden tour, please!

Well these lady has some Goddesses just like me.One in particular looks like is a the head of a woman(Goddess) and I put different succulent plants in there, well these other garden, the Goddess head has GRASSS!!! And is dead grass, so is long grass but is now brown, looks like HAIR!! Oh my eyes get so big when I see things like that. So I know that type of ornamental grass, and yes it gets long too!Now I can't wait to do it myself too!! I like to see things so I can be inspire. But that is costly too.Monkey see and monkey wants!

I'm sorry if I don't write every day! I try, I do. My problem is my sewing, and art, I have being so busy in my sewing, and making new things for me and my friends. And Andrei and I are working on our collages! We are not done but it is fun to glue things and cut and cut paper! Art is my blood, art is what makes me to get up, and do more! I make these yoga line !! I sell it to my friends, here, no website yet. For the last year I sell the yoga wear, it is fun and my friends are the best followers. So beside being a Mom, a hairstylist full time, My yoga , and Jewelry, all those things, takes over my life!! And yes the growing fast kids. But is all part of these Goddess, I'm a creative witch. I never do nothing, I'm always doing the doing, pulling weeds outside, or inside at my machine. Coffee helps too! Yesterday I sew some fun pink shorts, HOT PINK, I see still pink spots all over. fabric is so soft and fun to touch. Dirt is rough and fun to touch. So if I'm not here blogging , I'm outside trying to give to my Goddess a new hair do. Until we meet again. Enjoy these warm days... have fun under the sun...Andrea.

Sunday, June 12, 2011

Ocean ritulals .

And just like that we are done with those little lunch bag days !!! All of my kids are out, summer is one of the best things.I got to enjoy our warm days, barbeque some corn and hamburgers, water melon!!! Life is on a hammock!!! I don't have one but you know ,is easy to just sit and enjoy the weather.Our gift to the girl!! Little Goddess on training wheals" is a Cruise to the Mexican Riviera !! So In one week, all of us will be taking the boat by now , and stay out in the sea for one whole week! I will be celebrating my summer equinox on the Mexican ocean! I guess is my growing-up by the ocean, it is for me the best thing! I love rituals on the water.

A few years ago, I did a ritual at the ocean,for a friend of my , on her b-day after she pass away, to a better place!! I cut all my roses from my garden , I was cutting and putting them on a basket !! Looking probably like Morticia Adams !! My next door neighbor,came to see what I was doing with the roses! I told her about my friend and her birth day , And that I was going to "Coronado Beach" to do a ritual for her. My next door lady got all sentimental too, and she said "Let me help too" And she cut all her roses too. It was a great ritual. We got two full baskets of roses. Now these was about five years ago. Stiil I can get with tears when I think about that day. My friend's daughter And I plan these for days before!! We will go ! Do my witches ritual !! with all the incense and roses. Funny things happen that day, a musician come by the same day to play his guitar next to us! So we new from that moment that My friend "Amy" was already here with us! These guy didn't even have a clue what was going on! He play great songs ! We talk to Amy and told her Happy birth day! Got some candles out. We put them on big glasses , is so windy on the beach. We did a special dance for her! And toss the roses all over the Ocean!! Some of the roses where thrown back to us with the waves! Roses on the Ocean are just a plain beauty, people walking by , took one while they walk and talk! Ocean music, waves crashing on the front rocks, we got wet and between, the tears and the waves , is both the same! salty water. I guess the ocean is where all the tears go. And that is why is so salty . That is my opinion. In my little girl mind.

And just like that , we have a beautiful day saying , goodbye to Amy and singing her Happy b-day!I m sure she love it too .

The Equinox is here before we know! things go fast but if you have a fun water ritual That will like to share with me please tell me about it. Or a book!!
I would love to hear if you got any That I can use on my trip , love these warm days!I'm making crystals sandals for my trip too! It is so much fun in to prepare to get there!! But I'm planning to take my laptop , so I can keep up with the blog world too! So I'm staying in touch! ....Blessed be! Andrea.

Wednesday, June 8, 2011


These weeks , I m not in my blog, it all Sorry! I will try to read others at night time.
All my kids are graduating these week!! I got elementary , middle school, and a high school. Is all very emotional! Loving every moment of what is going on, a bunch of tears week,and seeing them moving on to their next level . Is a their time to have fun with their friends.My Oldest, is crying every day !! She is going away ,to college , and she is a mood of tears!And most of her friends too are going somewhere.

So we all will be out there in the sun! On a hot day watching my little ones , getting their diploma. Until next week my friends. Blessing. Andrea.

Saturday, June 4, 2011


Julia Cameron calls it" Marching orders" , I love her work , I have done all her classes , and still is with me , after so many years. I got marching orders on Wednesday morning.
Synchronicity s where every where that day.Or I will said is a SIGN. Lots of signs!!
, I took the class the Artist way , 7 times!!! that is because I love it so much , and every time was something new!! Then I did , Walking on these world and after that , finding water. The Vein of gold it is not available from my wizard teacher! He said we cant take it!! We are a bunch of loony's any way on these world!!

Julia has her followers I should say, I just like her work, I don't go to LA when she visits , like some of my friends.
I there so many artist, passion , but again Crazy people, The last time I did my class , I did it in a form of witchcraft !! A 13 weeks of writing pages about my head , the morning pages . When I told my wizard about Christoper Penczak"s books,he got them all, Like he said, Gay and witch!!! Perfect that moves my feathers!!So we did 13 weeks of witchcraft.
Is a commute universe , we all listen to same things , same ideas , we all get them , a whisper on our ears, some will do answer the call, some wont do a thing it all.I have these week lots of synchronicity"s !! Julia said when we listen we can see them a lot easier!!! Thank Goddess !!! Im on the right track.

Wednesday, June 1, 2011

Be Witch!!!

I got a day off !! Just because! now I don't own a business front anymore, is so good to be free. But is a challenge too. Love to spend time at home, cooking, do my shores, take care of my soon growing up kids. Is a challenge ! I still work doing hair at the same shop, that I use to own. Is so different, different people, that works there. Funny thing, one day they where telling me ,rules and regulations. I told them " I know all these before you came to these world!". There is another planet, not my planet.
I was having a hard time for a couple of years , with workers that I was just "DONE" I never want to go back! Don't look back is my mantra!. My kids for the first time since they where born(sad) have a Mom The Nanny that help me with them is sad , she was great but time for me to be here!And just me!!
Yes there is lots of regrets in there, the time is gone, nothing we can do about. Some days it makes me sad, others I'm just grateful ,I did it! and learn my things at a young age.Today I work part time, my husband is not use to my new income ,I like to be at home that is my real thing.
So I'm here today just because "I want to", sounds like a two year old, I book my Dr app on today, a client called ,but I told her I m off today, tomorrow will be here soon.
I'm a regular mom, a wife, a witch, an artist, I dream that all my kids love art! We always do art here. When they where little I will give then canvas and paint, today we got some cute art work around the house, I still teach them art! They are too old for mom's class! I made a collage for a client the other day! I think it was more for me them for her. But she love it! Not every body sew or paint ,so that was my gift for her B-day. Now I want to make some more ,I got my sewing machine and things at my living room, any way nobody use it! And the dogs love it when Mama is there! I can be cooking and sewing at the same time. But I need to created a new space for my painting !! Jewelery is at my bedroom. I m taking over the entire house , just like my Andrei (11 years old) and his Lego's.
Sewing , planting witches things, cooking, laundry, That is a modern witch! Oh and lets not forget ! Therapy for my full of hormones! Daughter!! these last weekend she cry all weekend for her boyfriend, they broke-up "AGAIN" Dear Goddess Help me!! I just go with the flow, I give love and some tea with cookies maybe that will help the soul, oh no , no today she told me they are back again, so these is my week, going , just being their Mom, and loving it every minute I have!!!