Monday, July 4, 2011

Witches Hair

It is 4Th of July! And I have done all the fun for the day with my family, movies, food, so is time for my witches hair. What else can i do at these time? My own hair!
Of course I love hair, that is why I do hair. Im not just a regular person, I read hair. Hair can tell me a lot about any one, is that person, easy, fuzzy, all those things get in our hair. And if you know " witches hair" Has more energy than anyone's hair.

I got a glass bottle that said on it" Witches Hair" My best friend "David" another hair stylist, was doing my hair on a Halloween day and cut a piece of my hair and put it and the witches bottle. So now is a Real Witches Hair in there!! He said...Love that, I got the precious bottle now for so many years. My favorite color for me, is always Black, but I like to change it all the time, some times is red, purple, or any thing I may want to get that week.
So today I'm going back to black, just because!! And my gray hair is there!
But so why so many movies all witches hair is black ? Don't know but is so true.
Look at Bellatrix Lestrange in harry Potter, she looks so good with her black hair, she is a little crazy! we know, but girls !! I will love to have that hair.

So that is my point of view about "witches hair" . If is black is good! I just don't know what on earth is wrong with Hollywood, Not every woman with black hair is a witch, and not even a bad person!!


  1. Oh, I love your hair! My daughter has the most beautiful black hair like her father. I always wish I had it too.

  2. I decided to have my husband shave my head ..and now I'm shaping my grow back into funky twists.

  3. ohhh i love your hair :)I used to do black many years ago now i'm natural with a hint of pink occationally :)