Tuesday, November 2, 2010

All my Halloween decor is back in boxes. Sad to say the next thing is the Christmas season, Is too soon for that so I won't even think about it.In the mean time lets talk about good and fan things! Well today my friends and I, did a fundraiser for a orphanage in Tijuana. We make 100 little kids blankets !! it was fan and is good to catch up with my long not seeing friends.We even have a baby there , and what a precious baby, they are so cute ! until they learn to talk and tell about all the things Mom did or didn't do hm, No wonder that famous line" I will get you my little pretty " was invented !So we all finish those cute blankets and eat our lunch and those will be a nice gift for Christmas for all those little ones!.
My Altar is ready for a new theme, fairies, gnomes,wizards,witches,gardens, feathers, I think I have done every thing so I just keep simple (for Today) Candles crystals and cards . Did my favorite tarot set" Enchanted Tarot" I pull the five pentacles , say i will get some money! Hope nobody die! I will fell really bad .And since i sold my business and got the money last month ,I don't think is about that. In the mean time I will just work as much I want to play with my kids and cook some magick,and we will see what else the Goddess will bring . And for my new friends let me tell you I just sold my Hair Salon of 16 years.I m so happy not to run up and down being the boss, now I just take care of my clients ,at the same salon,just not being the owner,Amen sisters!!that is what I call "practical magick" Being practical!.And Let me tell you , is the best thing in life, live ,love, laugh!! I m so thankful the Goddess bless me and my family in every way! I m today sending blessing to all of you burning Sweet grass my favorite for after the holidays !and for a new and clean path . Every day is new day! Blessed be ...Andrea.


  1. Hugs and sparkles to you too. - WG

  2. Dear Andrea,
    Lovely post!
    I am a little sad too that Halloween is over. Thanksgiving is next here, but you can't decorate much for that! I leave my little pumpkins out and bowls of fruits and nuts.

    What a wonderful fundraiser you did for the orphanage!

    I need to redo my little altar too ~ that is something I should do today. Thank you for the reminder.

    It sounds like you have let go of a lot of stress with work. Good for you!

    Many blessings for a magical day!

  3. Thank you my W friends! is a beautiful day !Blessings to all of you!