Monday, November 29, 2010

Fly me to the moon!!

Lets fly away ,lets fly ,lets fly!! Frank Sinatra songs,they are so inspiring for any woman in love or a Witch! ,So listening to him ,I can do so much, Today has being such busy busy day, yoga, art, call people, get back to my tree, oh! go to the post office; mail things:) ,busy but productive. I m working on so many things right now.Those little things that make our life so beautiful. My very old Christmas tree is up and glowing, the things I remember putting the lights up there, friends from the past that are gone in another place , new friends. My kids one year got the flu so bad the nothing will make them smile,not even the presents that where waiting under these tree, I was these year thinking to get a new fancy one since I said I was tired to hang lights around .And get one with the lights already in there and all the blink blink ready, like opening an umbrella Voila there is the tree!! .Went to so many stores to see the display of different trees, I din;t like any.So I m here with my good and faithful Christmas tree.Did all the lights and sing some songs ,kids helping !! These is my tree !! how can I ever get rid of these "Beautiful tree", Lights are glowing blink blink,not ready completely ,so far it has one ornament,Uno nada mas, so far .But is the most important one, is the one to open these season. Years ago at one of my art classes that I sign up for, my art instructor give me these ornament. He being a wizard ,loves witches of course!!. Yes the same ornament from the picture, Imaging that I was the only wish at our entire class. Facts are facts I m always the only witch wherever I go ,except at our witches meetings of course. Where are those little witches !! Hanging on a Christmas tree!! Merry winter days my friends !! Let the Goddess of the snow bring some to you!! These is just the beginning of our 'Yule" and winter days. I will be sewing, painting,dancing doing yoga and rituals too!! and challenging my to make these month the best to finish these year.Blessed be !!Andrea.


  1. Love the ornament. I have a very cool faery hanging on mine!

  2. Your website is eye catching. I like color, it really grabs me. And I love that old song 'Fly Me To The Moon' The magic of it takes me places. You certainly have the Christmas spirit.

    Blessings Fiona

  3. Hi Fiona!! Thanks for the complement!! Im having fun with these blog.Keep visiting!Blessed be.