Tuesday, May 24, 2011

Fabric spells !!

It is hard sometimes to stop and make changes! We are in a wheal go round! I know is so easy just to keep going and going. From time to time, I like to change my regular days. Change the street I drive, take another way to get home. Go to a new store, just to check things out. I like to call these my "DATE" I learn that many years ago with "Julia Cameron"
.A witch is an artist , born that way at heart and soul. So I like to take care of my Magical woman inside of me and take her places !! to enjoy little things. A fabric store is like candy for me.Eyes go crazy!! One day my Mom told me that if I sew for a year without any new fabric, maybe I will clean up my collection, maybe!!. I got fabrics for any occasion,but here is my point, you know I get lost talking talking! I like fabric spells, I use then , there are simple and great art form. I like to embroider on it,paint! you name it. But I like to make little bags of spells!!! First take yourself to the fabric store , talk with you spirit!Do your homework and connect with what kind of fabric you "Feel" is perfect for your spell.If is for healing, look for purples or lavender colors. Spiritual matter, blues shades are the kind. Yellow for troubles at home( Kids, teenagers),Red for passion, brown for an earthy wish like to buy a home! Green, of course is money, pink for blessings,

Let the fabric talk to you, and the touch is important. The texture has to be good for us, connection is part of the spell. I did one with Moons and stars , I was asking to reach high on a sell, I did it, and score good. So you see is about the message on the fabric, weeding plans ! there is lots of flowers in fabrics that can bring that touch, a birth day wish , get a one with cupcakes.

OK so after the fabric is home and have fun at our date!. Time to get our things together, look for things that represent your spell, a heart maybe, a star, a lucky charm, a crystal, a dollar coin, if is to heal our pet , I like to take a piece of their hair, I like hair, I guess I'm a the hairstylist at heart and witch, so I like to use animal fur. Maybe is that coyote sight on me. On my walks , I collect those supply's for later, bunny fur, left on a run!!, feathers , or tree bark,so any thing that your intuition will tell you need to put in there!!. You can make a little bag, a doll, or just a square of fabric and wrap it all in there! Let it cook(just sit), with the spell on hand writing in there,make a poem if you would like that.Place all your ingredients place it in your altar, burn a little sage to clean to intention. I have a spray bottle that I put some sage droops in there ! with water so is perfect to spray things ( when I don't want the element of fire)
Love fabrics that is for sure! There is endless things to do with it. Beats , crystal to sew on the outside,hung a key, a ribbon, any thing that make us to hold that dream. I also like" Milagros" our Spanish culture we use it a lot .

I make dolls with my spells, little wraps, and pillows( little ones) some I just keep in at my altars , others at my bed, under my pillow, and if is about my home I will place it at the entrance! Their is so much fun in sewing fabric!! Give it a try, bless the piece, and get your sewing kit out. Let me know what you are making !! Fabric blessings to all . Andrea.


  1. Fabric spells! What a great idea! I love fabric too. I just found the fabric store in our new area and can't wait to buy a few things. Sometimes I buy used fabrics, such as fabric scarves and use the fabric to make my dolls - here we have a place call "value village" all second hand things at a great price - it's another way I "recycle."

  2. Wonderful idea. I love this and the way you describe everything too. These sound something like the little charm or spell bags I've made.

    Also, love the idea of a personal date day with yourself!

  3. Aine ! Great idea, scarfs are perfect, and with silk is so soft.Recycle and reduce .
    Kim you are a pro_ always! Blessings!! Andrea.