Friday, April 8, 2011

weebly here I come!

These is from my other blog:
"Learning the how to play with my Weebly site, so many things to do. Downloads that I still lost in the connection, I will get there one day !! I just need to keep on these and the things will be done.The computer world never sleeps like us, is always there , the worst thing is ; they keep moving faster them ,what I can do. Kids get it at the moment there mind is so open , is a bum and done for them. I definitely will love to have a memory like that.
I woke up today late ! really really, my guess was my dogs put a spell on me!When I finally open my eyes, "Romeo and Abby "where at my bed totally out! Yeap these two put a sleeping spell on me, was hard to get up, I ask them , if they did something to me? ,Well they just look away ! Ahhaa. These week my kids are in spring break from school so they love to sleep and just hung with friends, lucky kids life is good.
.So today I did miss my yoga class, I would have to make it tonight after work.It suppose to be a storm coming tonight , looks clear right now , but who knows , the weather is tricky , last night we got a shower out of no where, I guess April showers!!! It was beautiful strong , loud on my roof . So I did house work with the beautiful rain, love that sound! I'm still working on my " spring yoga collection". It is looking good, fit for the goddess we all are !! colorful and fun.So I will work on my yoga wear today, and on the jewelry tonight! After the Yoga ! So much to do. Is all fun under the sun! Andrea from Weebly

Please go and click on my store and tell me how I'm doing ? Still is not 100 ready nut is going well!! I put a link" my store" check it out. Comments are so WELCOME!!!

These is my first blog from weebly I wrote today, is fun to have so many things to do. I was looking at different blogs one day and I found these web site!! Free of course at the beginning , so did make one page . mostly is about my art !! The art is what keeps telling me to get up and do what I need to do. I like to keep learning , and is so much to learn when we want to have a website, created by me, that is the best part . I like that !!! Is like I m going to school again. So Hung in there with me sisters of the craft. Thanks for reading my blogs!!


  1. Andrea...I love your new jewelry site, and the rich colors that you chose. You did a great job. I know there is a learning curve to these sites. It took me a while to figure things out, but just keep plugging away!

    By the way, great picture of yourself on the jewelry site. You look like a "hot goddess." :)


  2. I know what you mean about the computers. I think the young kiddos come with some sort of chip inserted in the brain we don't know about that makes them automatically know all about this computer business!

    Thanks for joining our giveaway and good luck!


  3. Thanks !!! Kim! Love to hear about my other blog! like I said " still learning".