Thursday, September 1, 2011

A Witches Night

These is a poem for us!! Ready to fly! Bring your broom and sing with me.


The moon is telling me that Halloween is almost here.

The birds are singing the moon is red up here!!

The winds are coming stronger every night, the clouds are forming shapes, is Halloween!!

The air is thin , the face is warm the circle is cast, the witches are forming up.

The ancient one called the spirits, the maiden got the flowers, the circle is open...

Offering are burn and give, candles are sending spells on the air, is Halloween night!!!!

A question , a prayer, a spell they all are the same.

An answer is given, the winds are coming...

Calm in the forest...The Ancient one speaks;

Be free my dear, she said , fly tonight, use your power and hurt none! So be free and ask, She will give what you want!!!

The night is open , witches are gone! they flying , just having fun...

Circle will be open forever and will last a thousand years , perhaps!!

Gifts are open on these night, ask for yours and the Ancient one will come. Perhaps!!!

Blessed be . By Andrea Berg.


  1. Love the poem! Your special time of the year is coming up soon..I love the season as well. Halloween! Glorious time.

  2. Wonderful poem, Andrea! You are a woman of many talents. Halloween is so near now I can feel it.

  3. SO READY !!for our night!! fun night , so much to do before!