Tuesday, May 17, 2011

Rainning man!! Aleluya !

Today is Raining!! is a lovely day! it reminds me of a day many, many moons ago.Back when my Man and I where dating. It was raining too, not to hard but just enough to get you wet and your hair all sticky on your face! .We went on a boat ride with my Dad, a perfect day for a witch, not sunny it all. Dad ask if we still want to go I said Yes!! is perfect. The wind, the rain, water element ! with a little bit of love can change so many things. We went with my Dad but then he went to his sport fishing and he was gone! So their I was with my future man, just a few weeks before our weeding. If someone will come that day and tell me ( Hey Andrea, these all your magic, you are a witch!) I would not believe it.
Here we are in our twenty year of marriage, he still likes me, don't know why?. He always makes fun of the witch and loves my gift of a healer. Well I use it a lot here at home with the kids and he gets sick really easy with stress, he said he hates my work ! sure and always said, can you make me a tea! or put something on my chest!, when one of the kids get sick he jokes and tells them, run run away! she will put sticky things on you. Funny but all of them love to be at the witch's care!! Even the dogs .
So I'm at the garden today feeling the rain at my face and ,don't know what, but I was brought to the day 20 years ago!! Sometimes just the smell of the rain and the water are just so powerful to bring something back, yes I feel 20 years younger, I'm 25 at the moment in my garden !! Dear Goddess ! Time is just time,no space in our space , not clock to said where we are, we think we are going forward. Yes but in a mans clock, not in the Universe . Who say to say if that is the right time. makes me feels like traveling time, one minute we are here, next we move, and we can move on any direction, forward or backwards . So there is my point,WE are the ones that can direct our time, our destiny! Our time in life.I always put my mantra on these" I m on the right place at the right time" These is my favorite mantra, keeps in me the safe moment.
Another of my daily mantras is " Do it like is easy" life got some hard times sometimes, but I said my mantra and that keeps me on a track for the day, doing it easy. It works, and you know all things are in our mind, all of them. So once i remember all those things , my magic my spells work so well.
Magic works because we put our intent in there, our energy opens the gates to make it happen!! The Goddess is on every gate ready to let us in, no matter what we might think, if is hard or easy , is up to us to open those rusty gates! and after that we will enter the Goddess sacred place and we stay there with her forever! at peace, safe, we can go and come whenever we want ! is our place, it can be forward on our future or get back to our past. If is beautiful, don't look back if is bad, just go to the sacred land of happiness, and see not much has change.
When we get the key to go in and out is so full in our lives to see it! we feel good we look good ! it feels right! that is my moment today it feels right! I m at the right place at the right time!!!
! Blessed be.


  1. I enjoyed reading this. You always write from your heart. That is a good idea...I should come up with my own daily mantra. I like that.

    Goddess blessings to you....

  2. I'm so glad I stumbled onto your blog today. :) What a beautiful post. I love rainy days too and it was wonderful to read how you remember that one special rainy day. I'm following you now also. :)

  3. Thank you all for your comments!! Love the rain is magical!!

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