Tuesday, June 28, 2011

witches Market

Yesterday I post something I found about Peruvian witches. that interesting thing is the comments around the world. Some people told the company"Uncommon treads" , that they will not receive their news letter any more and did"Unsubscribe". Still up to these days is people out there seeing "witches as a bad thing" . When life is in a tread , then those same people come to look for witches to heal them. I have seeing it!! . They will call names to our witches in my town. But if they were dying , those same will know at their door in the middle of the night so no one could see them.

Witches , as we are, love the art of healing! The is one of my favorite subjects. I like to read about natural healing and what is good for what. I grew up with two healers. My dad and my Mom !! We all know about plants and nature. I practice my healing all the time, all my kids know about my recipes, some not so taste ! But at the end is all good and they just get better. My husband , I think , married me for that. He gets sick really easy and wont go to Dr it all.He gets sick any time his stress kicks in. He know s about all my medicines , still when he lying down and coughing like hell!!and with eyes close he will ask " And what is that?" . I always tell him the same thing " one of my witches brew" . So call it faith or the power of believing in something, it works. for years the doctors in little villages were woman, not a man job, we!! .

The herbs that we treasure and love are those in our kitchen!! I found a new one recipe for those persistent colds with mucus and bad cough "Kale " just as simple these plant is , I found is so perfect to clean up all the junk from the chest!! So yesterday! I went to the market got some kale and cook it lightly for my husband! Well his bad cough was gone. I made enough for a couple of days . he is such good patient, he will try any thing I get to discover.

So the witches kitchen is so important , I spend so much time in there , just as my sewing room. Spells must be created with love, and asking to others about it, learning every day some more . I love to travel and go to search herbs, teas , lotions made of only natural ingredients. And yes I would love to go and meet one of those little witches in Peru.That thing is they not always speck a common language , I found that myself on a few of my trips. Dialects that we don"t have a clue! So much for my espanol !!
All that is the thing , some people just don"t understand the meaning of a witch. They fear and think something evil ,is because they never meet one before. Well we got news for them, one day they will meet one and "Fall in love with us".

We heal all those in need ! I have two nieces , we talk sometimes on the phone and they tell me: we know when you are doing your work, we all fee it at home" . I send my love to them to heal any thing that they may be having. So whether we are close or not , our energy travels , just like if we are there. I call that Traveling on my broom... Until we meet again. Go to the market .... witches market whenever you can.


  1. Where i live everyone i know is a witch in fact we always say its normal here. To meet a non witch would be kinda odd for me. I still struggle to call myself a witch as i feel i need to learn so much more but hey heres to US witches :)

  2. I love your blog! I understand where you are coming from and exactly what you mean.. I stay away from labels because I have found "Witch" makes others uncomfortable, though they know it's my "craft". I was born this way and into this "way" of life!
    Being a "healer" works better for those who have issue with the term witch. It's funny that my focus is help other always feel at ease.. It's what we do , though, isn't it? :-) Much love and brightest blessings! Robin

  3. This was a special post! It seems as if you put so much love into your healing! I bet you have a wonderful, calming energy :)

    Actually I love kale. I have an Italian recipe for kale and white beans. It's simple peasant food, but so yummy! Now I have even more of a reason to eat it...

    Witchy Blessings to you...

  4. Miss Crystal! Lucky girl yes!! I think you are from a Harry Potter book. And your town is just like that, I wish I can visit you.

    Miss Dahlia!! Your new blog is so cute, and so is your craft!.

    Kim , I'm nothing calming! I got more energy then 10 together, but thanks!! Please send me your recipe!

  5. Wonderful post! I love the art of healing as well. I only wish more people would open their minds and not be so skittish about witches. But as you say, they still come at dark when nobody can see.