Tuesday, November 8, 2011

Friends forever

Is a full moon tonight! Is a cold night, clear and perfect to see it. I m just siting quiet for a while!! That is what myself is doing!. Some times is a lot of things going on, and others is not! I have a lot going on my mind! Worry's are in my head, my Dad is going for a cancer surgery these week. He is in good spirits.Mom is worry too, I know he will be fine, he is like a cat!! land on his four legs. Them is on going thing at work, more things to my head!!! The muse in my head are telling me to just let it go. So I do my yoga, walks, ritual, and listen... Just to listen the sound of nothing is good for me right now!!
I have a few friends, maybe a lot. I like to keep my friends forever. I have my gay-boyfriend, gay-husband, and of course my real hubby !! father of my kids!! The other day some one could n"t understand ;Why I do care about them(talking about my boyfriend and other husband ) We are big friends, for so many years!! And I do love them, they care for me too. Why people can"t just get it!! These week, David is turning the big 50!! He is having a party!! Cant wait to tell him" Happy B-day Bitch" . We will have a blast!!! We always do.
So is having friends a problem to others that don"t have a any? For real, if we are happy!! why they got to said things Like" you are weird" and my answer is " So" I hear that before.
So I will have real friends forever!! Funny thing , my real friends don"t use facebook, ha .We just called on the phone, do the real thing of talking, getting together , having lunch , dinners or just coffee. I know then more them anyone in their family. And same the other way!! They love to send me text"s about "the witch" . Goddess bless them all. And yes I will collect more friends in these journey call life!!! That what "Witches Do Best"!!! Blessing to all my blogger friends.


  1. Just finished talking on the phone (not FB) to one of my real friends. I always feel so energized after that.

    Keeping your Dad in my thoughts - all good ones!!

  2. Good friends are treasures and should be treated as such.

    Sending good thoughts to your Dad!

  3. Keeping you in my thoughts and prayers. wishing a sppedy recovery for your dad and hoping the nasty C disappears.

    I blogged about your Goddess doll Teodora yesterday and everyone thinks she is beautiful. I love her!

    Blessings to you and yours, V.

  4. Thank you my dear friends!! Yes I do thank you for your blessings and energy! He will have it done tomorrow.
    Vivienne I m so glad you love your goddess!!! See you all in your blog! Blessings to all of you!

  5. Nothing can beat an old fashioned talk and laughter or tears with a dear friend in person. I think you are a beautiful soul, you sweet witch. Hugs to you.