Sunday, April 10, 2011

A street fair

Sunday! I hear from a friend that it was a street fair in a town close by, so I told every one of my kids" Hey do want to go? Got some NA, but 3 yes so we went ! Beautiful day to be outdoors,I like any fair , just to see all the different artist!/ Every town got its own. These was by the water! suffers town,and everybody and their Mother brought their dog out!. I never take my crazy barkers out, no way Jose! they will run down the town. So It was me and my boys and Dad!. I kind of trick him!! Told him " go and see how they do their fair. My Man, has to do our street fair in our town(Volunteer president)And 50.000, people that lives ,just down the st from us, now you know why is California ,nobody knows their next door neighbor , so many people.
So we got there, we got a bag of kettle corn! sweet thing to much while we walk up and down! Crazy rides they have in their, crazy food that looks so good ! but it will kill your arteries later too.
The town got so many cute little boutiques , tiny shops, their was spiritual readings too!! And for free! I was thinking "that is lot of work1 readings after readings, I have done that at party ( I did the party), no thank you ,I don't do that many readings any more, Your head gets too busy, so many questions and so many answers too.So I also found a spiritual store! Yeah Mom is in heaven, so my family , stay out eating ice creams , so I can enjoy the store. Cute as all are, they have Goddesses, Buddhas ,worlds to live by, candles, incense and all those cute trinkets to hung on your wall!Very inspiring. Those stores are like a candy for me, I can be there all day, just looking at little things. I got one close by my work, I got on the habit to go there every week, Saturdays after I finish my clients,I will go there and see every thing! That is the store that sold my Altar cloths , so yes I like to be at these " Spiritual retreats stores" They calm any body's mind with their music, sounds and burning sages and candles! I ask for faeries, they didn't have any !!! What I said no faeries! These can be trouble for them ! Don't piss off the faeries! But it was fun to see every thing, so I said good bye .
I found a nice Lady selling her home made products! A witch incognito I think! So I got a nice spray , body spray. She got all my favorites herbs made into a lotion or potion! I said that is all made at her home, love to support those crafty artistic woman, in their own kitchen making soap , just like the Aunts in my favorite movie " Practical magic" So my I got my spray, I did put some at one of my Goddesses , She love's it.
We did walk the entire fair ! every inch that we could see , fun people with funny pets! Dogs where hot! But buckets of water are put in every corner here,just for the doggies! Oh Did I tell you ! their is lots of dog business these days, sunglasses, huts, doors, t-shits ! door mats about the dog! Is a Doggies world! And I love those four legs , little barkers too!!

So food was all over , yes !restaurants of any type for every appetite .My boys got the biggest chocolate chip cookies in the world, their goes their lunch too.It's good to be a kid!!.
I got so inspire from that fair! like I always do! back at my garden ,planting new herbs, tomatoes, and cleaning all those weeds! It is fun to go out and play.have you play today!I hope you do too!!! Blessings .Andrea.


  1. Sounds like a great day!

    PS - I love your new blog look!

  2. Brightest blessings :) thanks for popping over to visit me at sparkle and shine it ws great to see you. Now we must have twin rocks lol because that one is deffo in my little village, im going to have to dig out some photos of my neck of the woods keep posted for a whistle stop tour :) x x x

  3. What a lovely sounding day! I am going shopping today with our 14 y/o and will get to go to Spiritual store for a bit (I can't wait!). I'm a new follower, so HI! Nice to meet you. :)

  4. Ainne Thanks for visiting me!I will email you soon!
    Thank you Kijjet! I will check your blog and follow you too! Have fun at the store!

    Crystal , beautiful pictures indeed .Great blog, good energy.