Monday, September 12, 2011

Power blackout

Last week Thursday! we have a night, of no electricity! Blackout! Talk about weird, the entire city of San Diego on black!!! traffic was crazy the street lights stop, no planes coming or going.

Stores closed right away their doors, restaurants,no credit card machines working anywhere!So they send every body home.
I come home and put my candles all over the house, was so nice to see the glow in every body's home, the spell of darkness came!! Was warm , a day before the full moon, it was special, my kids and husband , we all sit outside and talk, just like when I was a kid in our blackout nights. after every rains storm boooommmm, lights out!! Candles are up! Story time.!! Spooky story's of course!!!
Next day we got our power back, the town was happy!! The kids didn't have school , so they were in a party mood!!!
It was a fun day and night we all did things that don't do normally .Every one of my friends did some thing fun, cook with the stars, take a walk with a flashlight , sleep at their motor home,grill some fish or some meat! I burned my candles and open a bottle of wine and talk and talk for hour with my kids.
I wish these will be once a month thing . we could plan it, have more lights hanging out, invite friends, and sit under the stars!!! For some spells , some food or just sing like we used to do when we run out of talking!!!


  1. I like the occasional blackout too! Makes your home take on a new look and makes you appreciate electricity too!

  2. makes all slow down! and enjoy what we have!

  3. I like your idea of a monthly blackout and I love the picture of your burning candles. Nighttime magic indeed!