Thursday, November 11, 2010

Witches Garden!

I read in a book some thing like you know you are a witch when..." A different rose " grow in your garden and you didn't plant it or if red geraniums grow wild... Well I can name a lot of things that grow out in my garden and I didn't plant it!!So let start these new thing "What is you and your garden growing" .
Yesterday I was waiting for a friend of mine, outside at my little front garden, and the first thing I notice was a lot of mint!! ,Mint is growing every where. Last year my sister gave a plant of mint so " I know" I put it in a container because, the plant is a runner .She runs every where. But No!!( Mint) she decided to explode seeds!!All over, and send them to my garden, so , Last year I took the plant out ,all of them and dry it in little bunches to make tea and facials and bath staff, so guess what>> she is back and is telling " Mama I'm growing here and I m not going away" . So any one needs some mint!! Let me know! Then was the Thyme ! My oh my ,she is persistent little plant. Taste really good on beans and meats .Any one needs some thyme? Let me know. So the wild roses came one day, I know !! they have deep roots and are hard to pull so I call my Honey and ask for help. "what plant he ask? The Rose; I said . " why " he ask, I told him that" she was an invited guest ". Husband said " them let her grow,she likes it here" . So she is still here and is extending her roots. Remember in Practical Magic those roses that just grow overnight ,we got them too.And no I didn't kill anybody ,no that I know.
So have you ever walk in your garden and see a plant that you didn't plant?. I always blame the Owls or other birds! they eat they poop !! I get it!!
My Garden is little but is full of live! A lizard lives there and the other day she change her outfit to a new size!! I guess she is getting bigger,needs bigger skin!So she left me the old skin right in between my roses, nice ,so I hang her skin out in front of the house and I called it a " Protection charm".
So what is in your garden?
And the princess at the flower patch! is Abby !! Little and cute. My Dogs love mom's garden too. Blessings from my garden to yours!!Let it grow.


  1. Oh, sadly I don't have a garden. I have a lot of houseplants though. I enjoyed hearing about yours - and when I did have a garden years ago, I also had a bit of a problem with the overactive mint!!

  2. My garden is very much a cottage garden ~ you never know what you may find. We have rosemary growing by the front door (good for protection) and lots of mint. Yes, once she gets her roots in there is no stopping here! I've had roses come up with colors I never planted!
    I grow african violets indoors and have a huge pink geranium that I've had to repot several times because it keeps growing ~
    Love little Abby, she looks so sweet.
    Hope your day is lovely ~

  3. I guess I have to remember " mint for the money" ,and rosemary ,lavender and sage are special guest in my garden,always invited to my party's. Aiene,I use to have lost of indoor plants at my last house but now is all outside,interesting how we evolve all the time and so our plants.
    Geraniums are a lovely plant ! Laurie ,have you ever try Nutmeg Geranium? is really nice.I try to find different types and there are so easy to grow.Keep digging!!

  4. I envy the garden my friend. Thank you for sharing, writings like these get me thinking of what I could do. Hugs and sparkles - WG

  5. Witchy ,just put some in pots and jars they will grow.Even jade in water!! Water for the soul!

  6. I love gardening it's one of my therapys, my husband is building me a new greenhouse, so I can garden year round.

    Great post.
    Lady Cattra, your newest follower

    PS thanks for visiting my blog

  7. I will love a green house! Yes I think they are the cutes thing, I got a new camera now I can post pictures of my garden!!thank Lady Cattra your blog is really inspiring!