Tuesday, January 25, 2011

Brighid our Goddess!

I will love to go to Ireland and travel all those places that hold the Goddess energy. I know I will go there one day, just matter of time. So here I'm inspire by my Beloved Brighid Celtic Gooddess. Amazing woman that is represented in many forms , well she is represented like a triple Goddess. She is the mother the Maiden and then the Crone, just like any of us, I like that . The more I read about her the more I re_ like her!! making a new word!!!I enjoy to learn about all those things history some times hide or maybe was the church, hiding all that about her , and not just her, they will obscure any Goddess or God for the matter. So the church decide to take things on their hand and make her a catholic little girl!! Imaging that. If you can't win join them, they said. So they did wash away all her "paganism" and bum there she is !! The Holy girl is a virgin!! Any way , just me and sense of humor, Brighid has places in Ireland that we can go and trace her! Holy wells , stones, her famous cross , I definitely will make one today. The cross is so simple and it represents the circle of our like , is like a wind mill farm flowing soft but very powerful force , (again the wind)so her cross is flowing , making us to go to our next place in life. accepting the changes in our body, yes one day we get those body changes not so much fun. Goddess Brighid is also an artist , a healer, a companion in our journey. In the movie " mist of Avalon" my favorite all the time, they do a beautiful Imbolc celebration , using the honey and milk as a gift for her!! So these are the Ritual a Witch do, we embrace her and walk with her, she take care of us, she listen and gives us back energy to continue in our call.
Her Altar most be a place to bring all the things she grows for us these time of the year and those to be thankful for.Use your inspiration in all the creative altar , she will bless our creativity and grant all of us with more creativity!!! Use candles, a bowl of water to charge her energy,bees, bee-hives, flowers, and give her a bowl of milk with some honey!!!.Ask for her assistance in any area you may need it!.She is here... she always have being here with all of us even when we forget about her.Her fire her fertility lives in our body , sometimes dormant just like these winter days , but we know all will change at the right time.
Blessed be.


  1. I love Bridgid. Her cross hangs on my door all year long. My best friend went to Ireland and brought me a "charm" that she dipped in Bridgid's well. Of course, it worked!! It's one of my most treasured possessions. I hope to go there one day too.

  2. Aine, how charming is that! you are a lucky Goddess to have that charm. Great idea about her cross , I use to put it inside , it works any way.Thanks for your nice comments,I do like those!