Tuesday, August 16, 2011

Simple things

And Im back to the life of a mom of kids!! I have fun these last couple of days with my friend David. We laugh at all the things he was going threw, but here is the thing; if you want to be pretty ," their will be pain"!!!

I like to take things simple as they come, so with David we are the same, easy going!! as long is our way! Simple meals!! with desert! long walks just to talk and by night we will have our little beauty rituals!! We both do the same thing, Hair and face so we have always new things to tell each other!!Beauty secrets that we just hear at a health food store or by Mr Dr Oz!!!
We found a Bristol Market just a blog from our hotel, so we walk there and try all sort of wonderful things,and by that we did some walks around Beverly Hills and smoky LA . The planet is polluted and it s not looking good. So what is the point the close doors and run the air so we can clean all the bad air. That is LA full of traffic,and congested life.
Beautiful homes and no life outside , every body is so busy making more money that forget to enjoy the simple things that won't cost much! Friends and a cup of coffee a walk on the park! SO I always ask to my Goddess " Keep me true to myself" , when we no longer know who we are , is when we just lost our sense of integrity . I'm a dreamer just like my favorite singer "John Lennon" but I m not the only one...And by all that we have a wonderful time ! two old friends, just laying down and watching some TV and talking about the good old days when we use to work together and I was his boss.But just like any man we went to someone else , yes another woman , David went to work for her!! Our joke was that ; she has big boob's, big lips , and more money!!!
I did the driving back , helping him to get in and out of the car, and trying not to making laugh!( that was hard) his was very sore and hurts to move !! So here we are !! Ready to continue our daily things , I will stop and check on him these week....He will have his new pictures in about six months! I m sure that he will look just fantastic . And we will keep up with our coffees and simple talks !!!


  1. What a wonderful time you had with your friend. I laughed out loud about his changing jobs to go work for another woman with big boobs, big lips and more money. ;-)

    You are so correct that we need to be true to ourselves and sometimes that seems so difficult in our over consumerism world.

  2. thanks Mina! so true, at the end is the little things the makes happy!!