Tuesday, January 10, 2012

Boxing day

Full moon !! was full of surprises !! Honey and I went to the city for a dinner party! Seeing good friends, laughing , hugs, it is all good!, I stay up as long as I could , 2am is plenty for me in my forty's. And these is a once a year thing, I need my rest.

Next day drove back home. It is so good to take naps, something I never do, but I thing we should make it a daily ritual.
That morning I was talking with a friend about workouts, we went last week to try a boxing class! We had fun, she sign up for more classes.I didn't, why? I told her, my hand was in so much pain in the class , that I was feeling so stupid. What if I will break a bone just to have fun! no thanks.

Well as I was saying that , my husband did broke his elbow !!! He is the basketball coach of one of our boys, he was playing too and he went down!!! owwwch yes big pain!! So full moon in a clinic is not fun and he was not having fun anymore .But we survive and learn something, we are not kids anymore, and we should think better before jumping like a 12 years old.
Poor honey he is in pain most nights, it will take time to heal.Time will heal any thing!! So there we all need just time, and every thing will be alright!


  1. You got tagged!

  2. I took a kickboxing class in my early 30's and loved it! However, my 46 year old body is not the same as my 31 year old body and I don't think I could do it now without hurting myself. ;-)

    I am so sorry to hear about your hubby's broken elbow. Oh that must be so painful. Sending healing thoughts to him (and you.)