Thursday, January 19, 2012

Spell for house cleansing

I got a cold last week, Thank Goddess is over. Dark and cold days I guess got me that way.
So after feeling better and saging my home so every last bit of the cold to get it out!, I magickly sweep my entire home, I did with my own grown herbs, every thing that grows here, went in there. Sometimes I even use dandelions , they are good for us in a salad so why not for all vitamins , and to empower our psychic ability and divination when used in a tea!!
All plants in my garden are " welcome" so my herbs sometimes get some visitors in there, so I tell them that they are volunteer for a garden spell.No way no one is going to just hung in there without giving something to the Goddess.
I cut roses yesterday too ! is like spring today, these weather is crazy , one day is dark and windy , the next the bees are out the sun is shining and all clouds are gone, hummm I just go with the flow .In sunny days I walk do sunny things outside, on cold days I stay in, burn candles drink hot tea, write journals, and work too.
So back on my spell of house cleansing! I finish the beautiful enchanted spell with a charge water with roses, and I add olive oil for my hard wood floors, they look great! The water was charge with every rose from garden, salt, wild sage pick from the day in my daily walk, magical words and the beautiful oil! My dogs got happy !! Roses are for happiness and sage to clear all things, Magic to put myself back!!! Life has these funny things , get us sick so we can slow down and re-think our life. And take care of us too.

I m getting ready for Beltane,reading about Brigit our Goddess , I got a charm of Bridget"s cross from a client, so now I have to see if I want to put on a bracelet or necklace, I do love all the legends that come from Ireland , they know about story's , and like they said to make new ones too.
The eternal circle , the wheal of the year, it keep us in touch with our practice , just like temperance , touch with our toes the water! and let then in all in a new year a new practice.

Merry meet ... did you sweep your house today?


  1. I sweep EVERY day!! I like your idea about the olive oil - going to try that. Any suggestions for herbs/flowers to help make the house worry-free?

  2. Andrea: Thank you so much for my gorgeous Goddess apron. I have hung it on a peg near my working altar. It will be the perfect "tool" to complete my spell work. Thank you for your generous collaboration with Mina of Green Witch with Sprinkles. The apron is indeed magickal.
    Oma Linda