Tuesday, January 24, 2012

Candleligth yoga!

And after all things get quiet!! The storm is over, the sun is shinning !!! Yes! indeed , we had a huge rain storm yesterday today , is over wet and sunny is a new promising day, and my dogs are happy , no more rain!! . These Week I start a new practice at a totally new place(yoga). Some things I can"t leave without is these one, my perfect mind stretch yoga! It helps me to do so much better in my spirit , my body and mind.
I went by myself like I always do on any thing that I decide. Got my things ready and went out the door. I was welcome by the cutest faces in the world, nice young instructor.She reminds me of my long time friend Collen , she was my instructor for many year! And we become friends , she move to Colorado but we are still connected in our lives.
The new studio is 5star spa-like, sanctuary! Buddhas, candles, aromatherapy, big spacious room and clean , clean and with room for our spirit !!
I was putting my mat on the floor and I notice some familiar faces, yoga is a close circle! We know every body!
I had a fabulous practice!Beautiful energy! Our cute girl instructor told me " we were glowing with energy" .Hummmm I found my new place.She invited me to come back again next day, heat yoga and candlelight !!! so I said yes. Next evening I was at the studio and got to see another of my long time no see yoga friend! We practice together 3years ago, She was pregnant at the time, was so cute to see her belly moving sometimes in a pose. We re-connect last night , exchange phone #s so we can text to each other and meet again at the studio!
So imaging all that good news I found waiting for me. All these time, my other yogy-friends were there! I was never alone! I found again a new circle.
My old friends from the old studio keep visiting me for tea and a talk , we usually check on the phone . .
My spirituality in a place that I love ! Last night candles and energy , put my mind in the right place. These is the Goddess in every way...Doing savasana the final pose, that remind us to let go all ego, and to welcome a togetherness in the world!! Namaste!!!

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