Friday, November 19, 2010

Yule abundance spell's

I got a book last year ,not a good one, but it Tell's me about what moon sign we are. So today we are with a Taurus moon. That is good for me being a Taurus .But also is good for all of us it bring grounding!! and good roots,like a good Taurus you most always communicate with our mother Gaea. All the nurturing she does for all of us ,rain, food that grows in our land or gardens,flowers ,rivers, so much we will never end! Yule time is coming before we know is on top of us .Honor mother Gaia ,feel her breeze, hug a tree ,and lets take a walk on a cold day. I can' wait to decorate my house and my Tree!!. I love Faeries ( ???) like crazy! so last year my house on yule was all about them on the tree ,stairs, garden!! So I went these week to find more Faeries ornaments!!! I found some more,I was o happy that I can't wait for not even the next month,so I already put them out on my chandelier .They are so happy up there.I told my son"Andrei" Honey look they are flying ,he say " NOTTT" . Kids ! They forget Mom is still a kid.
So at the book I got the wonderful spell for Yule. Get some Holly leafs, one for each member of the family ,and a gold pen, write each person's name on the leaf with the golden pen .Thread a needle with a red string. Thread one by one of the leafs with the red string. When all the leafs are in the red thread.Say" May we be bound with love and good wishes,and prosper in the new year!! so blessed be! hang it on a tree in or out.Those blessings are the knot in every home.Now I got projects to make for these holidays, more to make. I want; home made ornaments, fill with love and passion for my life, my kids home ,and my friends! Peace and love is already the new season!!! Blessed be my friends. Hang your faeries and prayers on your tree!!


  1. I love faeries too. That is a very nice spell - thank you for sharing! Yesterday I bought some fresh evergreen branches and a poinsettia, so my decorating is beginning!

  2. Fresh evergreens !! so nice will smell your home:)