Monday, February 21, 2011

Goddess garden!

Im here waiting for some summer to come! well spring will be first and the Easter bunny! So still I got some time to get ready for warm days. Yesterday I tough I was getting sick, every body is coughing out there! Thank Goddess It was not my case, so happy to be feeling good and artistic! I decide to go out my back yard! and play! I have being at these home for almost 9 yrs! Times go fast when we are having fun! My kids are growing so fast I can't believe it!. Thanks to dogs they always stay the same. My back yard is little, but is perfect! I got an out door Altar! That I use quite at lot!. Smocking things ! is so much easy to just spell work out side and I like to think the energy just goes higher on space and Universe.At nights the are warm and with a full moon I love to stare the night and stars out there! Is quiet and nice to change from the indoors.
So I have to work on my back yard before any ritual and that is the big part with me! I go ALL that way to make things even bigger! Blame my artist inside, so I start yesterday with an idea of finishing some flowers around there, well I got intro painting for the Goddess and I move her these way that way, paint her wall ! did more flowers I even did a portrait of my dog " Romeo" out there, Im not even finish I never finish. I don't like to think something is finish I can always add something more. So I'm going back today to keep painting,I still have another dogie to paint , Miss Abby!! She is ready to look all preaty on the Goddess wall. So her are some pictures , I have to take some more today.
It was a fun day, the bees where out there singing to me and the Goddess! At the end of the day The Goddess got lipstick! She ask for it!, I apologize for never add any color to her, so she got pink lips now! She likes them! I think she is smiling more .
The day is bright and a little cold but art is calling me and so my Goddess!!! Until we meet again!

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  1. Oh gosh isn't time flowing quickly this year. I've just managed to catch up and I love your witch garden photos. The gnome looks so at home among the leaves and your statues are beautiful.