Friday, March 25, 2011

Beltane at home!!

I m famous for candles at home! spell candles, candles for prayers, friends in need of help , I just love that glow in the dark! or morning ,any time is a good time to light a candle. I , sometimes forget to go and put the light out! So I get worry at nite, Oh my Goddess did i leave a candle burning!? And run down stairs to check ,and yes I did. So I m in candle out time, or time out myself of candles!! Sounds crazy , yes !but so I got these idea to have a permanent glow at my altar ( eternal light) , i got a " crystal quartz light" is so pretty, I have it for year to illuminate a few Goddesses! I m now in these mood of lights all over so my salt rocks lights are on all around the House!! One of my neighbors who is a nurse and works late at nights, she told me the other day! :" Andrea your home looks so pretty at night, it is like some body is there all the time, at home! . Well yes !! my guardians are home all the time! Abby and Romeo! my two hairy guardians ,my concierges. but is also my spirits, they keep an eye at my home and family at all time, wake me up when I forget a candle too! .

Every witch has her helpers , I know that over the years my just are so comfy at home, 9 years I have being at my house, and since the first day I came I knew these was my house! From the very first time I came to see it I knew !! These is my home, I feel my guardians telling me ! a whisper at my ears!
these is a charming home , I believe the house choose the owner, my choose me! at the time they where so many buyers . And I still have to sell my other old home( we did, with at lot of ritual from my dear friends) , But the people who did own these one, choose us, our family!! 9 years ago I got 3 little ones! Today they are crowing so fast I can't even believe it.

I got as you all know the witches garden where all kind of mid nite spells are taking place. Rituals , secrets , all that is at my ground. Friends of mine come to do spell work here ! we just feel safe and well taken care here!And again our guardians .

One full moon nite I sat out in my front yard! it was late at night and so I was doing my garden night spells!! My owls where there, I was just so in my thing , never seeing people walking late at night ! . Some Mother and teenager daughter where walking out the night, funny thing ! I was burning sage and incense around my garden!The Mom say" What she is doing? , her Daughter answer..." Mom ...shhs she is smoking weed " Man I laugh so hard that i have to run inside and sit for a wile!! Smoking weed!! I just love it, so you see I like my neighbors is better to smock things then to do " witches work" .

I probably will live here for many years !! I have to keep my spell work at my garden, my kids love these home too, so the mortgage will be paid on time so in about 30 years it will be free and clear! , so i will be old really and old witchy woman!!

Beltane is coming !! Can wait to see it again these one is one of my favorite ritual is on the day!! the fires of Beltane!!! I when to Europe a few years ago , their fires are something to see , people will burn any thing out on the night! I see a huge couch out in a big pile of chairs and things that people gather so symbolize the " out with the old' . It was an intense Beltane!! I wish I could go again and do it again. Maybe when I get more money, more spell works , that means " work hard girl" . So I'm know getting ready for our day!!! Beltane will be here soon and there is so much to plan , things to trow out and clean up, fiscal and mental !. I will be with some friends too, so it will have a lots of energy!.

Is amazing how much can happen in one year!, last year I was asking our Goddess !! Help so I can sell my business!! these year is already done, sold it and ready to go and open a new one too. Is a fast going year! It is has being good and hard at the same time I learn so many things ! Beltane is part of our wheal of changes!! . Did you got what you ask last year? Did you see it coming ?, I never did, . So these year I will be calm and ask for simple baby steps!. And I will say to my Goddess Ashera!!! Thanks for all your help!. Ask her! Ashera is a Goddess of war she will take arms and do all she can do for us, snakes at hand and arrows !!

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  1. What a lovely post! Your words come straight from your heart. I can tell.

    By the way, where did you buy your rose quartz lamp? I’d love to get one for my altar too!

    Your home sounds like it has a comforting and protective energy...a nice place to live and raise children too.

    Your midnight garden spell story is so funny and had me laughing! So I’ve been told that sage smudge smells like weed! :0

    You spent Beltane in Europe! You lucky girl! Ah, yes...Paganism is alive and well in Europe.

    Blessing to you and your beautiful Goddess Ashera.