Monday, August 22, 2011

Damn you Mercury

Mercury retrograde ; is still going, is gone until Saturday 27. Man oh man is kicking my butt!! Is so hard not to feel those energy's. Sun Energy, mix with the powerful planet of Mercury! you shake it all up !! And you better have a Midnight Margarita , so we can deal with these better! The best mode to be in during a Mercury retrograde is one of "non-reaction"
Mercury comes and push us all out of our comfort zone! Needles and pins right in our sit!! And we hear those marching orders! Do what you need to do!!! So Yes !!! Im doing the doing and still felling it!! Please go away so I can just sit , and not feel the damn thing.And here is the thing , we have to do our list of things!! Or it just not go away " is like read, re-read re-view the situation"
Whatever we do, don’t let those mercurial nightmares scare us. They are not supposed to harm you, they are supposed to keep you us on our toes

So don't buy the cow! Don't milk the cow, heck ! stay way from the cow!!!
I notice that Geminis, and those lucky ones born on a retrograde don't get so affected like the rest of us, but the good part in all these is the an-finish business that we need to get done. Long time ago I start a quilt, the poor thing was in a container for years, until one of these Mercury days!! The quilt got done, I was at the time doing an art project class, so that was my homework!! Finish some an finish piece of art!! I even wrote at the back of my quilt!!" It was a hard mercury retrograde....
and the big quilt!! got finish!! I wonder what I will get finish these week?