Monday, August 29, 2011

Going to College

My little girl is out to college!!!Ashley my little Goddess on training weals is gone!. Saturday we drove to her school early morning. Check in was at 8:30 so we got up at 6am, I couldn't sleep that nite! So many emotions, worry, happy , sad, exited, more worries.
The day was fun and fast, put every thing out of the car to her dorm, her new roommate got more things then 10 girls together, we told her" looks like you are not going back home". They hung lights on their walls, move their beds, connecting computers at campus is a job, so they got "geeks" OH my , I wold love to have someone like that, you call downstairs for connectivity, he comes, clicks, click and done!!! I told him " i need a kid at my home like you for my blog". Smart!!
So the day and things got done a quick good bye and we drove home all by our self. Im happy for her, she is going for her ART. Ashley is an amazing artist, always since she was a little thing, she loves to paint, and writes poems, to decorated , so many things are in her, makes me so proud of my princess.I always make so many things for my kids, pillows , blankets,teach them to paint before they could walk, we all do art together,we cook together one day she is 4yrs the next she is say " bye mom!!!! sorry I m just sad and doing my best to keep myself going. She is only a couple of hour away , but still , I miss her vibrant personality and miss her cute" Hello Mami".
So today cleaning one of my altar I found these poem that she wrote for me at a mothers day, when she was 13 yrs old. i would love to share with all of you, and let's all send her a big, happy energy to Ashley at her first year away from home...So here is her poem.

A child's Blessing

My Mom is the Goddess of love
Fixes a wound with the touch of her finger
She's there for me when I'm down
And makes sure that I get better when sick

My Mom is an angel to make sure that I have a good life
she cheers me at soccer games
gives me healthy food,so
that I will do great at school
And get good grades to have a successful life

In every room, in every corner
Light radiates off her beauty
mom shines like a diamond against its black velvet stand
She 's the artist who colors my world
and helps find my way through life

You are my blessing.
Ashley Berg.

And so their her beautiful poem, I see her in every line that she talks, I see her , these is her beauty , passion for art, life, and to shine!!She is my blessing .

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