Monday, October 3, 2011

Time for the witch

I get busy these time of the year! I love to get out all my Halloween treasures!! .Last year I visit Salem Ma, that was my second time, I hope to go back again next year.California is a little far to just take the train to my all time favorite town!!. The Goddesses are getting ready for our big day, magic is a daily with me, but as a witch! These is my time! All my friends know that. I get cards, books, and every trinket that they find and give it to me, they always said" I got these for you, your holiday is almost here" so my collection is big. But my all time best things! are the ones from Salem. They got a spell in them. A magical feeling.I keep those around me all year round.
So and all these crazy time, I'm also looking for a new place for me!! I sold my business last year, I m still happy about that.But now is time to grow again!, so Im not writing much since Im out and about looking for a new home for my Goddesses . I have seeing lots of rentals, now here me out, Im going to open another "retail salon" so I like to call it the Goddess home, because is there where we are.
A year goes so fast! Last year I sold and now I m looking. My plan is different then what I have before. I love to do hair, and retail is my strong side too. I can"t do the internet thing, I like people to come to my place , to touch the things they are buying!
So If my blog gets slow!! Is a reason! I'm in witches broom busy all over my town! And my David gay_husband too, he right next to me!! He drives I call , we check things, so far nothing has the magic we are looking for! Is all good ! we got time.

So here are some of my things around the house!!! I got a little witch! I name her "Erika" is real witches name in my country!Erika is flying every night out!.

But here is one of lovely Goddess ! she is my back yard! she mark seasons, she is my girl! She is looking for me to find a new "salon" for her! She is getting all the fruits from my next door neighbor , all those good things she harvest and we enjoy them!


  1. I know you'll find just the place! How exciting for you to have your own business! I love your witchy things. Just took some of mine out too. I have a porch now so I can decorate it for my holiday!

  2. I love that witch! I definitely need to revisit Salem!

  3. Erika looks like a good witch to have around. I love your beautiful Goddess and how she is watching over your yard and home. Glorious!

  4. Oh, such a beautiful goddess and your witch is wonderful! October holds such enchantment!