Monday, October 10, 2011


Is the October full moon tonight! the witches are dancing around the fire!
I have my flying ointment ready! I'm ready to go out there and sing to the moon with the night creatures! The owls, the wolfs, the cats, the snakes, coyotes and howl to our great Moon!

I celebrate these moon to walk in between the worlds! The gates are opening! The spirits of my ancestors are closer! visitor have being showing at late night in my home. Nothing out the normal in my home! As I cook some spoons are moving around by themselves, at night time the TV have being turn on!! Yes These last Wednesday night! happens 3 or four times! Sounds crazy but no. I Send my husband to turn it off ! I got up around 2;30 am to go to the bathroom! I hear voices downstairs! all at home are sleeping! So I call Andy and tell him" Honey go down stairs and torn off the TV" , poor man! so he just goes not thinking half awake and goes back to bed< a second pass it and I hear the TV is On again ! Downstairs ! Creepy No!! It feel peaceful the energy that night! So I told him again " Andy the TV is on" The said "WHAT!!! He went back and turn it off! He spoke to spirits down stairs he said and told them" I will turn it off again and the volume too" We went back to sleep ! I didn't hear any more.
Next day when he went down the TV was on ! My honey later ask me! What is going on? I told him is nothing !! visitor stop by! just a way to be notice. I bake and give them food at my altar, I told them to go and be at peace!! They are gone. My boys said maybe was grandpa , so make him his favorite coffee too.I think it was really their Grandpa ! We was a happy man and the energy has being happy and playful just like him!

So yes is October I get more magical on these month then ever! I got my altars glowing all over. I got a fall faerie , telling fortunes to all who enter my home! She is so cute!

The potions are ready, my little one is happy to help me to set-up one of the tables!Bottles with every crazy thing are in there . Some are made by Andrei, he just loves to be in the goop and water with coffee grinds and even some dog food goes in there! Is his potion lab!!


  1. Love the Crow in your banner and the bottles of potions are wicked looking. The little Fall Faerie is gorgeous.

    Blessings of the Full Moon to you.

  2. Did Grandpa like to watch TV? Your story is spooky and sweet at the same time. Great photos too. I think we have the same Cauldron (last photo). :)

    Full Moon Blessings to you and yours.

  3. Hello! Just thought I'd let you know that you should stop by my blog. You just might have been selected as the winner on something or other.


  4. Love your potion bottles! They're awesome! Thanks for sharing.