Thursday, October 27, 2011


Frida kahlo is one of my inspirations ! as an artist as a woman in her spiritual world. She paint her ideas, her pain, her world . I never really study these so deep until a few years ago.
Frida"s life began as a young woman in a bad accident, she was most of the time in bed , so in there was her time to paint, to paint her pain. Later in her life she had a miscarriage and she did paint her unborn child.poor woman, every thing end in a bad thing.And she will make more art! Get stronger, painting another amazing piece that will have her story, telling us what she was feeling.

I have a little painting of her in my area of work at the salon, Frida gets candles candy and soon I will give her tequila!!! Frida Tequila !!!She is going to love it! So these year I will be dress like a Frida too, I got the paper flowers for my hair a dress and a cloth with flowers .I probably will drink some tequila as well!

Kahlo biggest pain in life : her accident as a teenager and her love for Diego Rivera. she was born to be a mind of her own,a revolution in all forms of her life, to change the world, to show that woman can be just like a man, do art work just like them.
I hope I can visit her place in Mexico one day . I will sit there and study her past! have drink with her. and see her painting too. Viva FRIDA!!!

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  1. Frida is beautiful. Thank you for sharing her story.