Monday, August 1, 2011

Happy Lammas

The History of the Feast of Lughnasadh
First Harvest
Bringing in the cornLughnasadh is also called Lammas, meaning Loaf Mass. As you have learned from reading about the Pagan Sabbat of Lughnasadh, this is the time of the first harvest. Corn has ripened in the fields and is ready to be brought in.

In the modern calendar the feast of Lughnasadh falls on August 1st, but at one time would have fallen when the grain was read to be harvested, regardless of the calendar date.

Baking is part of these day! I do love to bake, problem is ... I will eat more bread than I should! I will make something for sure, and then add some some beer for my Altar!! At night I like to leave some food by my Goddess outside, something to share to visiting animals or spirits!!!
Hope all of you enjoy thse day just as much I will do!!Blessed be!

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