Monday, August 8, 2011

Clay for beads .

Last night there were ,some spirits in my room ( happy spirits).
I went to a trade show yesterday . It was for the the artists of San Diego. The glass and beads made from home, all those artist under one roof. Most of the artist have being doing these for decades . I though "these will be me one day". We don't change who we are, we just embrace it and make our-self better with time and years. One of my friends give me a ticket, I like to go there every time they have one of those shows.
I walk one by one all the roads of charming art, some are some big glass paper weight.Some little things for earrings, some big things for a perpetual pain in the neck call "necklace " . It is fun to see what others see in a crystal, or clay.
I was hunting very unique things, nothing very common. I like different art . I meet an old artist that it was so hard to hear her talking, she was on her 90's and cute as any grandma should be full of her creations, from head to toe. Fun and laughs to talk to her. I love to talk to anyone, that is my thing.
Talking artist that talk to others "sell more the the ones that don't talk" . If they talk to me.. it is sold!!!! So I found these Mom and daughter selling African beads, beautiful hand made ,not one ever duplicate, made from women to women . Fair trade Kazuri…which means “small and beautiful” in swahili. , they are the main bread and butter from those woman in Kenya to help their kids to go to school.Kasuri beads are like a book talking to us telling us ;their energy is capture in every bead. I went to sleep with the beads on my hand. Feeling there energy . I sleep good, but I felt their presence , I dream of a town far away, happy faces come to me , happy songs were sing at my ears !!! It was a dream, but a connecting channel with these girls in another land! I love those story's .

The show was small it is always kind of small ,but it makes us a strong community , we help each other in a way or another, is a circle of energy! That magic that connect each of us , is like a pearl necklace, an individual pearl, but with lots of others friends next to us to makes us strong. Please go and check on line You may fall in love with them just like I did !!Blessings to Kenya woman !Now I have some jewelry to make, and they will be part of me , and I will be part of them.

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  1. The Trade Show sounds amazing! I love the beads you found and what a blessing to have dreams of the soul! I love sleep like that.