Monday, November 28, 2011

Rice and cinnnamon for abundance

The Season of lights is here!! I love these time of the year! People put their home with decorations! The gifts, the food! Yes so much food! The warm fire place. I got so busy these weekend hanging lights outside my house! These is my first year with no Ashley , she is a college girl, good for her. We use to put the lights together and the tree .But is all good I got a new helper! My honey got all ready and we did it in no time!

Is hot in San Diego , during the day, is almost like a summer in winter!I was so tired after we finish the lights that I have to take a nap.The doggies were tired too.
I put a tree by my front Goddess! She looks so cute all illuminated , so proud of her! And all her blink blink. Every year I like to put ornaments around her! After all WE the Pagans are the ones in our yule celebration !!

My street is getting full of lights! These is the famous thing in our st ! The lights! Long cords from one house to another!I have to take pictures, sorry , sorry , Im having issues with computers, YES !! My kid broke my laptop ! He said "no I didn't" well I said Yes!!! He is always with computer, well not anymore! Is gone, I have to fix it or get a new one.
So I will keep in my good old fashion one, with wires and all.

And !! Is time to do spells!!! Is cinnamon time! I love the smell of cinnamon , I keep it in my altar for prosperity!! I make tea for my clients! To clear their congested mind! And to let go of things, I sip it before I go to bed! It is just a simple tree, but it does heal our body and mind! A cup of hot cinnamon tea , or in my coffee it just makes my day or night a lot better!!

I wish I could plant a tree here, but it wont grow, in Costa Rica these spices are grown in big farms!! They will sell you even the leaves.Fresh, hand cut!!

One of my favorite things to put cinnamon leaves is "Arroz con leche" Or "rice pudding, so easy to make , and to eat warm! O my goddess , is the best !! put cinnamon on top! And done... your friends would love you for ever! No I don't a recipe, I just put a cup of rice to boil in milk for about an hour, add "Cinnamon" nutmeg , and I use condense milk ,a spoon of butter. And never ever stop moving the rice! or it will stick and burn at the bottom. So keep an eye on your spells and never unattended your cooking eye!! Rice represent as well abundance ! So cooking those two together is the perfect spell for financial !!!


  1. Thanks for sharing! Although it is pretty German, I have never made rice pudding (we call it "Milchreis", just in case you wanted to know. ^^ ). But I could definitely try this spell.

  2. Lovely post. I love cinnamon as well and put it in my coffee and egg nog. Thanks for all the info.

    Blessings, V.

  3. Diandra! Thanks, never new it was known in Germany!, I guess is famous all over the world, like India they use coconut milk to make it!
    Vivianne, I forgot the eggnog, I will do it next time!

  4. Oh Andrea, I love your beautiful background! Thank you so much for the idea of the wonderful rice pudding. YUM! I love cinnamon as well in tea and coffee. We are kindred sisters! Have a beautiful week.