Sunday, November 20, 2011

friends day !!

Today is a cold day! Dark and misty!! All my kids are with friends!! Just me and my Man and the dogs! A friend invited me to go to her town and visit her!! Ok we make plan's. My dear friend Catz lives far far way from me!!! Is up the mountain ,and down the hill , and follow the rodeo sign! Yes is about 45mnts to get there! I got my scarf and away I go.
Oh I forget!! She want's me take her old sewing machine, and by old I mean: OLD friken old! It was probably her Grandmas sewing machine! So I get there , she show me her antique and ask me if I can use to sew? Well It works Im sure but I wont use it! I said! These things are just for display! You put then in your living , and that is it!! So I got another "collectible sewing machine", I got by now 10 !!! I will be and old lady one day with sewing machines for a museum!!!

So That was the trip to the other side of the mountain , and now play time... Catz lives in the country side! Horses, dirt roads, and up and down lots of land! . We went to see cute stores , one has a faerie garden! and water runs all down the magical path!! the went to a soap store! we both got out immediately! our nose got all staff and allergy's crazy! I love soaps and candles! but the scent there was too much!

It was so cold! Stores with Christmas things all over, OH my the holidays are here!!I'm not ready!!! I need to start soon, sewing , gluing, baking, all those thing that ,make a holiday home made! Thanksgiving is here! that part is easy! is all about cooking and the sitting and talking! The rest is the crazy time! the time I love , the warm days at home!! I'm happy at my new business!! Every thing new is always good! So I'm so thankful!! So now I just have to work a little more then before! But is all good!! The Goddess of creativity! Is with me! I have lots of new things to make! New spells to try! New lotions and potions!!

And after a long cold day! My best friend gave me a spice pumpkin cake!! So I'm home all warm comfy and sipping coffee and enjoying my cake too!!! Blessing!!


  1. I would love to visit the faerie garden. sounds like you had a fab time.

    Blessings, V.

  2. Now that I'm getting into sewing (it took a century for me to find out how enjoyable it can be), I think a collection of sewing machines would be cool.