Sunday, November 13, 2011


So many things are changing around me! Well lets start with my Dad; he is doing good, he is at home, and so far he is in his little workshop! just playing with motors! He is happy! Im so happy to know that he is in a good mood and very possibility about all these thing. Thank you for your nice words ! healing words are the best thing, for one sick and for his family. Thank you in a big way.

Next , was my best friend David"s b-day party !! Big 50, for him is a big deal!! Lots of Botox and filler"s !! He was all bruise-up from that! so he was wearing foundation to cover it up. He is funny , love him with all my heart! . He got Sooo drunk, was not even funny, when no one else was. Poor thing got a big headache next day! So all went just fine!

Them is the thing about me and my work!1 Bla bla bla!! So if Im un-happy !!! Change it and stop complaining !!! So a friend of a friend!! call me and ask me to come and work with him! at his new hair salon!!! All in these week bum bum bum! it hit me so fast! His new Hair studio is "just what I was going to open" if I would find the location!! I will call these " mind like", inception!, coincidence!, or synchronicity!!! Or the Goddess helping me to find my new home! Yes I'm scare . When we go on a new Journey is always scary ! We get so use to what we know and tend to stay in that!
I like energy, grow and be better every day!! The Goddess has being with me all these time of silent meditation prayers!!! the important thing is I"m out of bad energy! I m now in power of me!! I got my other boyfriend Joe with me!! My Other other gay boyfriend!! it will be a lot of new things coming these weeks, I will be strong , happy to welcome every one!!! And feel the blessings of Morrigan . my warrior Goddess. telling me you are stranger then you think !!! So I keep climbing these crystal mountain!! As Miss Julia Cameron would said!!! And here we are. stronger every day, making my best!


  1. Excited for you! Look forward to seeing you for our next appointment!

  2. I love the picture of The Morrigan. She is my matron goddess.

    I hope you stay strong. it sounds like you have very good friends surrounding you.

    Blessings, V.